November 2019 Horoscopes with Mercury Retrograde. Happy Thanksgiving for the 22nd!

Dear friends,  So we reach the penultimate month of the year! Leaving us a couple of months left to sow the seeds of our desires and wishes for the remainder of the year, as well as the next.  Here's November, the month that belongs to the water sign of Scorpio. Then the almighty Sun moves [...]

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September 2019 Horoscopes

Dear friends,  Welcome to the month of the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo! A fantastic month lies ahead, as we have a planetary powerhouse of energy to fuel goals, ambitions and new starts. If we're paying attention, looking forward - not backwards, if you are truly clear and ready, the planetary powers are opening up [...]

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July 2019 Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes

Dear friends,  Welcome to July everyone! It's a pow-wow month with 2 eclipses, Mercury and Jupiter retrograding. The planetaryDirectly affecting Cancerians, Leo's, Gemini's, Virgo's, Sagittarians, Capricorns, as well as all of us being hit by the Mercury retrograde.  For my July Astro-Update short video please check it out here > https://youtu.be/HkduSIpKR2U I'll be live onscreen on [...]

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March 2019 Horoscopes & Mercury Retrograde

Dear people, Take it easy, go with the flow, relax, don't react, keep the old rolling , put off the new, see to the day-to-day, get ready for the ex to knock o the door and above all watch what you say! Why? Well most of March is a taken up with the major backwards [...]

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February 2019 Valentines Horoscopes

Dear all, February the month of love is upon us, the month of Aquarius, the fixed air sign of The Water Carrier. There's some great planetary aspects helping all matters of friendships, relationships and associations. We have an Aquarius New Moon on Monday 4th and a Virgo Full Moon on the 19th.  For my simple Astro-Update video [...]

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