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Hello and welcome to June. The month is related to the astrological sign of the Gemini the Mutable Air Sign of The Twins. In any traditional deck of tarot, if you’re looking for either a timing, the month of June or Gemini then look for the Lovers Card. 

The Sun travels through Gemini till the 20th of June and then, says hello to all Cancerians as it then emters. The June month also brings us the magical longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice on the 20th. Ruler of Gemini and Virgo Mercury, and is the planet of communication, swift travels, intelligence and the spark of great ideas, is fired up to bring his fantastic qualities into all our lives but, especially into the lives of Gemini’s & Virgoans because he enters his home sign of Gemini on the 3rd. 

Please make note of the New Moon and Full Moon dates. Up to the 6th, the Moon is waning (appears as if it’s decreasing in size) which is great for spiritual clearing, cleansing and binding/destroying negativity. If a cleansing procedure is usedthen we can become more magnetic to attracting renewal and regeneration through the Gemini New Moon on the 6th. Then from the New Moon on the 6th onwards we’re all showered with expanding positive energies which are great for attracting and cosmic ordering. This is all the way to the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd.  

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Wishing all a great month of summer and warmth, June. Enjoy your June 2024 horoscopes below. 

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Dear Aries welcome to your June horoscope. Is there a message you really need to communicate or one that you need to hear? This could be verbal, written or one that you need to search out internally or externally. This is brought to you by the power of the almighty Sun travelling through your communication zones. Others may feel the alternative areas of this house by having to deal with their neighbourhood, siblings, making appointments, quick trips here & there or perhaps learning something new. Then the Sun moves onward from the 20th  it becomes a time to relax at home and spend time with loved ones. You’ll be drawn to your own form of comforts of home, spending time with your family, putting your feet up with a cuppa or decorating your house in some way. Here, any matters of your home could pop up in this period. Be mindful that you still have all the luck & fortune upon you emanating from your ruler, mighty Mars being in your sign. So make the most of this great action energy by pushing forward with personal plans as Mars leaves on the 9th. Wishing you an awesome month of June Aries!




Dear Taurus welcome to your June horoscope. Is your money on your mind, or is your mind drawn to your money? The almighty Sun pushes you to analyse your spending, savings, earnings and investments. You could be doing your sums and calculations to see whether you need to tighten the purse strings or is there any spending money for you. This is a period to get these areas tidied up and prosperous. Then, as the Sun moves from the 20th, you could get busy tidying up the admin of your life and existence. This house of communication means that you could be flying here and there with odd jobs, getting on with a to-do list, chatting and communicating along the way. Your neighbourhood, siblings or your diary appointments could need dealing with. Bear in mind that mighty Mars the planet of action puts a spring in your step to get moving and shaking as he moves into your sign on the 9th. It’s a month of getting life ship-shape and efficient. Have a wonderful June Taurus




Dear Gemini welcome to your June horoscope. This month of the year belongs to you! It’s time to excel, shine and stand out! The almighty Sun is in your sign putting a spotlight on you and your world in some way. You may re-organise your wardrobe and reset your appearance to ensure you make the best impact  you can. You’ll draw people to you as everyone’s interested in you and what you have to say. It’s the start of an awesome 12 months as the planet of luck, expansion and success Jupiter entered your sign late last month. This is the time to chase your ambitions, travel, set new life goals and you have to strive for your dreams! Why? Over the next 2 years Jupiter can open the most amazing doors of success for you so, make sure you’re making the most of it. More good news as your ruler Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd and with the Goddess of Love & Money Venus is already in your sign and this will be raising you up even more. To power this up, the New Moon is in your sign on the 6th. You’re the most luckiest signs in the coming months so make the most of it. Have a wonderful month of June Gemini!




Dear Cancer welcome to your June horoscope. Feeling a bit thoughtful? Could you need a little rest to recharge before moving forward? The month starts with a need to be peaceful, calm and analyse your mind in some wayThis is through the almighty Sun putting the breaks on, all to halt unnecessary over-activity. You’re  pushed to a standstill in order to swim about in your thoughts, your hidden mind or come to better decisions. This is igniting areas of meditation and prayer encouraging the peace-enhancing practices to your life. This is a house where some time-out is must be taken before we start a new busier cycle created after the Sun then moves onward from the 20th. So your batteries have been re-charged through the quiet period and you’re ready to face the spotlight that’s on you as the Sun moves into your sign. You could be drawn to make positive changes to look good, feel good and be more magnetic than at any other time. You’ll attract people to you and nevertheless, people are drawn to what you have to say and all that you are. You have a powerful helper, Venus the Goddess of Love & Money moves in from the 17th charging you to look even better and be like a magnet. Wishing you an awesome month of June Cancer!



Dear Leo welcome to your June horoscope. Best friends, past friends, new friends they all want you! The almighty Sun energises your friendship zones bringing you invitations to socialise, have fun or have great chats with people. This could also reveal true sincere connections as opposed to fake ones. You may feel inclined to get rid of connections that are mismatched to your life. Some astrologers believe that this house is very special, that it’s one of wishes coming true. This could be wishes for financial goals, desires, wants, need for healing or whatever’s in your heart could be delivered by this house! The Sun then moves onward from the 20th and all that mingling with friends and wishing pushes you to take a rest. This energy encourages some meditation, prayer, a need for insight or simply thoughtfulness. You may need to really think deeply or determine the messages of your hidden mind. It’s a house that says, ‘charge up your batteries‘ before a new cycle of your busy life starts. Have a wonderful month of June Leo!




Dear Virgo welcome to your June horoscope. Who’s a popular bunny this month and maybe in line for some recognition and a pat on the back?  Well done Virgoans! The almighty Sun travels through this zone which can enhance career, ambitions, promotion or respect. You may be filled with a need to push forward, be a type of mover-shaker or forge some ideas on how to do this. For others who are not career-driven, such as mums or carers may feel the alternative energies of this house and hear their community calling them with the good job they’re doing. The Sun moves onwards from the 20th and a much-needed natter with your friends is on the agenda. You could receive invitations to socialise, have fun and enjoy being with friends. Some of you may be forced to look at the value of some of your connections with a need to get rid of those that could be sucking your positive energies. The alternative energies of this house could be that working as a group rather than alone is the way to bring better outcomes. Wishing you an awesome month of June Virgo!




Dear Libra welcome to your June horoscope. You could be feeling the need to gain a bigger view of life and the world this month. This is through the almighty Sun travelling through your zone of foreign connections, travel, greater learning and languages. You are drawn to investigate your higher mind, spiritual matters and mental exploration is engaged. Your intelligence and intellectual centres of your mind are sparked urging you to investigate and learn more. Then, the Sun moves onwards from the 20th and your focus turns to your career and your good reputation. You’ll be encouraged to find ways to raise your life to a higher standard by chasing your goals, forging a solid plan for uplifting your good name and ways of gaining a promotion. If you’re not a career mover & shaker then, it’s about your place and name in your community. You could gain popularity or a pat on the back for example; being that excellent mum or a patient carer of the infirm. Have a wonderful month of June Libra!




Dear Scorpio welcome to your June horoscope. The investment or the money you share with someone else may need to be tweaked, re-set, re-valued or re-negotiated in some way. This could be loans, mortgages, credit cards, taxes, valuable gifts and bonuses. Matters of secrecy or the hidden could pop up as this is a house ruled by deep, dark, secretive Pluto. For others, there could be a bubbling up of sexual energies calling for some private time away from the nosey parkers. Others may simply shut the door to the outside world for some personal privacy. Then, the Sun moves onwards from the 20th and there is a calling with in you to delve into matters of the spiritual, higher mind or learning of some nature. You’re drawn to uplift or broaden your knowledge, wisdom and your views of life as your intelligence centres of your mind are sparked up. You may want to investigate, research and understand something before progressing. Wishing you an awesome month of June Scorpio




Dear Sagittarius welcome to your June horoscope. How are your most important relationships doing? The almighty Sun energises areas of marriage, contracts and commitments. Singletons could strive for more solid connections or need commitment, whilst those in solid marriages, strive to deepen their bonds. For others, the accent could be on their business partnerships with a need to tweak or analyse them in some way. Others may simply need to scrutinize their contractual commitments to re-negotiate to something better, for example, a better deal for your mortgage contract. The Sun then moves onwards from the 20th and you’re drawn to look at the financial set-up you share with people. This is a house of shared resources with others, for example a joint mortgage, or a shared property. Other areas of this house could lead to what you share within the realms of intimacy with another person. Here, you may shut the door to the outside world for some personal privacy. Have a wonderful month of June Sagittarius




Dear Capricorn welcome to your June horoscope. Are you looking for work, changing that job, want that promotion or are you leaving work? Well, the almighty Sun energises the house of work, daily routines and health areas. Some of you could be re-setting your everyday practices. Others could be creating a fitness regime, joining a gym or simply introducing healthier ways forward. Pets are also ruled by this house so some may be thrown into dealing with their pets in some way. The Sun then moves onwards from the 20th and the focus turns to your most important commitments and contracts. This could be marriage, a committed partner or a need for a commitment. Singletons could be drawn to looking for that commitment with another whilst those who are  married look for deeper bonds with each other. This area can also relate to business partnerships or contracts you have bringing up a need to analyse these in some way. Finally, there is a fantastic time for manifesting wishes as the Full Moon is in your sign on the 22nd. This could also elevate your intuition, psychic visions or your dreams. Wishing you an awesome month of June Capricorn.




Dear Aquarius welcome to your June horoscope. Time to ditch the boring day-to-day, let your hair down and walk the wild side of life. Well in its basic for time to have some fun and enjoy life is the message as the almighty energises your house of fun & frolics. You may gain invitations, friends drop in and new associations could pop up. Others may get thrown into some duvet dancing and related frolics in the bedroom, or flirtations leading to lovers. Make sure you have fun because when the Sun moves onwards from the 20th life takes a slightly serious note as work pops up. Some could be looking for changes, more incomes, changing their job or dealing with colleagues. Everyday routines may need tweaking, new health regimes need establishing or your wellbeing needs adjusting in some wayThis is to bring a better way forward for any type of work you’re doing and efficiency to your daily grind. Have a wonderful month of June Aquarius




Dear Pisces welcome to your June horoscope. Home sweet home is calling you! The almighty Sun travels through this area pushing you to deal with matters of your residence, parents and family. You could be drawn to put your feet up and enjoy home life with your family, as others could be dealing with decorating or home renovation matters. Rental properties and tenants are included in this area so alternatively, some of you may have matters to deal with as a renter or a landlord. If it’s on offer make the most of some downtime at home as the energy flips in the opposite direction when the Sun moves forward on the 20th. This takes you from lounging on the sofa to letting your hair down to have some fun. You could receive invitations to have enjoy life, get together with friends or simply share some leisure time. Others could be drawn into romance, flirtations and some could be seduced into some fun under the duvet. It’s a fun month for you fishes from the peace of home to a walk on the wild side! Wishing you an awesome month of June Pisces!