Hello dear friends,

Hello February 2024 and welcome to the Valentine month everyone! 

Welcoming February the month of the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius represented by The Water Carrier. In any traditional deck of tarot, if you’re looking for a timing or the star sign, then the month of  February and the sign of Aquarius is indicated by the Star Card. 

The Sun travels through Aquarius till the 19th of February , then enters the water sign of Pisces. Always the shortest month of the year with 29th days in it. 

Good news is that, we’re free of retrogrades for a good few months making a smoother ride for the first few months of 2024.

Please make note of the New Moon and Full Moon dates. Up to the 9th of February the Moon is waning, (appears to get smaller) which is great for spiritual clearing, cleansing and spiritual workings to bind  negativity. Then we can invite in renewal and regeneration through the Aquarius New Moon on the 9th. From the New Moon onwards we have expanding energies which are great for attracting and cosmic ordering. This is all the way to the Virgo Full Moon on the 24th. 

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Wishing all you good health, prosperity and success for 2024. Enjoy your February 2024 horoscopes below.

Sky x


Dear Aries welcome to your February horoscope. ‘A real friend is someone who remain unwavering as a great friend, no matter how long you’ve been out of touch. You also must be the same’ This is the message of the almighty Sun travelling through your friendship zones. You may find new, past and existing connections, could link to you in some way. Some may be drawn into collaborative efforts because many hands make light work and brings better results. Then the almighty Sun moves forward on the 19th and enters an area that pushes you to be drawn into your deeper hidden thoughts. This could include a part of your thinking you’ve been avoiding or not had the time to deal with. Well, you could be shutting the front door and taking some reflective time to deal with the hidden part of your mind and life. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Aries!




Dear Taurus welcome to your February horoscope. “Great change happens when you remain moving towards even the smallest of goals and ambitions.” You’re being fired up with a desire to set and achieve a desire or a goal. Of course, some of you may have bigger ambitions in mind but the message is still the same – focus on something important. Remember that you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your sign as well, therefore you have alot of firepower pushing you. Then the Sun moves onwards from the 19th and your friendships, associations and group connections are enlivened. You may connect with existing friends, those of the past and new friends could come knocking. Other bulls may be drawn to ally with a group of people, colleagues or friends. The outcomes of this are many hands make light work or more people bring greater ideas and more fun. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Taurus!




Dear Gemini welcome to your February horoscope. “Sometimes we don’t know what to do or why we are where we are. That’s when the real purpose and journey starts, your spiritual one.” This is the message you may resonate with as the almighty Sun energises your need to look at your life, path and purpose differently. You may desire to make a physical journey or even follow one that’s in your thought processes. All this feeds your desire to walk a more interesting life path rather than the deal with the hum-drum of normality. After the Sun stirs up your ideas and creative mind, it moves forward to push you to create some goals or chase your ambitions. Other Gems may receive a boost to their good reputation in some way or achieve a big pat on the back for a job well done. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Gemini!




Dear Cancer welcome to your February horoscope. “Before major change and great success can occur, there must be a period of solitude and quiet time for reflection.” The almighty Sun creates a need within you to step into your privacy zone, shut the door to the world and analyse something personal. Some may be thrown into some intimacy, whilst others are faced with dealing with their secrets or those of others. The Sun then moves forward on the 19th and that time-out could create a need to do things differently within your life and everyday routines. There may be a physical journey to make or one that creates new ideas in your mind. Both of these journeys expand life in better ways than the usual boring hum-drum of life. An alternative to this house could be where some of you may be drawn toward some kind of study, learning or research. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Cancer!




Dear Leo welcome to your February horoscope. “Being alone isn’t the enemy, being around people who make you feel alone is!” This is the message being sent to you as the almighty Sun travels through your house of relationships. You may be looking at the hard truth of trust, solidity and value of your closest connections. Some of you may need commitment whilst others cut loose from their associations. Others may feel the alternative energies of dealing with important contracts or renegotiating existing ones. Then the Sun moves onwards from the 19th and many of you could take a step back from the outside world for some privacy or alone time. Here there could be areas of sexuality cropping up or simply a period of solitude may be experienced. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Leo! 




Dear Virgo welcome to your February horoscope. “With consistency, reps, routine and focus, all goals can be achieved.” The Sun shakes up areas of your daily life and routines. If you work with the positive side of this, you may feel a need to focus on your work and daily goals. If you drive this forward, the results bring in efficiency, achievement and fulfilment in some way. The Sun then moves forward from the 19th and the emphasis moves to your closest and most serious relationships. Here you may feel the need to commit deeper to them or let them go. To make measured judgements, there could be an analysis of who brings the best out in you and your life and who doesn’t. With the Full Moon in your sign on the 24th, the may be a heightening of emotions and feelings within you. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Virgo!




Dear Libra welcome to your February horoscope. “Having fun is an essential ingredient in the seriousness of life and adds to your success.” This is the message of the Sun as it shakes up areas of enjoyment, lovers, flirtations and generally having fun. You may have invites drop in or you may be the one to create a social get-together. You may be letting your hair down at times for a walk on the lighter side of life. Make the most of it because the energy becomes a little more focused and serious as the Sun moves on the 19th into your work sectors. You may be analysing your daily work and your everyday routines. Some of you may be inspired to change something like, looking for a new job or re-planning your routines. Some may be setting a new health regime. All in all, new focus is bought into your mind for the days ahead. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Libra! 




Dear Scorpio welcome to your February horoscope. “Home is love, family, belonging and where friendships flourish.” This is the message of the almighty Sun as it energises your connection to home, family and the roots of your life. You’re drawn to the comforts of all that is your home & family. Others may be tied up with changing their home decor or even a complete change of home. Some of you may just indulge in putting your feet up in front of the box and just relax. Make the most of it if you’re having some downtime as the energies change when the Sun moves forward on the 19th. Here, you’re enticed to take your slippers off and put your dancing shoes on. Simply put, you’re drawn in some way to get out and have some fun, laughter and enjoyment. Some of you may spend time with friends, some may be flirting their way to the bedroom whilst others are walking a lighter path to having fun. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Scorpio!




Dear Sagittarius welcome to your February horoscope. “Time to get organised, to write, review and get on with your to-do list.” This is the message of the almighty Sun as it encourages you to tie up loose ends and bring efficiency for a smoother way forward for the year ahead. Some of you may be flying here and there getting things done and dusted as others are tidying up life in their home. As the Sun moves forward on the 19th that period of busyness changes into needing a breather and putting your feet up. The home, family and all that makes you feel secure is brought to the forefront. Some of you may be looking at making décor changes or possibly toying with a change of home. Others may just feed their creature comforts and put their feet up in front of the box. Enjoy and relax! Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Sagittarius!




Dear Capricorn welcome to your February horoscope. “If you’re not good with money, educate yourself and learn, before you don’t have any left!” The almighty Sun travels your house of money, bringing you a need to deal with financial matters in some way. Some may do their sums and calculations for the year ahead and others may turn a blind eye to their money matters. The alternative energies of this house could manifest for some by receiving gifts or valuable items in some way. After tidying up the calculations of your monetary life you could go on to tidy up other areas of life that need organising better because the Sun moves forward on the 19th. Here you could be flying here and there to get the to-list ticked off. Good news, awesome support and help from the Goddess of Love & Money is in your sign along with her male counterpart the planet of get-get, Mars. Both planets shower positive energies to support you in getting things in order for your year ahead. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Capricorn!




Dear Aquarius welcome to your February horoscope. “Your month is, to be like the Sun, shine your light out to the world!” It’s a truly fantastic month because it’s your month of the year as the Sun travels through your sign bringing you success. Not only this, you have the most activity with planets in your sign which further adds to all good endeavours being successful. The Sun is in your sign till the 19th along with the planet of Communication, the spark of ideas and swift travels Mercury, till the 23rd. The New Moon in your sign on the 9th bringing you a chance to start over or engage in renewal and new beginnings in some way. Then the Goddess of Love & money bring blessings to your life when she enters your sign on the 16th. More good news as Venus’s male counterpart Mars also enters your sign on the 13th. Both Venus and Mars in your sign before Valentine’s Day could bring some va va voom energy that perks up your love month in some way! Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Aquarius! 




Dear Pisces welcome to your February horoscope.  “Life that’s understood backwards then, allows life to be lived going forward.”  The month starts with you possibly floating in an air of thoughtfulness and self-reflection. You may analyse the past in or your inner mind in some way. This is often needed to clear the clutter of the mind allowing us to then be prepared to transform and move forward. After that quiet time, you will be fully prepared to come out of your shell as the Sun then moves into your sign on the 19th. This shines a light on you and your world pushing you into being your best self in all areas of your world. This would be the time to set your goals and think about achieving your ambitions. The good news that feeds and propels all good things being enhanced in your life is the planet of the positive mind, communication and swift travels Mercury enters your sign on the 23rd. Wishing you love, laughter and a happy Valentine’s month Pisces!