January 2018 Horoscopes

Dear spiritual friends, Wishing you a magical, prosperous and happy 2018 year ahead. January starts us off on a roller-coaster full of those magical Full Moons, Eclipses and Blue Moons galore. This is also happening in the months to come. Please keep in mind that outcomes of efforts put towards goals and ambitions can be [...]

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Merry Christmas to you all! Another year almost ticked off but not quite yet. So whilst the festivities, hustle & bustle reigns down on us, do be mindful of the Mercury retrograde from the 3rd to 22nd. This planet governs swiftness, speed, travel, logical thought, creativity and wit, but in retrograde we're not as speedy [...]

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September 2017 Horoscopes

Dear friends, September, the month of the mutable earth sign of Virgo, brings us influences of this orderly & organised sign and its ruling planet Mercury. Septembers energy expands through the first week, allowing keen cosmic-conjurers to work towards sending out their wishes. This all leads to a culmination of the Moons energy, at the [...]

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Congratulations to the very excited Vicky Forster who wins the Free 10 Minute Reading! Will be doing regular freebies, so make sure you don't miss out by checking in regularly! Big thank you to everyone who entered and for all your support :) Why not check out the new video workshop and re-charge your batteries  [...]

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