Dear friends,

Christmas month is upon us! Taking us into a favourable astrological time with many positive alignments between key major planetary players. If you’ve put the work in, if you’ve done the preparation then, this is a time to take a chance and expect to win! However it’s also wise to get the right guidance, that’s part of the preparation process right?

We have a Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th, the lead-up to this can be used to throw out your positive intentions, wishes and get the universe to hear your desires for manifestation. This is quite important as it leads to a spectacular event at the New Moon in Capricorn, on the 26th Boxing Day, there’s a Solar Eclipse. Again get your guidance on how to use the ‘dual-power-house’ of both events.

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Wishing you a blessed Christmas and New Year. In the meantime here’s your December Horoscopes below.

Much love & blessings
Sky x


Dear Airies the Christmas month has the spark of the almighty Sun urging you to look at creating a positive change in your surroundings in some way. At least for the early part of the month, some of you may be pushed to step away from hum-drum of life to then gain a better perspective. This maybe ideal as it could encourage you to get involved in festive events and cheerful atmospheres. From the 22nd on the one hand the Christmas cheer is multiplying, however the accent is on your ambitions, longterm goals or career situation. Logically as it’s  the last part of the year you may transfer this energy to planning ahead rather than acting towards your career goals for next year.  




Dear Taurus the Christmas month has the Sun uplifting areas of your privacy such as the intimacy, money or resources shared with someone close. With Mercury stirring up this same area you may find yourself speaking up, or thinking deeply about these areas. After the 20th the Sun moves on, to then entice you to step away from the dreary everyday life maybe to gain a change of scenery or a different environment. This, along with your ruler Venus is positively sparking-up your communication sector drawing favour & admiration from people around you. You could be sought after in this period, putting you in top form for the Christmas festivities.   




Dear Gemini December starts with restoring the harmony of life and mind as your ruler Mercury is now going forward after last months reverse gear. Mercury is with fiery Mars in the area of your daily work, routines, health & fitness. You could be extremely focused to push ahead in one or more of these sectors. All the while the almighty Sun is expanding your relationships and by the 9th Mercury has moved in here as well, opening up your mind and communications with those important connections. From the 22nd and ofcourse over Christmas, the Sun moves into the sector of your sexual nature or intimacy you may have with a special person. Generally in all situations, it’s about happy and positive interactions with all!




Dear Cancerians the first part of December has the almighty Sun uplifting areas of your daily work, routines, your health & wellbeing. For many of you, this could be just what’s needed so as to spruce you up before the merrymaking starts, as you’re focused to improve one or more these areas in some way. All the while Mercury (communication/mind) and Mars (passion/action) are working together in attracting romance, flirtations, lovers, fun & frolics, should you wish to indulge. After the 22nd affecting the Christmas period, the Sun highlights relationships, where some of you may be looking at more commitment, or the need for you to have security with in your most important one-to-one connections. 




Dear Leo the first part of December is pushing upon you areas of romance, love affairs, flirtations, fun & partying. Ideal for the festive month if you should wish to indulge. If not, it may simply lead to some social invitations. After the 22nd the emphasis moves on to stir up areas of your daily work, routines, health, fitness & wellbeing areas. However with the festivities looming you may be half-hearted to fully invest in these areas. It may be that you plan ahead, more than act on it. However over the Christmas period the Love Goddess Venus is gracing areas of relationships and commitments so your one to one connections may bring you a few nice surprises. 




Dear Virgo December has the almighty Sun encouraging you to take care of house, home, family and/or children around you. This area may even have you considering home renovation or decorating of some kind. Other Leo’s may be dealing with something regarding your father or the father-figures in your life. After the 22nd the almighty Sun ideally places an accent on fun, partying, enjoyment, possibly even romance, flirtation and lovers. Whether single or attached the Christmas period brings you an opportune time to focus on your one-to-one relationships and so to lighter, more enjoyable sides of life.  




Dear Libra the first part of December has the almighty Sun travelling through areas of fun quick chats, short trips and getting those little jobs done. This is perfect for tying up any loose ends before year-end, as well as getting the festive shopping done and dusted. After the 22nd the Sun moves on to bring your attention to your home and that which fills the home such as family and children. This may be ideal for some of you who are getting ready for a fun filled family festive period. Others may plan changes to their home in some way. Those of you not so keen on spending too much time around family may need to look at how you could manage your Christmas differently.  




Dear Scorpio December has mighty & fiery Mars travelling through your sign. This will energize, uplift or inspire you to ‘go-get,’ in other words to take action, to speak-up or go after something. Be mindful that sometimes Mars can also create anger or frustration, best handled by managing those emotions. From the 22nd the almighty Sun makes it a great time to interact with others, communicate, chat and get errands out of the way. This may be ideal for the Christmas period as it enhances enjoyment in happy chats and short trips so as to get the festive shopping done. 




December is the month that belongs to Sagittarius as the almighty Sun travels through your sign shining its light on you and your world. This could draw attention to you in positive ways to gain recognition, respect and positive connections wherever you wish to. This is a great energy for the lead up to the festivities. Then from the 22nd onward, the almighty Sun moves into areas of your money, finances, and security. This could emerge in a number of ways, being positive to attract incomes, or not so great, where I would say, you may need keep an eye your purse strings over the festive period. 




Dear Capricorn December’s first half, could be about relationships, fun, romance or social gatherings. This is all through the Love Goddess Venus, travelling through your sign. You may feel empowered, magnetic to draw people to you. From the 22nd Venus is glowing in her energy because she moves into an area that she governs, therefore greatly enhancing it, your areas of money wealth and finances. This could give you an ability to attract money, greater incomes or even expensive Christmas gifts. There could be plenty under the tree for you dear Caps.  




Dear Aquarius the first part of December has the almighty Sun travelling through the areas of friendships, positive alliances and groups associations. This may bring you social invitations or the work situation has you involved in fun team efforts for outcomes. For the entire month fiery Mars is provoking areas of career and ambitions where he pushes you to take action, to ‘go get,’ in other words to chase goal of some kind. However, with Christmas looming you may find that you’re more able to plan ahead with goals and agenda’s, rather than take action.  




Dear Pisces the first part of December has the almighty Sum highlighting areas of your career, goals and ambitions. Here, you may want take action, or go after achieving your personal career agenda to further your chances to get ahead. Obviously in the festive month it can’t be all work work work and I have great news, because the Sun moves on from the 22nd to push you in areas of friendships and opportunities for group activities. Ideal for those of you who wish to take the chance to hang out socially with friends, family, and/or colleagues. This period is all about enjoying being with others.