Hello dear friends,

Welcome to November everyone! The month of the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio.  The month of November and Scorpio is shown in most traditional tarot decks by the Death Card. Always remember that the Death Card represents regeneration and rebirth, not actual death. 

The Sun travels through Scorpio till the 22nd of November then enters Sagittarius. 

Saturn the teacher and the king of karma, ruler  of Capricorn, travelling through Pisces, moves direct after months of retrograde. This restores harmony and balance for both Capricorn and Pisces.

Please make note of the New Moon and Full Moon dates. The Moon is waning energies, ideal for clearing, cleansing and binding negativity, all the way up to the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th. Then comes expanding energies, great from attracting and cosmic ordering all the way to the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. 

There’s more in my video on YouTube, so make sure you check out my November 2023 Astro-Update Video, where I’ve referred to the above and a lot more. Check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/26mO_gvnf1Y

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Please enjoy your horoscopes below.  I wish you all a great November, a happy blessed Diwali on the 12th, and blessed Thanksgiving on the 23rd!

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your November horoscope. Even in this colder weather, you could be drawn into generating some heat of sexual passion and desire. This is through the almighty Sun travelling through areas of sexuality and privacy. Alternatively, some rams could be thrown into dealing with secrets, lies or the hidden in some way. Some could shut the door to the outside world in need of privacy and quiet time away from the rat race. The almighty Sun then moves forward on the 22nd enlivening your need to take a more exciting and scenic route to your life. You may feel bored with the hum-drum of your existence with a desire to make changes in some areas specific to you. There’s also a chance that you’re drawn to spiritual matters rather than dealing with the boring reality of life. Your ruler Mars moves into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius as a result there’s increased harmony and focus in your life and mind. Have an awesome November Aries!                   




Dear Taurus welcome to your November horoscope. How are those all-important relationships & closest associations in your life? The almighty Sun beckons this question as it travels through your house of relationships. You could be drawn to evaluate the meaning of certain connections or start to analyse their commitment value. Others may let go of relationships that won’t hold strong for the future and go in search of associations that have long-term potential. The Sun moves forward on the 22nd causing you to shut the door on the prying world in search of privacy. Other Taureans could be dealing with secrets of their own or dealing with secrets of people around them. Overall it’s a great month for you personally because on the 8th your ruler Venus, the Goddess of Love, Money & Relationships enters your associated sign Libra which she also rules. This amplifies her positive qualities for you and all others in general. Wishing you an amazing November Taurus! 




Dear Gemini welcome to your November horoscope. Aspects of work, looking for a new job or changes within your current work sector could be thrown at you. This is through the almighty Sun travelling through this area giving it a push in some way. Other aspects of this house that could impact your life are related to your everyday routines, daily life and/or your health. Some of you could re-arrange your daily activities or set up a new health regime. After juggling the components of your day-to-day, the accent is taken to your relationships as the Sun moves forwards on the 22nd. The sphere of partnerships, relationships of all types, contracts or marriage could be brought to the forefront of your life. Other Gems could find that they’re negotiating a contract of some kind or tweaking the details of a former one. Good news as you’re filled with the refreshing energies of the New Moon in Gemini on the 27th. Have a fantastic November Gemini!




Dear Cancer welcome to your November horoscope. Go on and ditch the serious side of life and take some time out, as it’s needed. With the almighty Sun travelling through your leisure and pleasure zones you could be drawn away from the mundane & boring parts of your life. You may receive social invitations, friends could drop in or simply there’s a chance to enjoy life in some way. Others may find fun and flirtations easily popping up or lovers show up enticing you to have fun with them. Then the Sun moves forward on the 22nd and those flirtations could turn into more fun through ignited passions. The Sun highlights areas of sexuality and privacy. Some crabs may experience other aspects of this house in dealing with secrets, the hidden, interesting or mysterious dilemma’s may need solving. Have a great November Cancer! 




Dear Leo welcome to your November horoscope. Home sweet home, calls to you asking you to spend time in your house, be with family and be nurtured by the security of your household. Some of you could be cooking, cleaning and seeing to the general good working of your home. Other Leo’s may decide on making décor or building changes to their home to create a more beautiful environment for themselves. Then you may go from being a homebody to the opposite, in ‘letting your hair down’ and getting out and about. This is when the Sun moves on the 22nd into areas of fun and recreation. You may receive social invites, friends may appear to entice you to socialise with them or you may simply ditch the serious side of life. This house brings you chances to have fun, get flirting and possibly get involved with fun in the boudoir with lovers. Overall a great end to the month. Have a fun November Leo! 




Dear Virgo welcome to your November horoscope. Get those odd jobs done, the to-do list ticked off and see to those errands before we hit the end of the month! This is the energy of the first part of the month as the almighty Sun brings you an accent of dealing with your close surroundings as well as the people within that sphere. You could need to make quick short trips engaging in light-hearted chit-chats along the way. Other Virgoans may feel the alternative of this house and could be drawn to learn, research or study something. Then the energy changes from getting the ‘to-do list’ of life sorted, to putting your feet up, switching on the box, sipping a cuppa and having a nibble of some of those favourite biscuits. This is through the Sun moving into your zones of the home, family and your security. You could be shutting the door to the outside world, enjoying cooking, cleaning or making décor changes. In other words, throwing yourself into aspects of enjoying your time at home and being with family. Have a super November Virgo! 




Dear Libra welcome to your November horoscope. How’s your money doing? The almighty Sun draws you to look at areas of your abundance, income and general well-being of your financial state. You could be doing your sums, looking at your budgets or analysing your incomes. Depending what your sums reveal, some of you could be spending more, or tightening the purse-strings. Then the highlight moves from tidying up your financial areas to, tidying up the admin of your life. This is through the Sun asking you to get those outstanding jobs and errands finished. So you could be flying here & there to get the nut & bolts of your life into being well-groomed. Then it’s great news, as your ruling planet, the Goddess of Love, Money & Relationships, Venus, enters your sign on the 8th. Any ruling planet in its home sign creates huge advantages and likewise, this has an immense positive effect on your thinking, ideas and life in general. Make the most of it, as she remains with you till the 4th of December. Have a fantastic November Libra! 




Dear Scorpio welcome to your November horoscope. Celebrate! It’s your month Scorpio! The almighty Sun shines a light on you as it’s in your sign for most of the month. There’s a spotlight on you, your image and your personality as you may look for ways to tweak these areas to make a greater impact on the world around you. As the Sun moves out of your sign on the 22nd it’s still bringing you some awesome energies in invigorating your financial areas. Some could receive unexpected increases in abundance or financial successes in some way personal. Others may find they can tweak their budgets and outgoings to save or spend more. The planet of swift travels and communication Mercury is benefiting you as it travels through your sign till the 10th. This makes your mind and thoughts creative, agile and fluid. The fiery planet of action, Mars, is also in your sign till the 24th pushing you to make those all-important moves to getting life moving forward. Have a great November Scorpio! 




Dear Sagittarius welcome to your November horoscope. The first part of the month is filling you with a need to shut the door to the world and take some time to digest your thoughts. The Sun travelling through this sector ignites a need for solitude, privacy and maybe, just being a hermit for a bit. Without solitude, no great plans can be made for your future, so make the most of it as the Sun then moves onward from the 22nd bringing you an opposite energy as it enters your sign on the 22nd. As a result the Sun shines a spotlight on you so you could be shining out to the world. This also brings a desire to tweak your image and personality to make a better impression on people. The planet of swift communication and travels Mercury, moves into your sign on the 24th. Your mind and thoughts could be exuding positive creative ideas to better your life. More good news as the planet of go-get & action Mars, joins the party going on in your sign by moving in on 24th. Looks like a fantastic month especially the latter part of November Sagittarius! 




Dear Capricorn welcome to your November horoscope. Great news Capricorn as your ruling planet Saturn, the great king of karma and life-lessons goes forward after months of retrograde. This brings you an air of restored balance & harmony. The almighty Sun brings you associations, friendships and connections of the past, present, and new ones could pop up. You could be enticed to meet up with, perhaps socialise or simply work as a group rather than going it alone. Then you may feel a change is needed as you seek time away from the busy humdrum of your life as the Sun moves forward from the 22nd. This fills you with a desire for quiet time or solitude. In this, you may need to analyse your thoughts, issues, or you find that something needs balancing out with your life. Reflection, solitude, peace and alone time could be the theme of the last part of the month. Sometimes this is needed for us all so we can fully recharge and forge ways forward. Have an awesome November Capricorn! 




Dear Aquarius welcome to your November horoscope. What’s that desire, ambition or a need that you must fulfil? The almighty Sun travels through your house of career, ambitions and long-term goals. You could be drawn to reaching for, completing or merely starting the process to achieve something personal to you, irrespective of how small or large the outcome. Some Aquarians may be drawn to other aspects of this house by focusing on improving their good name and reputation. There could be recognition for something well done. The Sun moves forward from the 22nd placing an accent on your friendships, associations and connections. You may find good friends of the past, present or new associations pop up needing your input and attention. Some of you may be encouraged to collaborate forces as a group, as this brings success as opposed to the failure of going it alone. Have a fantastic November Aquarius!




Dear Pisces welcome to your November horoscope. The month may start with feeling a little restless in mind and emotions. This is through the almighty Sun travelling through a house that pushes you to steer away from all that’s bogging you down. Here, you could search for a more scenic and interesting way forward for your life in some way. Others could be drawn into the deeper meanings of their spiritual or psychic natures as they delve into mental or physical journeys. After this period of rediscovery and regeneration, the energies change as the Sun moves forward on the 22nd bringing a focus on achieving a desire or ambition. This pushes you to chase or complete something in your life or in your career. Other fishes may feel the alternative energies of this house as they receive recognition for a job well done. Finally, the great karmic king and teacher Saturn, who has spent months in retrograde in your sign, goes forward on the 4th. This helps you to be more directed as it restores balance, harmony, and eliminates blockages . Have a super November Pisces!