Dear friends, 

October draws in, along with the colder and longer nights. We’re well on the way to the festive period as well the end of 2019. This makes it crucial for you to think carefully on what remains to be achieved, tied up or done & dusted for the these last few months of 2019, otherwise make plans for 2020. 

We have a Full Moon in Aries on the 13th and then a New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th. 

The wonderful Festival of Lights – called Diwali, a time to call on Goddess Lakshmi for abundance, wealth and success for any area important to you. This is on the Sunday 27th October. Then comes wonderful Halloween on the 31st, when the line or the veil between the other side and our world, is at its thinnest and ofcourse it’s a fun time for our little ones to go out to ‘trick or treat!’

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Enjoy you short horoscopes below. Wishing you a blessed & lucky October.

Sky x

Dear Airies October has areas of relationships, partnerships, commitments or marriage comes up for your attention in some way. This is through the Sun, Venus, Mercury and then on the 3rd Mars enters this area of your chart. Venus representing the Goddess of Love with Mars the God of sexuality, passion & action, is a perfect combo for relationship areas to be ignited, to flow or need your attention. Exciting month Airies, as the Full Moon on the 13th is in your sign heightening emotions, feelings, your senses and your intuition.



Dear Taurus October starts with your ruler Venus spreading her positive vibrations upon your life as she’s in the other sign she rules, Libra, till the 8th. This starts the month off with an extra bounce for you. There’s an accent on areas of your daily work sectors, everyday routines, health & fitness. You may find that these areas need your attention, you could be highly motivated within these parts of your life or you may simply be feeling positive and working well within these areas.



Dear Gemini October starts with a astrological power-push in areas of romance, flirtations, leisure, fun and frolics. You may compelled to let your hair down, party, go out and enjoy life, whilst ditching the hum-drum of your existence. The months starts off with own ruler Mercury in this area, along with Venus, Mars and the almighty Sun. Mercury moves on a few days into the month to push you in your daily work, every-day routines, health & fitness regimes. Enjoy your month Gems!



Dear Cancerians October puts an accent on areas of your home, family, inner emotions, the father figure and/or the roots of your life. Some crabs may just want to nest at home, some will want to have fun & activities with loved ones at home, and others want to re-vamp something at home. After a period of nesting, the latter part of the month pushes you to get out & about, bringing a spark into leisure, pleasure, having fun, flirtations and social aspects are shown to float in.



Dear Leo October pushes you to get on with ironing out the nitty-gritty areas of life. You may need to get on with errands, odd-jobs waiting to get done, catch up with phone-calls, letters, messages or emails. Short-trips here and there are highlighted along with quick light-hearted chats with people in your immediate environments. The latter part of the month then takes you attention to home, family, or that which makes you feel secure, allowing you to feel connected to the solid & secure part of your life.



Dear Virgo October start off with a powerhouse of activity affecting areas of money, incomes, abundance & finances. The Sun, Venus and importantly, your ruler Mercury, are all in this sector in the first few days of October, this creates a helping hand for your efforts to attract financial success in some way. Mercury moves on from the 3rd going on to push you to tidy up life, home, family, get those odd jobs done and generally be busy with day-to-day living. Lastly a note of caution for travels, communications & mind, as your ruler Mercury, starts his retrograde on the 31st October.



Dear Libra October is your month as it’s your turn to be in the spotlight of power of the almighty Sun. However there’s more as Mercury stays with you till the 3rd, Venus till the 8th and powerhouse-Mars enters your sign on the 8th. Then, Mars remains in your sign all month pushing you to take action, get fired-up, energised or merely engage towards areas you’d previously not responded to. Be mindful that Mars can inflame situations because a person is being lazy or wrongly-disengaged with life. Key is, to get busy with plans, ideas and life in general.



Dear Scorpio October starts with ease and warms up nicely let me explain.  Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd enhancing your mind, travel & communications. Venus the Love Goddess enters on the 8th switching-on your magnetism, then the Sun enters on the 23rd placing a spotlight on your positive drive. So there’s slow escalation of planetary support for you Scorpio as the month progresses. Another positive addition to your efforts, is the New Moon on the 28th in your sign, re-energising & uplifting your life on many levels.



Dear Sagittarius October gives you a push in areas of friendships, making new associations, getting involved in social connections that could open up new friendships. It’s a month where you’ll make more progress, or gain a more successful outcome, if working with others, as opposed to going it along. Or simply, you may wish to spend time with good people around you, as opposed to being alone, closed off, or on your own. Time to be social Saggies!



Dear Capricorn October allows you to breathe a sigh of relief as your ruler Saturn turned direct from retrograde last month. So as Saturn slows gains momentum, so life for you, starts to iron itself out. Also the month has a great planetary push in areas of career & ambitions (as opposed to daily work.) The goals, major changes or ambitions you’ve needed can really be worked towards, to gain strength to become reality. It’s a matter of staying focused and positive to create the changes you want.



Dear Aquarius October bring you a planetary push encouraging you to research or study something that’s important to you. Others may well be delving deeper into taking a journey of some sort, if not physical travel; it could be a journey that’s needed for the mind. A month that draws your attentions away from the hum-drum or monotony of daily life, pulling you towards a much-needed change of scenery. Or simply put, if you need a ‘time-out’ please the take it!



Dear Pisces October has a planetary push taking your attention toward your emotional security and what or who brings you that security. Some of you will be thrown into the failures or success of a relationship or how you can be reborn, refreshed or renewed. Areas of sexuality, intimacy or shared financial areas such as investments or inheritances or that which provides financial support may come to the fore in some way. For other fishes, there may be an interest in secrets, or you may need to face something that was previously hidden but very deep-rooted within your life.