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Hello and welcome to your December 2022 Horoscopes. 

December is influenced by the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet of expansion and success, Jupiter. The card in any tarot pack that represents December and Sagittarius is the Temperance Card. The Sun travels through this sign till the 21st and then moves into the sign of Capricorn.

There’s good news for Pisces and Sagittarius because Jupiter is a lucky opportunity creating planet and as it started moving forward late in November means that it’s energies are restored once again. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is travelling through Pisces. But it’s good news for us all too as Jupiter showers our lives with luck, expansion and success. There’s now a rejuvenated harmony emanating from the direct-movement of Jupiter, for example; opportunities and roads start opening up, or come back into effect for many of us once again. But again for Pisces, there’s double the good news as your ruling planet Neptune, also moves forward from retrograde on the 4th of December. Pisces? You’ll be firing on all cylinders this festive month!

Ok, so for my cosmic ordering people, please make note that the most powerful manifestation is the lead up to the  Gemini Full Moon on the 8th. Then follows a period of a waning Moon, ideally used for clearing and cleansing negativity especially 3 to 7 days before the next New Moon on the 23rd in Capricorn.

Finally, some major news, as we have the planet of the mind, communications & intelligence, Mercury, starting his 3rd and final retrograde of the year, from the 29th and going till the 18th of January 2023. This marks a time to delay major decisions and think carefully before speaking, writing, texting or emailing. Mercury in retrograde loves to throw a spanner in the works just for a giggle!

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Wishing you the happiest Christmas with plenty of laughter, mistletoe-kisses. giggles & fun! And may you have a prosperous successful New Year. 

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your December horoscope. As you’re getting into the Christmas vibe, the planets are asking, do you feel like letting your hair down? Do you have a deep desire to get rid of that same old boring daily routine? Well, the power of the Sun is igniting deeper desires to shed the hum-drum and renew many facets of your life. Other Rams may take the other route that comes from this influence, such as learning, studying or researching something of interest. The Sun moves on the 21st bringing changes in your career, firing up new or past ambitions or you’re admired for a job well done. Also your focus on longer-term goals could bring you a payback. Your ruler Mars, the God of War & Action, retrogrades till the 12th of January. You may be doubtful to proceed with some situations, so take time to make a careful decision about the way forward. Finally, great news as the planet of luck & success, Jupiter enters your sign on the 20th bringing victory & expansion to anything you put your mind to. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and an awesome New Year ahead Aries!




Dear Taurus welcome to your December horoscope. Fancy a bit of dancing under the sheets this festive season? Well, the almighty Sun is prodding you to shut the door to the outside world and deal with private matters. These areas could be sexual, shared monies, dealing with secrets or lies. Other Bulls may be dealing with sectors of money, tax matters or inheritance details. The Sun moves on the 21st and encourages you to look at which parts of your life are stale, stagnant and need your attention. Do you need to change or reinvent these areas in any way to gain renewal, abundance and success? The God of War, Mars is retrograding in your house of money and wealth. This may cause a loss of clarity in decisions about money & finances. The key is to take time to make decisions carefully before proceeding and assess whether not proceeding is the answer. Have a very merry Christmas and an awesome New Year Taurus!




Dear Gemini welcome to your December horoscope. Fancy going head-to-head with people who are closest to you? The mighty Sun uplifts romantic, marital and important associations, placing some of them under a microscope for your analysis. On the 21st, the Sun moves on to the next house bringing you a need for privacy, shutting out the world to deal with personal matters or secrets. This house can push you to look at the details of jointly held monies, investments or inheritances. Bare in mind that the God of War who creates a spark of action & go-get, Mars, is in reverse gear in your sign till January. Also, your ruling planet Mercury, governor of every type of  communication and the mind, starts a retrograde on the 29th. Both these retrogrades could push you to lack enthusiasm to act or you could second-guess decisions. This is a time to make all decisions carefully. Finally, a heightening of emotional and psychic energies may escalate with the Full Moon is in your sign on the 8th. Have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year Gemini!




Dear Cancer welcome to your December horoscope. This month’s quote for you is, ‘the privilege to work hard is a gift, the power of success from hard work is a blessing and the love for work, brings even more success.’ The mighty Sun uplifts this message to you as it energises areas of your daily work and everyday routines. Other crabs may feel the other elements of this house, such as a desire to deal with health issues or get on track with a new fitness regime. Then the Sun moves onwards from the 21st asking you, if your closest relationships are working well for you? You may feel a need to make changes, adjustments or completely let go of some connections. Your relationships with certain people and their importance to you could be in the spotlight. They may bring you fulfilment or not, but this is a time to decide who you need in your life. Have an awesome Christmas and a prosperous New Year Cancer!




Dear Leo welcome to your December horoscope. Fancy a bit of the ‘feel-good’ factor? Well, the Sun will be encouraging you to get some ‘va va voom’ into your life whether it’s flirtations, fun times or letting your hair down in any way personal for you to enjoy life. This is perfect for the festive period as some of you could get unexpected invitations for parties, gatherings or other social activities. And, ooh la la, as some Leos may be led into the ‘boudoir’ for some duvet-dancing! The Sun moves on the 21st and the energy changes from, fun to serious, as work areas, colleagues and well-being all become successful for you. You could be challenged to change daily routines, or amend your efforts toward work in some way. Colleagues may seek you out for help, whilst some Leo’s, get set to change their fitness regimes to become healthier. Have a great Christmas and a super New Year Leo!




Dear Virgo welcome to your December horoscope. Family, home & your feelings of security are desires that could draw you in this month. Your home, sweet home, has you spending time there, or making décor changes to your house. Your attention could be fully focused on family in some way. Then, the Sun moves on the 21st and your thoughts could change from a ‘home bunny,’ into a party animal! In the best sense, you have a need to enjoy, have fun and put the serious side of life to the back-burner. Some Virgo’s may receive invitations to go out & party, to engage in something more social, be led into flirtations or possibly be seduced into the boudoir for some fun & frolics under the sheets. Whatever form this comes in, you have a lighter brighter walk in life, away from the hum-drum. Lastly, your ruler Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind, thoughts and journeys, starts the last retrograde of the year on the 29th till the 18th of January. This is a period to delay major decisions and watch out for mistakes in your communications. Wishing you a great festive period and a prosperous New Year Virgo!




Dear Libra welcome to your December horoscope. Get ready, set, go! And you’re off to a great start in a race to get life in order, get stagnancy moving forwards and make light-hearted merry connections along the way. The light of the almighty Sun shines the way for what needs your attention for tidying up, tying up and completion. This will be a time that the admin of life has to be dealt with, to declutter your existence and facilitate life-efficiency. You may be hopping & skipping here and there to achieve all that’s needed and enjoying the ride as well. After a period of action, a rest is in order as the Sun moves onwards from the 21st drawing you into your home sweet home. Family needs you Libra! You could be cuddling up in comfort on the sofa, content in your abode, feeling happy with yourself & your family, in your ideal setting for the festivities. Wishing you an amazing Christmas and a prosperous New Year Libra!





Dear Scorpio welcome to your December horoscope. Your motto of the month is, ‘Show me the money’ and ‘please sir, can I have some more of it?’ The power of the Sun draws your attention to where your money comes from and to look at the mathematics of your financial sectors. Do they add up? Is there a shortfall? Can you attract more to save? Can the boss give you a pay rise? It may mean tightening your money belt to make the calculations add up. From doing the sums of your financial life, there’s an ideal change of energies into making your world more efficient by tying up loose ends and dealing with the admin. That’s exactly what happens when the almighty Sun moves onwards from the 21st pushing you to get moving on quick journeys with friendly happy chats with everyone along the way. In a different version of this house, some Librans may decide to walk a path of new learning or study , even if it’s planned into the next year ahead. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year Scorpio!





Dear Sagittarius welcome to your December horoscope. This is the month of Sagittarius and just like your symbol you’re fired up with more bows and arrows, shooting into new greener fields. A collaboration of certain planets create this energy b being showered on you through the following planets travelling through your sign. The Sun till the 21st, in connection with the Goddess of Love Venus till the 10th and the ace communicator Mercury till the 6th. You could be in your highest vibration, feeling good and looking good as a spotlight shines on your existence. Make the most of being magnetic, receiving favour and gaining a boost of confidence. The Sun moves onwards on the 21st to join Mercury and Venus in the next house, as all three spheres then feed and boost your money, finances and wealth areas. Venus is in her element here as she rules this house, as Mercury brings you the right words for communication. You could be fired up to attract, change or amend your money zones, making it an abundant merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year Sagittarius!




Dear Capricorn welcome to your December horoscope. Shut the doors to those nosey parkers and think, think and then think some more. The almighty Sun is shining its light on the hidden parts of your mind till the 21st. Secrets, lies and the hidden past could rear their heads in some way. Every now & then you may find a need to step away from the hustle & bustle of the festive season to have some time for yourself. Mercury governs the thought processes and enters your sign on the 6th and helps you to analyse your thoughts and mind. More good news because the Goddess of Love Venus, also enters your sign on the 10th increasing your magnetism. Then on the 21st, the Sun enters as well and all 3 planets Mercury, Venus and the Sun work together to uplift your life. The ‘cherry on the cake’ is the New Moon in your sign on the 23rd. All this creates a great plus for the festive period. From that, I have no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year Capricorn!




Dear Aquarius welcome to your December horoscope. It’s all about great friends, good associations and attracting more of them. The almighty Sun travelling through your friendship zone draws wonderful people towards you. Others may find an alternative to this energy and be drawn to jointly work with others, bringing more fruitful outcomes opposed to going on alone. These connections all serve to uplift and add good company to your life during the festive period. The Sun moves onwards on the 21st and in comes a desire for a peaceful quiet time pushing you to analyse or heal the inner you. You may visit the hidden parts of your mind or analyse secret thoughts and feelings. Even though you could be busy joining in with people over the festivities, you could quickly turn away to seek solitude once the merrymaking feels done for you. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year Aquarius!




Dear Pisces welcome to your December horoscope. Even though Christmas is creeping in, do keep shooting for that wish or ambition! The almighty Sun travels through your house of ambitions, bringing you a passion to achieve something great, receive a pat on the back and uplift your reputation. If you’re trying to accomplish something, this is a time to put your foot on the accelerator! The planets say, keep driving steadily on and you must keep up the good fight. Then the Sun moves onwards from the 21st leading to friendships saving the day! This is great for attracting good friends and be assured that, you can be a good friend to others as well. This could be perfect for the festivities as associations become fun and fulfilling. Other fishes may find that working with others brings in a successful vibration, as opposed to going alone. Wishing you an awesome Christmas and a prosperous New Year Pisces!