Dear friends, 

So we reach the penultimate month of the year! Leaving us a couple of months left to sow the seeds of our desires and wishes for the remainder of the year, as well as the next. 

Here’s November, the month that belongs to the water sign of Scorpio. Then the almighty Sun moves into Sagittarius in latter part of the month. Importantly Mercury is retrograding till the 20th of the month throwing a spanner in the works for all types of communication, travel, logical thoughts & balance of the mind. This a period of time to delay all new starts, avoid launching any new projects and avoid signing any contracts. This is because the situation that presents itself in a retrograde is usually not really a true picture. So when the planet then moves direct, the ‘board-game’ then flips to be something different. In times of retrograde I would place my efforts towards taking care of the day-to-day aspects of life, getting on with a to-do-list, plan & strategize ahead, deal with the admin of life, keep busy in order to distract the mind but all costs do not start anything new. 

Then we have a Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th and here be mindful that the Full Moon mixed in with retrograde energies will exacerbate negative spiralling thoughts, worries, concerns, miscommunications and this can create arguments or misunderstandings. Remember all is restored after the 20th when Mercury goes direct. Then we have renewal energies through the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th. 

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Enjoy your short horoscopes below. 
That’s all for now guys & gals and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving November 22nd!

Sky x


Dear Airies November is the month that energizes areas of your daily work, everyday routines, health & wellbeing. Some of you may feel the need to change what your day ahead holds, whilst others could look at improving health, vitality and energy levels. It could be a time, where your work areas are brought to your attention, for you to be able to show your true value, or give you the opportunity to gain some recognition. Now be mindful of the of Mercury retrograde till the 20th affecting how your communicating or how your being received in close intimate connections. Due to this sector being affected by the retrograde be mindful to not make changes to any jointly-held legal or financial arrangements, and indeed hold off on making any new ones.




Dear Taurus November is dominated by the planet of communication, travel & the mind travelling backwards. This is situated in your personal area of relationships, commitments, competitors and/or contracts of any kind. So till the 20th, I’d advise you to go easy in these areas, make no major changes, avoid confrontations and do not sign any contracts. These areas may be highlighted even more so as the almighty Sun is also travelling through here. Key is to put off making any major decisions here, generally because the situation becomes very different when Mercury goes direct. On a different note, Mars the fiery, is setting light to your energies towards your daily work, routines, health & wellbeing.




Dear Gemini November has your ruler Mercury in reverse gear. This is directly affecting areas of your daily work, everyday routines, health/fitness & wellbeing areas. Take care with your interactions, dealings & communications with people in this sector as it’s a time to be easily misunderstood. Mercury is the great influencer upon the mind, thoughts and logic, so you may find at times that you going off at tangent in some way with in your thoughts. As it’s your ruler, it affects you more so than others, so I would advise you to take time to relax, meditate and unwind. Do not enter into any new projects, relationships or confrontations as these don’t usually don’t go well in the long run. A month to go easy on yourself.




Dear Cancerians November has big news regarding romance, flirtations, love affairs and areas of social connections, and the news is, to progress with care & no commitments. Reason being is that for you, Mercury is in retrograde till the 20th in these areas. It could mean that, people of the past pop in, romance knocks on your door but isn’t going to last, people misunderstand you or you don’t understand them. Sometimes confrontations can result, that are a ‘storm in a teacup.’ Roughly put, it’s definitely advised to hold back on all major decision making, avoid starts of new projects and avoid starting a new relationship, because when Mercury goes direct, the situation changes quite dramatically sometimes. A month to take it easy, nurture yourself, meditate, or make efforts to be calm & at peace.




Dear Leo November has the planet of communication, travel & logical thought, doing its reverse-gear dance till the 20th. For you, this retrograde affects areas of your home, family, security, the father figure and/or that which allows you to feel secure. This would be a time to hold off on any major decisions, delay any new starts and definitely avoid signing any legal contracts that bind you. It’s also possible that people of your past pop-up out of the blue. Best course of action is to, not take any major action, because when Mercury goes forward once again, everything will change in some way.  A month to watch, synthesise and plan ahead, but hold back on committing to anything.




Dear Virgo October November has a little alarm bell ringing for you, as your ruler Mercury started its retrograde last month and lasts till the 20th. As your governing planet, you will be affected more so than others. It’s wise for you to proceed with an edge of extra-care in all areas of communication, travel & its plans, avoid anything in signing on ‘any dotted line,’ and in general hold off on any major commitments. It’s also a time that enhances the chances of people of your past popping up out of the blue especially ex-partners. I would always advise to hold off on taking on any commitments until Mercury goes forward once again. This is because what you enter into during the retrograde, then changes or flips completely when Mercury goes forward. A month to plan ahead, without committing to anything. 




Dear Libra November is a month to not make any major commitments, avoid unnecessary spending and stay away from making any investments. This is because Mercury is in retrograde till the 20th affecting your personal sectors of money, wealth, earnings, possessions and self worth. In its reverse-gear, caution is advised, guiding you to put a hold on taking action within these areas. Take care with all communication, travel and prevent the thoughts from spiralling negatively. There’s also a chance that people of the past could pop-up out of the blue. Avoid investing yourself into anything in this time, because scenarios can completely flip when Mercury goes direct. A month to watch, plan-ahead and take it easy.




Dear Scorpio November is month to hold off, hold back and don’t commit. Why? Because a major planetary player Mercury, is in retrograde till the 20th and here’s the main clincher, it’s reversing in your sign. The plan of action for you is: take NO action, avoid committing to major changes and tread with care with all travels & communications. This energy usually creates in-roads for people of the past to pop up out of the blue, especially ex-partners. However be cautious, avoid commitments and hold off on making major changes, as the scenario usually changes and flips to become completely different. A month to theorise for plans ahead, get the admin of life in order but don’t commit to anything.




Dear Sagittarius November is a month to avoid any major commitments, plans or changes as Mercury retrogrades till the 20th. This is why I have reason to ask you be cautious with all communications, travel and prevent the thought- processes from spiralling negatively. It’s also a time when the past could pop back in to say hello, especially ex-partners or otherwise generally people of your past. I would advise you to avoid committing to anything major and put-off ‘signing on the dotted line.’ Why? Because an illusion is created during retrogrades, and once direct, the scenario usually flips. A month to theorise in plans and ideas, however put off on the action till Mercury goes forward.




Dear Capricorn November is a month to hold off on all major plans and commitments. Mercury is in retrograde till the 20th so you would be wise to take care with all communications, travels and prevent the thought-processes from spiralling negatively. For you personally, this reverse-gear energy zones-in on areas of friendship, group activities & associations, social acceptances and all that you may enter into with a collective of people. Therefore, take care with in these mentioned sectors. This energy also creates an energy of bringing in people of your past, possibly ex’s. A month to hold-off with major plans, avoid ‘signing on the dotted line’ and avoid making changes. This is because it’s ‘all-change’ when Mercury goes forward once again.




Dear Aquarius November has a major planetary power, Mercury, in retrograde till the 20th. This has the effect of putting ‘a spanner in the works,’ with forms of communication, travels and the logical thought process. So it’s advised to hold-off on any major plans, commitments and avoid ‘signing on the dotted line.’ The energy of this retrograde affects you personally in areas of your ambitions, long-term goals, hopes and aspirations. Avoid going ahead with plans with in these areas. It’s also common to see people of the past pop up out of the blue, especially ex’s. Generally a month to theorise in ideas and plans for the future, but not act on it. Reason is because when Mercury goes forward things flip & change becoming completely different from that presented during the retrograde.




Dear Pisces November has a major planetary power, Mercury, in retrograde till the 20th. This energy throws a ‘spanner in the works’ with communications, travels and/or logical thought processes. A time to hold off on taking actions towards any major new projects, plans or commitments. It’s also a time that attracts people of the past to pop in out of the blue especially ex’s. For now, it’s wise to theorise in plans and agendas for the future but avoid taking action or committing. Reason being is that situations and scenarios change, flip to become very different 
from that presented during the retrograde.