December 2016 Horoscopes

Welcome once again dear all, December comes around quicker every year! Well the month of Sagittarius and then later Capricorn may become very interesting with the Mercury retrograde. The shadow period starts from the 1st, it is then, fully in retrograde on the 19th, and through out Christmas it is in full-swing up to the [...]

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Congratulations to the very excited Vicky Forster who wins the Free 10 Minute Reading! Will be doing regular freebies, so make sure you don't miss out by checking in regularly! Big thank you to everyone who entered and for all your support :) Why not check out the new video workshop and re-charge your batteries  [...]

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** Horoscopes for August **

Dear all, August is upon us, 'wow how time is flying' I can hear you say! Let not a minute be wasted, focus on your goals! And moving swiftly on to your short horoscopes for this month :) AIRIES Dear Airies, this month brings your creativity to the fore, in the very least take note [...]

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