Hello my friends!

Welcome to July everyone! July the month of the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, represented by The Crab. The tarot card represents Cancer as well as the month of July is, The Chariot Card. 

The Sun is in Cancer till the 22nd and then it moves onward to take its light to Leo the Lion. 

Ok, so for my cosmic ordering people, please make note that the most powerful manifestation time of the Moon phase. This is the lead-up to the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd. Watch out for heightened emotions around this time. Then there are fresh new beginnings with the New Moon in Cancer on the 17th. 

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Wishing you all a great July and a wonderful summer! Please enjoy your horoscopes below.

Sky x



Dear Aries welcome to your July horoscope. Switch on the box, get a cuppa and put your feet up. The almighty Sun travels through areas of your home, family and the roots of your life. You’ll be drawn to the homely comforts personal to you and maybe spending time with your family. Other rams could consider décor changes or play with the idea of moving home. The Sun moves forward on the 22nd taking you from being a couch potato to being a social animal as the Sun stirs up your house of leisure, pleasure and fun. You may be invited out to enjoy life, flirtations, duvet dancing or just a chance to have fun in some way. Have a great July Aries!





Dear Taurus welcome to your July horoscope. You really need to chat with everyone and everyone wants to chat with you too. Well why not! You’ve got some great ideas and thoughts  to share. The Sun travels through your house of communication, short trips and light-hearted quick connections with people. This brings a positive focus to your mind & thoughts as you walk forward. You may be getting life sorted and put into efficient working order or you’re flying here and there getting things tied up. The Sun moves onwards from the 22nd and your love of home and creature comforts comes in to seduce you. You could be unwinding at home, cooking, spending time with family or dealing with something that forms strong roots in the stability of your life. Other bulls may be toying with the idea of redecorating or possibly moving home. Have a great July Taurus!  





Dear Gemini welcome to your July horoscope. Money, finances and wealth are key this month as the Sun lights up your financial world in some way. You may be looking at your budget, at where your income comes from, where your funds are going or how you can attract more abundance. Other Gems may find that they attract money easily as others realise they need to tighten their purse strings. The Sun moves forwards on the 22nd into a house that suits you to a tee, the house of communications, short trips and quick light-hearted chit-chats. You may be tying up loose ends, making life efficient and running smoother. Some Gems may opt to learn, study or research something new that gets their creative mind flowing. Have a great July Gems! 





Dear Cancer welcome to your July horoscope. It’s your month to shine as the almighty Sun travels through your sign, shining a light on you. You could be in demand, looking good and feeling great. The Sun’s influence encourages you to sharpen your personality, make changes to your image or tweak your presence in some way. This could draw people to you as you’re sought after by the world around you. The Sun moves onwards from the 22nd and your attention is then taken to how to attract money & wealth. You could be analysing your financial areas, where your money comes in from or how to increase sources of incomes. Others may be tighten up their budgets or be looking at ways of cutting down costs. Have a great month of June Cancer!





Dear Leo welcome to your July horoscope. The month may start with a need for taking some time away from the busy world and a desire to sit with your deeper mind. Here, you could be analysing your deepest emotions within and thoughts. Keep in mind that at the same time fiery Mars travels through your sign till the 10th, pushing you to take action with something. As Mars leaves, the planet of communication, of the mind and great ideas, Mercury, enters on the 11th. This encourages you to think even more deeply in some way personal to you. The Sun also enters on the 22nd and shines its light on you and your world. Hand in hand with Mercury, both spheres push you to shine in your communications, excel in your personality and attract good people to you. Have a great July Leo!





Dear Virgo welcome to your July horoscope. The month starts off with an accent on your need for good friendships and connections. There could be fun social connections or group dealings to uplift your world. Other Virgos may be clearing out associations that don’t serve their highest good or those people that are ‘fair-weather friends.’ Then the Sun moves onwards from the 22nd pushing you to shut the door on the outside world and retreat into your deeper thoughts. There could be subconscious cues to analyse your mind with present or past issues. Fiery Mars enters your sign on the 10th pushing you to take action, to get something moving or change something for the better in your life. More good news as the planet of communications, the mind and swift travels also enters your sign on the 28th. Have a great July Virgo!





Dear Libra welcome to your July horoscope. Is there an ambition, desire or a goal you’d really like to achieve? Well, the almighty Sun shines its light on you to get the ball rolling with plans for your career and desires. On the other hand, this house could shine a light on your enhancing your good reputation and good name. Other Librans could simply get recognition for something well-done. The Sun moves forward on the 22nd and your most loyal and sincere friends are brought into focus. You could be invited out socially or to join a group of friends to enjoy and have fun. This house also governs organisations, so other Librans could be dealing with some kind of institution or company in some way. Have a great July Libra!





Dear Scorpio welcome to your July horoscope. Ditch the everyday boring humdrum of life and let’s have some excitement. The almighty Sun lights the way for you to take a more scenic route in your life or maybe bring in something that changes-up the routine. You may crave a journey of some kind or in its basic form to let the mind wander as to what your next journey in life could be. Others may be drawn into throwing themselves towards searching for a more spiritual path. The Sun moves forward on the 22nd and the mind then pushes you to act towards achieving goals, ambitions or chase a career goal. Some could receive a pat on the back for something well done, while others see their reputation uplifted. Have a great July Scorpio!





Dear Sagittarius welcome to your July horoscope. The almighty Sun travels through areas of your sexuality, secrets, emotional security and the paranormal. Some of you could be shutting the door for some sexy private time as others deal with the hidden secrets of their lives. Another aspect of this house may mean that some maybe dealing with jointly held finances or joint investments as these may need re-negotiating or re-shaping in some way. The Sun then moves onwards on the 22nd into a house that draws you to make changes to the scenery of your life. You could be ditching the boring bits of life and walking forward in making changes that uplift you. You’re drawn to more exciting ways to deal with your everyday. Wishing you a great July Sagittarius! 





Dear Capricorn welcome to your July horoscope. Relationships, commitments, marriage and partnerships get thrown to the forefront of your life in ways personal to you. You could be seeking more solidity with a relationship as singletons seek a partner that could be commitment material for them. Others could be clearing out and removing associations that won’t form solid fixtures in their lives. The Sun moves forwards on the 22nd turning your attention to private matters. Here there could be a retreat away from the outside world as you deal with areas of sexuality behind closed doors. Other Caps may be dealing with the alternative of this house, tweaking jointly-held financial matters or dealing with money that belongs to others. You have a Full Moon in your sign early in the month on the 3rd bringing out your intuition and emotions. Have a great July Capricorn!





Dear Aquarius welcome to your July horoscope. Work work work, is thrown into the forefront of your life. The Sun travelling through this house could get you tweaking areas of your daily work, colleagues or your everyday routines. Others may be dealing with areas of wellbeing and fitness such as creating a new routine to uplift their good health. The Sun then moves forwards on the 22nd bringing in your relationships, commitments, partnerships or marriage areas. You could be looking for deeper bonds with an existing association or alternatively, getting rid of those that have no value to you. Past or new partnerships personal or business could be highlighted for others. Have a great July Aquarius! 





Dear Pisces welcome to your July horoscope. Let your hair down and have a walk on the fun side of life! That’s the message the almighty Sun drives towards you as it travels through your house of leisure, pleasure and enjoyment. You could be involved with flirtations, lovers, social invitations, fun and frolics. As the Sun moves onwards from the 22nd, the energy turns from fun and enjoyment to the more serious side of life such as daily work, your colleagues and the components of your everyday life. You could be tweaking your daily life in some way. Your ruler, psychic Neptune and the teacher Saturn are both in your sign but in retrograde. Be mindful to make decisions with care as retrogrades often push us to make mistakes that can be avoided through forethought. Have a great July Pisces!