Hello darling Sky,
I tried to leave feedback on the Psychic & Soul TV webpage but for the life of me, I cannot see a “feedback” link! So I’ve emailed the channel as I feel so strongly about your fantastic work! You made my jaw drop! you are so AWESOME & EXCELLENT!!

I would like to say that the course was very intense, which is very good – you covered a lot more than just the taro training – and everyone appreciated the added insights you provided. I found it particularly interesting and INSPIRING how you answered very specific questions that I had in my mind but never actually asked! For me personally I felt a very strong connection with you therefore – wether this was because of telepathy or because of our guides working along with us to assist in our training is not for me to say. Made my jaw drop! you were EXCELLENT!!

I tried to link in with a “stranger” for the first time directly after the course and I was happy to find that I linked in accurately with her (she was also on the course). I gave her a “mini” reading – which was more like validation than an actual prediction but I feel encouraged and excited now to pursue my psychic development fully as a result of the added insights I gained through you on the day. So thank you very very very much again Sky.

It was also AMAZING to see how you linked in with each one of us without taking a breath! I am in awe!

Thanks again for all the insights and guidance you provided!


Jolani Passos
Hi All.

Feedback regarding the workshop with the beautiful Sky.

It was a fabulous day, meeting new people who are also interested in gaining further knowledge.

Sky is so lovely as I’m quite a nervous person especially with strangers, sorry, but OMG Sky was so amazing, she knew somehow and made me feel so so at home. She is so magical and has so much knowledge to share. We learned a great deal in a cleverly structured day that I feel, suited the pace of everyone even though we where a mixed bag regarding where we are in our personal development.

I absolutely love the cards I received on the day, that I mean it from my heart when I say – Bless you Sky, your light flowed through to me and lifted me so much, I could not believe it! You are an Angel!

Luck and Blessings for the future. I’ll be in touch for a private reading and help.

Big thanks Sky for your time, energy and for sharing your knowledge.

Love, Light and Blessings to everyone in front of camera and behind the scenes.


Lynda Taylor
Hi Sky!

Hope you’re well! Amazing outcomes after your reading, reminded me that I must email to give you some feedback about your reading and re: our house move! Well… it’s all come about exactly as you said it would with jaw dropping accuracy!! You were right that we’d find our new home on the internet at the end of March/start April – we saw it on the last day & viewed on April 1st. You saw a new contract within a month & we just signed it on Weds- which was the 10 days you said about in the voicemail you answered for me on the show! Spot on that the agents who found it for us would be at a distance – yes they’re at a distance based in Swindon rather than locally. Also yes it is on the outskirts of a village. As you said – we knew it was right as soon as we saw it – it’s perfect, beautiful with amazing views of the countryside all around. Once the contract/financial stuff has gone through (fingers crossed will be fine!) we’ll be moving on April 30 – AGAIN AS YOU SAID! And you were right about the rent being slightly more – it is,but worth every penny. We really feel that this move is going to usher in a positive new beginning for us in every way & that Adam’s writing work will go up a notch because of it!
All I can say is – OMG I’m so glad I found you on that channel and booked a private reading with you.
I can’t thank you enough for your help, your positive words stayed with me when I was feeling upset/ panicky about the whole thing & wow! it turned out that you were so right!! If you want to use this as feedback on your site please feel free. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!
Will be booking again soon! 🙂

Lots of love
Carrie Bowden x x x

Carrie Bowdens
Dear Sky,

I had to leave you some feedback regarding my situation. you may not remember me, however you did a reading for on TV and before I opened my mouth, you said, “WAIT TILL FRIDAY, I DON’T KNOW WHY – HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE WHY – BUT I’M HEARING – WAIT TILL FRIDAY AND SEE HOW YOUR WORLD CHANGES!”
Well OMG by Friday night everything changed, I MEAN EVERYTHING! And it’s what I wanted, but I had given up on it. All you gave me, I won’t mention the reast of the reading, happened exactly as you said, though you did not know why you were saying it, IT ALL HAPPENED
Now, I know you say Psychic don’t have all the answers, but OMG your’e amazng. I’ve boked some private readings with and told my family, who will also be in touch. THANK YOU.


William Ellensby
Hi Sky,
Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the reading last night. It was my first reading ever and I should admit i was a bit tense at the the start, but you were really amazing and I managed to relax easily and fully opened myself. I can’t believe how fantastic you have made feel, as you made me realize everything that I was not seeing before, and now MY EYES HAVE OPENED BY YOU!
Will make sure I use the information given wisely.:)

Thank you and I will speak to you soon.

Lily x

Lilly Ivanova
Hello Dear Sky and Sky Admin,

The CD and instructions arrived today thank you.
I was so happy to receive the special gift from you of a crystal, what a lovely special gift, and thank you for explaining the benefits of the unakite – I really do need tis in my life! I had never heard of it, it is very beautiful and I shall use it and treasure it.
You have been so helpful, thank you for all your advice, insight and your special kindness.

Thank you once again.

Laura Johnstone
hi channel producers and managers

want to leave feedback for sky she is always spot on!! she does text readings for me and my sister all the time. she said that i would be going out for a day away from the home, and then the next month possibly away for the weekend!! well yes! i am going to an event in may for the day and then i’m also going to be away for the weekend on my own to a reunion in june!!

she makes me feel so good and positive when i feel there isn’t much to look forward too. she is funny on screen and makes everyone smile all the time.
just want to say we love you sky your fab!


jennie x

Jennifer Ford