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Hello and welcome to your to the start of spring! Hello March I hope you will be awesome to us all.

March the month of Pisces symbolized as The Fish, ruled be big Neptune, the planet of vision, intuition and creative thought. Pisces is said to be the wisest of the zodiac with knowledge and wisdom greater that the other signs. In any tarot pack, The Moon card represents Pisces as well as the month of March.

We have the spring equinox on the 20th and marks the start of spring inviting in longer daylight days. Greenery returns to us, as spring breathes into us together with Mother Nature.

Good news for you Aries, lucky Jupiter remains in your sign bringing success, but you’ve got to reach for it!

Ok, so for my cosmic ordering people, please make note that the most powerful manifestation time of the Moon phase is the lead-up to the Full Moon on the 7th in Virgo. Then follows a period of a waning Moon, ideally used for clearing and cleansing negativity especially 3 to 7 days before the next New Moon on the 21st in Aries.

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Wishing you all a great March and a wonderful month of a new season of spring. Please enjoy you horoscopes below.

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! You’re on fire with success this month so put your best foot forward Rams! You have the awesome Venus, Goddess of Love & Money and lucky Jupiter bringing you success as they’re both in your sign. This is heightened even more so, as they’re in perfect harmony and allied in their energies through their conjunction. Venus brings you success with relationships and uplifts the impact you make on others, as Jupiter puts a shine on achieving success through chasing your ambitions. It gets even better! The motivator, mover & shaker Mercury, graces your sign on the 19th charging your mind with focused thought and positive communication abilities. Then the almighty Sun enters on the 20th. This is a great month where you must keep a positive focus on something you wish to achieve. Finally, more good news as the refreshing renewal energies of a New Moon favour you first, as it’s in your sign on the 21st. Wishing you a great start to spring Aries! 




Dear Taurus welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! You’re in for a lucky month as your ruler Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance, enters your sign on the 16th. Whenever a ruler enters their home sign, its power and advantages are amplified for the world. This marks a time of success for you as Venus shines a light on you, your efforts and your existence. You could easily gain the attention of those around you. I would advise you to chase and fight for your desires & ambitions or, at least find a positive focus to manifest something awesome in your life. All the while, the almighty Sun is travelling through your zone of friendships, social magnetism and getting involved with things that are for the greater good of the collective. You may find associations of the past that could drop in or new friends walk into your life. Then the Sun moves onwards from the 20th leading you away from the hustle & bustle, toward the peaceful or hidden mind and thoughts. You could be looking for some alone time to nourish yourself in some way. Have a great start to spring Taurus! 




Dear Gemini welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The almighty Sun shines a whopping beam of light on areas of your career and ambitions or you could be receiving a ‘pat on the back’ for something well-done. Time to search for where you wish life to take you and strive for it, or if there’s an existing ambition, career move or desire you wish to achieve, now is the time to focus on manifesting it. The Sun moves onwards from the 20th taking the spotlight to your friendships, associations or close connections. Others of you may get involved in improving something of humanitarian nature for the collective. Past friendships could be revived, new friendships could walk in, or you may simply find yourself socially in demand. You have fiery Mars feeding your ‘get-up and go’ and bringing you enthusiasm to take action in some way. Other Gems may feel this energy through a need to get exercising to feel fit or shift the stagnancy of the winter. Wishing you a great start to your spring season Gemini! 




Dear Cancer welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The almighty Sun shines its light on areas of learning, researching or studying something personal to you. Others may feel the energy of this house through a desire to take a journey which could be either spiritual or one in their mind. Either one, will enlighten to bring knowledge and wisdom in some way. As the Sun moves onwards from the 20th the questions beckon, ‘what is your ambition, what do you wish to achieve?’ This is through the spotlight being placed on your career, ambitions and your good reputation. This is ideal to support your search within and out for what you want to accomplish and start moving towards it. Lastly, fiery and powerful Mars moves into your sign on the 25th. Mars energises and feeds your need to ‘go get’ or take action. Others may feel this by getting more active, getting fitter or getting more passionate about something that needs to be managed better. Wishing you a great start to your spring season Cancer! 




Dear Leo welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The start of the month encourages you to shut the door to the outside world and take some quiet time. You may fall into your thoughts and the deeper mind in search of some balance and peace. Some of you may simply step aside from the hustle & bustle of the world and indulge in some privacy with a partner. On the 20th the Sun moves forward encouraging you to utilise what you’ve discovered from within and take a journey. This journey could be spiritual or one in your mind. Others may have the alternative of this house and decide to learn or research something personal to them. In this, spiritual matters could pop up or a need to gain a deeper meaning to something. Overall a peaceful month is in store where you’re seeking meaning, answers and knowledge from within and around you, rather than from people. Wishing you a great start to your spring season Leo!




Dear Virgo welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The month starts with an accent on your closest relationships, associations and connections. Some may be analysing the longevity, potential or commitment value of your relationships, whilst others realise that some relationships need to be ditched. Be mindful that this is also under the influence of the heightened energies of the Full Moon which is in your sign on the 7th. So I would encourage you to carefully think things through before taking action so that you are sure of how to proceed. The Sun then moves onward from the 20th and the influence turns to your privacy, intimacy and shared connections with others. Some of you may simply shut the door to the nosey parkers of your life or not respond to the outside world as you stay content with the safety of your privacy. Others may need intimacy with a close connection. Overall a month that’s mainly about your immediate environment and those within it. Wishing you an awesome start to spring Virgo! 




Dear Libra welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The spotlight of the Sun shines on your daily activities, routines, work and health areas. You may tweak or transform your daily existence in some way, for example; building in a change to support your well-being, facing your priorities or dealing with colleagues in some way. Some of these sectors will beckon your attention. Then from the 20th, the Sun takes its power onward to influence the house of your most important relationships, associations, contracts and commitments. Here, you may realise the value of your connections and whether they yield longevity or a future. In the process, you may let go of someone, or otherwise hold on more tightly. Others may have to deal with contract commitments, such as renegotiating or entering into a new agreement or contract. A month where practical matters seem to be sewn into the month for you to analyse. Have a wonderful month of spring Libra! 




Dear Scorpio welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! The month starts with a more social air feeding you as you could be drawn into indulgences like flirtations, invitations to have fun and getting out with friends. Others may be invited into the bedroom for some fun and frolics or enjoy the company of lovers. Some may simply want to take a walk on the ‘wild side’ of life, detached from the serious matters of their existence. From the 20th the Sun takes its influence forward as daily routines, work, colleagues and health are thrown to the fore. You may be tweaking, changing or facing your daily work or its routines. Others may be overhauling the route that their everyday usually takes. For some, the spring month entices a new health, fitness or well-being regime to uplift the mind and body. Have a wonderful month of spring Scorpio! 




Dear Sagittarius welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! You may want to feed your creature comforts, perhaps spend time at home or with family, as the influence as the Sun travels through this area. Others may desire to decorate or change home as some are drawn to take some time out with family. After this period of nesting, the opposite comes to entice you, as the Sun moves forward on the 20th. Here, you could receive invites to socialize, have fun, get flirtatious and generally enjoy life in some way. It could be a time of having fun & frolics with lovers in the bedroom or with potential partners in social settings. It’s a time when there’s a step away from the serious matters of life and a jump into walking a lighter brighter or more enjoyable path. Meanwhile, your ruler Jupiter is travelling through an associated fire sign of Aries which pays all fire signs positive advantages. Have a wonderful month of spring Sagittarius! 




Dear Capricorn welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! Let’s get the loose ends of life tied up, summed up and in order. The light of the Sun shines a light on your need to take quick short trips to generally get the admin of life accounted for. Along the way, there could be fun uplifting connections with those that cross your path. You could be aligning the home, business or family into a tidy order and for it to work more efficiently. Then from the 20th, the Sun moves onwards to touch your house of security, the home, family or the roots of your life. Here you may be drawn to feed your creature comforts, to spend time in the safety of your sanctuary or with close family members. It could be a much-needed time of peace & tranquillity in the comfort of your special space. Have a wonderful month of spring Capricorn!




Dear Aquarius welcome to your March horoscope and wishing you a wonderful start to the spring season! How’s your money-belt faring? Well, this energy is at the start of the month as the almighty Sun travels through your money, wealth and financial sectors. You may be doing your sums and analysing these areas, others could be looking at how to increase incomes and some simply could tightening-up their spending. From looking at the efficiency of your money sectors, you are then enticed to get life itself working more efficiently also, as the Sun moves onward from the 20th. Some may be thrown into tying up loose ends and getting the admin of home and life in order. To achieve this, there may be a need to take quick short journeys and make fun chatty connections along the way. Another manifestation of this house is dealing with siblings for some reason personal to you. Have a wonderful month of spring Aquarius!




Dear Pisces welcome to your March horoscope and it’s always been your month fishes! The Sun graces your sign as it always does in March and you could be shining under its spotlight. This could draw you towards tweaking, changing or positively transforming the way the world sees you, such as new clothing, a change of hairstyle or simply a happier smiling you. The world may see you as a positive uplifted person but can’t understand why as your aura glows with the energy of the Sun. Make the most of the Pisces month! Even as the Sun moves forward after the 20th it still has great outcomes for you as it goes on to uplift and enhance money, wealth and your financial sectors. You could be making your money areas work more efficiently and working them to pay better dividends. Others may look at saving more, maybe look at how to earn more or tweak their financial sectors in some way. Some may simply react to this energy by tightening up their money-belt. Have an awesome spring month Pisces!