Crystals are one of Mother Nature’s incredible creations.

Mother Natures Creations

Mother Natures Creations

Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves

Most mineral crystals take thousands of years to ‘grow.’ Crystals form when liquid rock from inside the earth cools and hardens. Small crystals form when it cools off quickly and large crystals form when it cooled off slowly. Crystals can even grow from vapors rich in mineral components. This happens most commonly in volcanic areas where hot gases encounter cool surroundings and deposit crystals.

Crystals act as positive amplifiers of spiritual energy. Anyone can tap into their powerful energy.

They’re used by Sky, who is a natural healer, to extend and enhance her natural healing energy.

Heal with Crystals     

Specific crystals may help you to overcome specific issues. Through Sky’s work with you, she can recommend particular crystals that are best suited for your needs.

Different crystals have different properties that can enhance specific healing energy. Carrying a crystal also enhances your own self-healing abilities.

Aura Energy

Aura Energy

Aura or Chakra Cleansing

Crystals can positively influence the energy of your body.

Using Love Crystals to Attract Love

Using Love Crystals to Attract Love & Self-Love



The main energy centres of the body are called the ‘chakras’ and there are 7 main ones. They can become easily blocked and this can lead to stress, tiredness and feeling out of sorts.


7 Power Centres of the Body

The Power Centres each have their own names: Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra,Throat Chakra, Forehead Chakra and the Crown Chakra.  The ‘Aura’ is your 7 layer energy field and bears relevance to the state of your heart, mind spirit and soul.

Chakra's-Energy Centers

Chakra’s-Energy Centers

People with strong positive auras are naturally charismatic and attract good things to themselves. They tend to be more successful in getting things done and getting support from other people. People with negative auras tend to drive good things away from themselves. It is possible that negative auras can become parasitic to others and can steal positive energy from positive auras.

Any aura can become weak, it may wear thin, tear, and cause a leaking out of positive energy. Damage to an aura can happen unassumingly for many reasons, for example, it can be the result of some kind of emotional or spiritual trauma. Damaged auras can let in negative energy and this further creates problems for the individual.

Sky can rectify issues by diagnosing this quickly, even on the phone, and proceed to recommend an effective ‘spiritual prescription’ specific to you alone. This can be with specific crystals, relevant energy work or meditation work. This guidance is channeled through from higher energies specifically for you.

Her prescription will always work for your highest good, as it carefully works through each important stage of safely cleansing, protecting and then energizing your chakras and aura. The outcome brings many benefits such as a greater sense of balance, well-being, focus, better concentration and feeling happier.


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