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Sky Silverstone

Catch this international genuine psychic-astrologer of the yearmedium and astrologer, weekly on ‘Psychic Today‘. Voted ‘Psychic Astrologer of the Year’ by the viewers. Also has appeared as an Relationship Expert & Celebrity Astrologer on ‘Big Brother Channel 5.’

A trusted love, relationships and compatibility psychic astrologer and counsellor. Delivers live on-screen chat about the intriguing world of astrology and psychic matters. Off-screen Sky provides bespoke personal, one-to-one guidance, astrological, spiritual and psychic readings, phone readings, text or email readings, in the UK and oversees.

Additionally, Sky is a powerful healer, numerologist, qualified and experienced counsellor, life-coach and NLP practitioner, Sky uses these skills in tandem with the special gift of psychic insight that she was born with. Having used this gift throughout her life, she has helped make transformational changes in people’s lives. Psychic sight, spiritual healing, astrology, empowerment & confidence building through readings or image consulting, are just some of the ways Sky can bring in positive change for you. Her guidance is with a sensitive but no-nonsense approach, is judgement free and in complete discretion.

Sky has written for numerous publications including Psychic Oracle and Psychic Today Magazine. Her work is international, though based in the UK, she is constantly in demand on and off screen for her skills. Her on screen dates are on the blog section with the monthly horoscopes, and if you want to find out more about booking Sky Silverstone email us on [email protected].

Hello darling Sky,
I tried to leave feedback on the Psychic & Soul TV webpage but for the life of me, I cannot see a “feedback” link! So I’ve emailed the channel as I feel so strongly about your fantastic work! You made my jaw drop! you are so AWESOME & EXCELLENT!!
Thanks again for all the insights and guidance you provided!

JP” x x x

Jolani Passos
Hi Sky,
Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the reading last night. It was my first reading ever and I should admit i was a bit tense at the the start, but you were really amazing and I managed to relax easily and fully opened myself. I can’t believe how fantastic you have made feel, as you made me realize everything that I was not seeing before, and now MY EYES HAVE OPENED BY YOU! Thank you and I will speak to you soon.

Lily x

Lilly Ivanova
Hello Dear Sky and Sky Admin,
The CD and instructions arrived today thank you.
I was so happy to receive the special gift from you of a crystal, what a lovely special gift, and thank you for explaining the benefits of the unakite – I really do need tis in my life! I had never heard of it, it is very beautiful and I shall use it and treasure it.
You have been so helpful, thank you for all your advice, insight and your special kindness.

Thank you once again.

Laura Johnstone