Dear friends, 

Welcome to the month of the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo!

A fantastic month lies ahead, as we have a planetary powerhouse of energy to fuel goals, ambitions and new starts. If we’re paying attention, looking forward – not backwards, if you are truly clear and ready, the planetary powers are opening up new roads, new life paths, disguised subtle changes, that lead to major life transformations and for some – a new life awaits. 

Please be aware that we’re entering a transformative phase leading us into 2020. But it won’t touch those who are not looking for it, or those who are stuck in past or stuck with someone of the past. For more guidance on this please contact me.

There’s a Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th and a renewing New Moon in Libra on the 28th. 

It really is, the start of something new, taking us in to 2020 and beyond. Postive energy-change that are subtle, underlying starting to bubble up, but are you ready? So, if you need guidance in any way, please contact admin for more information – [email protected].  Or you can always go ahead and book a reading here: 

In the meantime I am live on the show in September – Psychic Today sky channel 680 between 10am to 3.30pm on the following dates: Friday 6th / Saturday 7th / Friday 13th / Saturday 14th / Friday 20th / Saturday 21st / Friday 27th / Saturday 28th.

Enjoy your September 2019 Horoscopes below and have a super September everyone!

Sky x

Dear Airies September has a powerhouse of planets travelling through your areas of everyday work, daily activities, routines, health, fitness and wellbeing. This includes your ruling planet, fiery Mars, who is also fuelling these areas. You may be filled with energy, ideas, renewal and new thinking within these sectors. Ways to use this planetary power for example; would be work more intelligently and harder in your job, or start to look for a new job, start a new health routine or analyse your daily activities to become more efficient.




Dear Taurus September starts off with a great build up of planetary energy in areas of romantic pursuits, flirtations, social connections, pleasure, enjoyment and generally having fun. Your ruler Venus is powering up this sector and also governs these areas. It’s a great time to put the hum-drum of life on the back-burner and look to the lighter, more fun side of life. In the very least you may be tempted to catch up with friends for fun, food or flirtations, or just meet people in more social atmospheres. Time to enjoy life Taureans!




Dear Gemini’s September starts off with an immense amount of planetary boost in areas of your home, family and/or the roots of your life. This is a time where you may be more drawn to spending time at home, maybe spend time with family, or merely connect with that which allows you to feel at home and secure. Your ruler Mercury is also travelling through these sectors so enhancing feelings and desires to be close to family and home. Some of you may wish to re-organise or decorate the home in some way, where others may simply feel like nesting or resting.




Dear Cancerians September has a powerhouse of planetary activity affecting areas of learning, study, connections & communication with people around your immediate environment, short trips, getting on with the ‘to-do list’ and generally getting fired-up with you daily activities. This could mean that your ‘busy as a bee’ getting on with life and enjoying the ride. You may find that you want to chit-chat more than usual with people around you. Some of you may find that you’re learning something, gaining more information, or simply look into something of interest.




Dear Leo September has a dynamo of planetary power in areas of money, incomes, finances, self worth, possessions and general material security. Your ruler, the almighty Sun is also propelling these areas as it moves through these sectors. This has the power to enhance money, incomes and increases in wealth so it may be worth your while to look at how you can attract these into your life. It’s a great time to ask for that pay-rise, or to work harder but smarter, as these areas pay off in the long run




Dear Virgo September is your month as the almighty Sum lights up your sign and your life in some way. However, there’s a powerhouse of planets travelling through your sign in the early part of the month. This is a month to set your sights high and go for gold as you’re receiving the positive energies of the universe to support positive thinking, creative ideas, actions and encouragement to create what you desire, in whatever way you wish. Go get that money Virgo’s!




Dear Libra September starts off in a mellow way for you, with a thoughtful air to your mind all the way till mid-month. Then things hot up as both Venus and Mercury wonder into your sign on the 14th. This is great news for you and us all, as Venus being your ruling planet, allows her positive attributes to vibrate in all our lives. You will start to feel on ‘top-of-your-game’ or in the very least uplifted. This is enhanced even more so as the almighty Sun is shining its light on you as it enters your sign on the 23rd . More good news, as the renewal energy of the New Moon on the 28th is in your sign blowing away any remaining cobwebs and re-energising life.




Dear Scorpio September starts off with a powerhouse of planetary activity fuelling areas of friends, social connections, working as collective, joining forces with others and networking. This is a month where you will find more success from collective group efforts and not, going it alone at this time. This area is being fed from the energy of the Sun, Venus, Mars as well as Mercury, so I would say, find out who your friends truly are, and then look at where working in tandem with others works best for you.





Dear Sagittarius September is a month where you could achieve great starts in achieving goals, ambitions or gain success for your personal agendas. If you’re not chasing a goal of some nature already, don’t waste this planetary power, start to sow the seeds of your desires now. This is through a powerhouse of planets in this area that brings you attention and favour.  Late September then regenerates areas of friendships, group efforts, joint alliances and/or networking.





Dear Capricorn September has your ruler Saturn resuming forward movement from the 18th after months of reverse gear action. You will start to feel harmony, focus and balance restoring you in many areas of life. All the while there’s a powerhouse of energy fuelling areas learning, study, gaining knowledge, a desire for change in scenery or getting away from the hum-drum of life. You may just wish to take some time away for calming, healing or regenerating your energies.




Dear Aquarius September starts off with a powerhouse of planetary activity in your personal areas of intimacy, sexuality, jointly-held assets, taxes and/or areas of inheritances. You may find that one of more of these areas needs your attention or pulls on you in some way. There is also a New Moon on the 14th in your sector of money, finances and self worth. Here you may see way of renewing, re-igniting or attracting higher incomes, money and wealth in your life in some way




Dear Pisces September has build-up of planetary power feeding areas of relationships, commitments, contracts and/or marriage. You may feel the need for a deeper bond or more solidity for relationships in general or you desire commitment rather than fleeting liaisons. Then there’s the fantastic energy of renewal, re-energising and uplifting power from the New Moon in your sign on the 14th allowing fresh perspectives, new thinking and new ideas to be fuelled.