Sky has taught Psychic Development for overs 10 years and one of the first steps she takes, is the guide you to open and enable your personal ‘Spiritual Protection.’  This is not an optional requirement, it is ESSENTIAL whether you are developing psychically or not.

!st Step is Protection

!st Step is Protection

Protect Your Energy

If you protect your energy and also regularly clear and cleanse spiritually, then negative energy from others and the outside world can bounce off your aura, without affecting you. Also please refer to Sky’s video workshop on Balance Mind Body and Soul.


Then Step 2 - Spiritually Protect you Home

Then Step 2 – Spiritually Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home & Family

You may also wish to investigate whether you have spiritual protection around your home. People and homes that have protection around them have the power to block the harmful effects of negative people and evil energy simultaneously to not leaking out all the good positive energy. It protects you from negative people draining you of your power, and maintains high energy levels, your focus and concentration, thus avoiding confusion and negativity.

A reading is essential to determine the spiritual prescription and procedure to enable your protection. This will be completely channeled through from the ascended energies working with Sky, giving you  techniques which work only for you, your home and your family.


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