Hello January 2021. Your Horoscopes by Sky Silverstone

Dear Friends, Happy New Year 2021 to you all.  And yes we definitely have change filtering in from the planetary placements and connections. This is particularly so through out the year, partially coming from Jupiter (planet of expansion and luck) and Saturn (planet of order, tradition and restriction) both travelling through unconventional Aquarius. For more [...]

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December 2020 Horoscopes By Sky Silverstone

Dear friends, Never before have I seen such a year as 2020 and, here we are, looking at the last month of 2020, one that's a passage-way or road we must follow to enter 2021, the year of change. I predict changes not just personal but political and global. The pair of Eclipses that open [...]

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November 2020 Horoscopes by Sky Silverstone

Dear Friends, Hello and welcome to November 2020 the penultimate month of the year and the month of the fixed water sign of Scorpio as the almighty Sun travels through this sign. So, it's great news as Mercury - The Messenger & Communicator, ruler of Gemini & Virgo, after weeks of retrograde moves direct on [...]

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October 2020 Horoscopes By Sky Silverstone

Hey everyone, Welcome to October 2020! What a month for us all with a Blue Moon on the 31st, going towards double-charging the month for  us all! As the almighty Sun moves through the Cardinal Air Sign Libra, making October, Libra’s month we all get Libra's balanced thinking and harmony to see all sides of [...]

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September 2020 Horoscopes

Dear friends, Here we are entering September, the month of mutable earth sign of Virgo. The almighty Sun travels through Virgo till the 22nd and then enters Libra. The month has planetary power  the signs of Virgo, Libra, Aires, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn & Pisces, and the rest of us will feel the magnificence of those [...]

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June 2020 Horoscopes

Dear friends, I hope you've been keeping well under these challenging social and economic circumstances. June brings us a total of 6 planetary retrogrades up to the end of June, making it a time to hold back in making all major life changes, decisions and avoid starting anything new. Basically the reverse gear energy, can [...]

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Dear friends, My May horoscopes somewhat reflect the restrictions placed on many of us and should be read under the umbrella of us all being under lockdown. Importantly we have 4 planets starting their reverse gear, ie; retrograde, and next month that number becomes 5. With any retrograde I encourage everyone putting a hold on [...]

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