Hello dear friends,

Welcome to June everyone! June is the month of the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini, represented by The Twins. The tarot card that represents Gemini and the month of June is The Lovers Card.

The Sun is in Gemini till the 21st and then it takes its light to the water sign of Cancer. 

The big news is that, mighty Jupiter the planet of luck, life expansion and success, moved from Aries into Taurus last month. You lucky Taureans have Jupiter with you for the next 12 months.

Ok, so for my cosmic ordering friends, please make note that the most powerful manifestation time of the Moon phase is the lead-up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th.  Watch out for heightened emotions around this time. Then there are fresh new beginnings with the Gemini New Moon on the 18th. 

There’s more in my video on YouTube, so make sure you check out my June 2023 Astro-Update Video, where I’ve referred to the above and a lot more besides. Check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/VeG42d0GpZk

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Please enjoy your horoscopes below. Wishing you all a great June!

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your June horoscope. You’re fired up this month with ideas, wanting to chit-chat and get out & about on little trips. You could be drawn to interact with people closest to you whilst others are dealing with their siblings for personal reasons. Some Rams could be thrown into learning, researching or looking for some key information. The Sun encourages these activities till the 21st and then moves on taking your attention to your house, home and maybe family. Here you’re drawn to your creature comforts and sharing something with those who live with you. Your ruler Mars is in your fellow fire sign of Leo all month but this energy will inevitable rub off on you, as it adds extra get-up & go, upliftment and positive energies to your existence in some way. Have a great June Aries!  





Dear Taurus welcome to your June horoscope. It’s an awesome month for you, where you have the almighty Sun, with the mover & shaker Mercury and magical Jupiter all in your sign. The Sun pushes you to look at where and how you attract money and wealth. There may be options to increase sources of income or make changes to achieve this. The almighty Sun travels through your money sector and highlights areas for your attention. You have the right words to share at the right time along with a positive mindset as Mercury feeds you thoughts. Awesome Jupiter brings you luck and ambition to chase your desires. Collectively this trio creates a powerful push to uplift your life and support you to reach for your goals. An awesome June for you Taurus! 





Dear Gemini welcome to your June horoscope. The month that belongs to you Gemini! The almighty Sun lights up your world as it’s your turn to have it in your sign. Positive energy shines on you and your life in some way, making it a time to go for something you desire. It gets better, as your ruler, the mover & shaker, the communication planet Mercury enters your sign on the 11th. As he’s your ruler this is very auspicious as it feeds you, your life and your mind in powerful ways. You’ll feel uplifted, clear-minded and focused. Others will simply feel happy about themselves and their life in personal ways. And the cherry on top is the refreshing flow of energy to bring new beginnings coming from the New Moon in your sign on the 18th. An awesome month for you Gems!  





Dear Cancer welcome to your June horoscope. The month may start with you being reflective and thoughtful in your mind. This is through the almighty Sun travelling through areas of your subconscious, secrets and seeking solitude. You may shut the doors to the outside world for some downtime and to delve into your deeper hidden thoughts to analyse something. Then from the 21st, there’s a–turn in the influences bringing you into the light of the Sun. This is because the Sun enters your sign, uplifting your personality, image and enhancing the impact your make on people around you. You may feel exhilarated and energised to make positive changes in ways personal to you. A great June for you Cancer! 





Dear Leo welcome to your June horoscope. Who are your genuine friends and close associations? With the almighty Sun travelling through these sectors you could be enticed into new friendships, existing ones or old connections could pop up for you to consider. Other Leo’s could be exposed to the alternative energies of this house and get involved with group activities or deal with an organisation of some kind. Then comes a time to contemplate, analyse and think things over as the Sun moves onwards from the 21st. Here you may close the doors to the outside world for some time to deal with yourself and your thoughts. All the while, fiery Mars is in your sign energising and uplifting your energies. This could in turn fire you up to be more porous and reactive to all of the above. Have a great June Leo!  





Dear Virgo welcome to your June horoscope. A month that draws your attention towards your ambitions, desires or your long-term goals. No matter where your focus is in your daily life, you’ll feel the desire to change something by achieving a goal or a task. Other Virgoans may get a boost to their good name, their reputation or gain recognition for something well done. Good news as your ruling planet Mercury enters the other sign it rules, Gemini, on the 11th. This energy in turn emanates towards you, bringing you a positive mindset, uplifting and energising your life and existence. During this time you may feel really focused, balanced and happy with your lot. The Sun moves forward on the 21st and your attention is taken to your friendships and group connections. You could be dealing with your close associations or attracting new ones. Have a great June Virgo! 





Dear Libra welcome to your June horoscope. Is your everyday life feeling boring, tedious or lack-lustre? You may be seeking new exciting ways forward that bring you changes and upliftment in your life. Some of you could delve into your intuitive natures or possibly your psychic mind. There may be a journey of the mind or a physical journey that you’re compelled to to make. This brings you knowledge and insight about how to move forward. This is perfect as the Sun moves onward from the 21st going on to stir up ways forward for your goals, ambitions and your personal desires. Other Librans may feel the energies of this house through receiving some positive recognition or a pat on the back for something well done. A great month for you Libra!   





Dear Scorpio welcome to your June horoscope. Sexy Scorpio is the energy being showered on you! The Sun travelling through your house of sex and intimacy may push you to close the doors on the world to enjoy some privacy. Other Scorpios may feel the alternative energies of this house and need to deal with joint financial matters or jointly held assets. The Sun then moves onwards from the 21st going on to encourage you to take a deep dive into your spirituality, intuition or your psyche in some way. Others may be led on a personal journey of enlightenment, whether this comes from within your mind and thoughts or from an actual journey. Overall a new positive pathway or thought process could be created for your daily existence. Have a wonderful month of June Scorpio! 





Dear Sagittarius welcome to your June horoscope. Relationships, associations and your close connections are bought to your attention in some way. This is through the almighty Sun shaking up the areas of your house of relationships. Some of you could analyse your need for commitment with someone or otherwise, you may let them go. Other Saggies may be dealing with the alternative energies of this house and analyse an important contract or re-negotiate one of the past with new terms that suit you. The helping energies of the New Moon are in your sign early in the month on the 4th. This could sweep renewal through this sector as well. The Sun moves onwards from the 21st and you’re drawn to your need for privacy or your sexuality comes to the fore. Some of you could close the doors to the world ignoring the gossips and the nosey parkers. Other could be dealing with jointly-held financial matters, sorting, renewing or talking it over. Have a great June Sagittarius!  





Dear Capricorn welcome to your June horoscope. Work, colleagues, health, fitness and well-being are areas that are highlighted this month. The Sun shines a light on one or more of these sectors as it travels through this house. Some of you will be changing something in your daily routines or your work sectors. Others are thrown into looking at their well-being in some way. The Sun then moves on the 21st taking your attention to your closest relationships and your need for commitment or stability. Other Caps could be dealing with a contract of some kind, letting it go, tweaking it or re-negotiating it on more favourable terms. Lastly, your ruler Saturn the great teacher and force of karmic energy starts a retrograde on the 17th till the 4th of November. Keep your mind and energies as balanced as you can as retrogrades often bring in a bit of confusion. Have a great June Capricorn!  





Dear Aquarius welcome to your June horoscope. Ditch the boring an the mundane in your life and let your hair down for a bit of fun and enjoyment. The almighty Sun travels through your zones of socializing, having fun, flirtations and lovers. You could receive an invitation to walk a lighter path with others and to not take life so seriously. Make the most of it because from the 21st the energies then change to dealing with more serious life matters. Here, the Sun moves into your house of daily work, everyday routines and your well-being. Some could make changes to their jobs, look for a new job or tweak their work in some way, as others take more interest in their health and well-being. Have a great June Aquarius! 





Dear Pisces welcome to your June horoscope. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy something on the telly! The Sun travels through areas of your home, family or what forms the roots of your life. You could be feeding your creature comforts and enjoying life in your home with your family. Others may decide to change the décor of their home. Then you will most likely go from being a home bunny to being more of a social creature as the Sun moves onwards from the 21st. Here you could be drawn to having fun, partying, socializing or even flirting if it suits you. You’re enticed to let your hair down, ditch the mundane and walk a fun path of enjoying something in your life. Finally, your ruler, the planet of the psychic and creative, Neptune, is travelling through your sign. This pours forth its positive energies to uplift your life. However, be mindful that Neptune starts a retrograde on the 17th till the 4th of November. Have a great June Pisces!