Hello dear friends,

Everyone welcome to the month of May. The month is related to the astrological sign of the Fixed Sign of Taurus The Bull. In any traditional deck of tarot, if you’re looking for a timing of May or the Taurus sign, this is  shown as the Hierophant Card.

The Sun travels through Taurus till the 20th of May and then moves into the Air Sign of Gemini. 

Please make note of the New Moon and Full Moon dates. Up to the 8th the Moon is waning, which is great for spiritual clearing, cleansing, binding and destroying negativity. These practices allow us to be more magnetic to attracting renewal and regeneration through the Taurus New Moon on the 8th. Then from the New Moon onwards we’re all showered with expanding positive energies, great for attracting and cosmic ordering. This is all the way to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th. 

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Wishing all a great month of May, have fun for the Bank Holidays! Enjoy your  May 2024 horoscopes below. 

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your May horoscope. The month will ask you, ‘is money on your mind or, is your mind on your money?’ Well, it’s all about your cash, your stash or your wonga. The almighty Sun travelling through your house of money means this area is being thrown into your path in a way personal to you. You could be doing your sums looking at expenses and incomes whilst others are simply tightening up their purse strings. The Sun then moves onwards from the 20th taking its accent to your skills of communication and how effective these are to achieve your goals. You could be flying here and there getting odd jobs done & dusted. Keep in mind that you are being positively fired up to take action because your ruler being in your sign. Fiery go-get ruling Mars is bringing you amazing benefits in your sign. More great news, the planet of a sharp mind, all communications and swift travel Mercury, remains in your sign till the 15th. This will sharpen your focus and your gift of the gab as well. Overall it’s a fantastic month as your ruler Mars brings its magic to your life. Wishing you an awesome month of May Aries! 





Dear Taurus welcome to your May horoscope. How does it feel to be in the spotlight? A light is being shone on you and your world because the almighty Sun travels through your sign. This means you could be in demand, extra-popular, looking good and feeling good too! Even though the Sun moves on from the 20th it still brings you success as it enters your house on money. Your attention is taken to where you stand with your financial sectors. Here, you could be doing your sums and analysing what’s in your wallet. Sow your seeds of ambitions as lucky Jupiter who brings success and life-expansion, travels through your sign till the 23rd. Even when Jupiter moves onwards from the 23rd it continues to bring you massive benefits as it enters areas of money and finances. Keep in mind that your ruler Venus the Goddess of Love & Money is in your sign bringing you success and opportunities. More good news, as the planet of communication and bright ideas Mercury enters your sign on the 15th. This is all under the lucky umbrella of the New Moon in your sign on the 8th. It’s an awesome month of May for you lucky Taurus, enjoy it!  





Dear Gemini welcome to your May horoscope. It’s a great month for you Gems as the almighty Sun will grace your sign and your world as it enters your sign on the 20th. It may be a little quiet beforehand but that’s just a little calm before the storm. The Sun brings you attention, popularity along with a magnetic personality as a light is shone on your world bringing positive changes. You could become even more popular and sought after as the Goddess of Love & Money enters your sign on the 23rd. This draws people to you, as well as abundance and opportunities that all serve to attract even more good stuff to you. You could become even luckier as the planet of luck and expansion Jupiter enters your sign on the 26th. This is an awesome energy remaining in your sign for over 12 months. This positive power brings you big life transformations, overseas opportunities, with roads and doors opening up. In this period you could find that your efforts for success pay off with great success. It’s an awesome month of May for you Gemini!





Dear Cancer welcome to your May horoscope. Who are your truly trustworthy and loyal friends? Well the accent is being thrown on your closest friendships and associations as the Sun travels this zone. This will bring you existing friends, old connections and new friendships could be drawn to you. Others may feel the alternative energies of this house and be drawn into working in group. You could find that working in a collective allows you to gain better outcomes. The Sun then moves forward on the 20th and you may feel the need to step away from the outside world for some reflection and deeper thought. Here, you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and explore what you’re truly feeling deep within yourself. This may bring you much-needed quiet time, inner peace and healing. Other crabs may find that something deep within rising to the surface of the mind because it needs your attention and analysis. Wishing you a blessed month of May Cancer! 






Dear Leo welcome to your May horoscope. Have you got a goal in mind this month? Or is there an ambition that you should be chasing? Well, you have the powerful backing of the almighty Sun travelling through your house of long-term goals, career and ambitions. If you haven’t got a goal, I’d say find one that can uplift and re-energise your life. Other cats may already have career hopes or ambitions in motion, so this is the time to put your foot on the gas and drive things forward. The Sun then moves forward on the 20th bringing friends to your door. You may find new friendships in the offering, past connections drop in or invitations to group associations to have fun with. Others may feel the energies of this house by being drawn into collaborating efforts with others to gain better and faster results. Definitely throw yourself in with the group as you’ll have loads of fun whether it’s work or private. Looking like it’s a great month of May for you Leo! 





Dear Virgo welcome to your May horoscope. Do you feel like life is becoming a little boring or stale with the everyday on-goings? Is the hum-drum getting too big of a chunk of your life? Well, the almighty Sun will make sure to get you moving and shaking to create a more scenic and interesting way forward for certain areas of your life. Others may feel other aspects of this house to cause an interest in new learning, researching or training in something that creates an inspirational way forward for you. The Sun then moves forward on the 20th and all that learning and research goes towards setting goals, reaching for an ambition or setting some long-term goals. Others may get a big pat on the back for something well done. This creates a renewed enthusiasm that propels you into pushing for bigger bolder goals to achieve greater life changes. Wishing you an awesome month of May Virgo! 






Dear Libra welcome to your May horoscope. Shush! Shut the front door, draw the curtains and let’s get some privacy! This is the almighty Sun pushing you to delve into something personal and private. This could mean you indulge in sexual matters or some type of intimacy because you feel a need to dump the outside world and the nosey parkers. Some of you may feel the alternative energies of this house as you need to handle shared resources such as joint financial matters or investments. The Sun then moves forward on the 20th and the accent moves to your desire to look at alternative routes and roads that your life could take. You may be in search of something in life that has a deeper meaning, more excitement or has a higher learning involved. Others could be drawn to a new learning path, higher education, spiritual development or research into something for a more interesting future development. It’s an exciting time as you could be filled with new ideas and a creative mind for your life development. Wishing you a great month of May Libra! 






Dear Scorpio welcome to your May horoscope. People can be weird, but when that weirdness appeals to you, well you’ve got a great friendship or relationship in the offing. A message about relationships is being brought to you this month with compliments of the almighty Sun travelling through your relationship sector. Some of you may look for commitment, loyalty or trust to decide where a connection sits. Others may be cutting connections as they don’t measure up. When the Sun moves forward on the 20th, all that relationship energy could then push you to get some quality time with a special someone. Whether you’re sharing time with a person or alone, you’re enticed into shutting the doors to the outside world through a need for some privacy or me-time. Others may feel alternative energies of this house of having to deal with joint financial matters or investments with others. This, then becomes a time to tweak and tidy these matters. Wishing you an awesome month of May Scorpio! 






Dear Sagittarius welcome to your May horoscope. If you’re not happy with your job then, imagine losing it, this puts things into perspective. The almighty Sun travelling through your work zones throws you into areas related to your daily grind. You could be drawn into dealing with colleagues, work changes or altogether changing your job. Others may be looking at what their daily routines are composed of and whether change is needed. In amongst this, there could be a need to tweak health & fitness to improve wellbeing. Then, the energies all change as the Sun moves into areas of relationships, marriage and contracts. You may start to analyse your most important relationships and whether they’re truly valuable to your life. Some may seek commitment or partners that could be solid, reliable and trustworthy. Lucky manifesting energy and heightened psychic vibes are showered on you Archers, as the Full Moon occurs in your on the 23rd. Wishing you an awesome month of May Sagittarius! 






Dear Capricorn welcome to your May horoscope. Fancy some fun, frolics and laughter? The almighty Sun brings a fun pathway as it travels through your enjoyment zone. You could be enticed away from the serious side of life to take a walk on the wild side. In real terms, you’re drawn to looking at walking a lighter, feel-good road rather than dealing with serious matters. Make the most of the lighter energy of fun time as the accent then changes to be more sedated as the Sun moves forward on the 20th. Then you may be pushed into handling areas of work, daily routines or health matters. You could be dealing with work changes or a change of job may be what you need. This could push you into resetting your daily ongoings as you bring efficiency in to allow a smoother life. Others may be looking at adding ways to improve health and wellbeing in some ways. New well-being regimes and healthy practices could be the way forward for you to feel good and look good. Wishing you an awesome month of May Sagittarius! 





Dear Aquarius welcome to your May horoscope. Safety, shelter and the peace of your home sweet home draws you in this month. The almighty Sun brings your house and home to the forefront of your needs, encouraging you to spend time there. You could be considering cooking, cleaning, décor changes or possibly a change to a new home. Others may simply put their feet up with a cuppa and put the box on for some downtime. Make the most of that all-important connection to your peaceful home of security and safety as the energy flips in the complete opposite direction when the Sun moves onward from the 20th. Are you ready to let your hair and put the serious matters of life on the back burner? With the Sun in your leisure and pleasure zone you’re enticed to get out and party, fun and frolics in ways personal to you. Friends and invitations could be thrown at you to entice and seduce you to have fun and enjoy life. It’s an awesome month of May for you Sagittarius!






Dear Pisces welcome to your May horoscope. Has that to-do list and those undone odd jobs been building up, need ticking off? The almighty Sun pushes you to get the loose ends of life tied up. You could be flying here and there, chatting and gossiping with people along the way as you clean up your life. You could be on a mission to bring efficiency and order in ways personal to you. Some may feel the alternative energies of this house creating a need to study or research something. Then, it all changes as the Sun then moves forward on the 20th and you’ll feel a need to relax and take a deep breath. You’re drawn to go home, put your feet up and take some time out from the madness of the outside world. Cooking, cleaning and spending time with family, all pop up for you to enjoy. Others may have some great ideas for décor changes, or even start hunting for a new home. Home sweet home, is the energy showered on you. Have an amazing month of May Sagittarius!