Sky Will Use Her Gift to Empowers Yours

Harness Your Power

You can get unique guidance from Sky on how to turn your wishes and ambitions into reality.

You can learn how to switch on your power, and manifest dreams into your life.

The process is channeled by Sky specifically for you, in order to open and begin the power of your attraction. Be ready to make notes for instructions, the ingredients you need, specific-to-you dates and times to take action.

Star Candle7

Sky’s Infused Star Candle of Wishes

‘You can help yourself with goods from the Shop regularly, such as
‘The Star Candle of Wishes.’

This and other products are carefully hand-prepared by Sky specially upon your order.
It’s infused with intention, oils, full moon energy and herbs, depending on your desired wish.

If you want more information on this –
please go to the Shop

Charged candles 2

Skys Charged Candles

How Do You Focus On Manifesting?

How Do I Manifest?

Sometimes your situation at home may be difficult to perform the necessary lengthy spiritual work which requires time, energy and sincere focus.

Sky can intervene and conduct such spiritual / cosmic ordering on your behalf.

‘This work is not common knowledge, Sky has become very powerful in working with her gifts to manifest what you need.’

Contact Sky to request advice first.



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