Dear all,

June is upon us, hopefully bringing the sunshine with it. June is a month that brings uplifting energy of Gemini into our lives. With the positive vibrations of the Summer Solstice on the 21st we’ll have the most amount of daylight healing upon us and in our lives.

The renewal of the New Moon is on the 4th in Gemini and the Full Moon impacts us on the 17th in Sagittarius.

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In the meantime, checkout your horoscopes below and I wish you a successful and blessed June everyone!

Sky x

Dear Airies June starts with the almighty Sun, stirring up your life in your 3rd house, enhancing your communications, quick-journeys, dealings with your immediate environment, also affecting people with in that sphere. Venus eventually joins in here after the 9th but before that, she ‘s enhancing your abundance due to her travels through her home area of your money, wealth and self-worth sectors. Do make the most of this as she moves onwards from the  the 9th as I mentioned, to join the Sun. This then brings recognition to what you’re communicating. After the 21st with the Sun, Mars and Mercury firing up areas of your home, family and that which brings you security.



Dear Taurus June has a great start as your ruler Venus is still your sign, but only till the 9th. It’s still a positive after this date as she moves to join the Sun in your 2nd house of money, finances, possessions and self worth. This is an area where Venus’s qualities expand and excel, allowing you to be endowed with abilities to gain-financially in some way. All the while, the almighty Sun is already engaging this area and energising your financial sphere somehow. After the 21st there is a greater amount of energy stirring your communication skills and you seeing to the knitty-gritty of your immediate environments as Mars, the Sun and Mercury travel through these areas.



Dear Gemini’s well June is your month as its your turn to enjoy the spotlight of the almighty Sun travelling through your sign till the 21st. Your positive energies are magnified through two positive attributes, firstly your ruler Mercury remains in your sign till the 4th and second, there’s the renewal power of the New Moon on the 3rd  also occurring in your  in your sign. This could bring about a huge spark of positive vibrations  into your life. Although your ruler moves out on the 4th, the Goddess of Love & Abundance moves in from the 9th, firing you up with feel-good, look-good and magnetic power.



Dear Cancer, the almighty Sun enters your sign on the 21st putting a spotlight on you and your world. Meanwhile Mars will in your sign all month pushing you to take action, to get life moving, pushing you to speak-up, or go after something with a fired-up attitude. Then on the 4th Mercury enters your sign joining in with Mars and this creates a stronger driving force for you to align both your mind-focus with your ‘go-get’ desire, leading to ‘make-it-happen’ responses. With Mars the downside can sometimes creep-in, which is a result of  a persons non-action towards life. Even though this is self-created, it results in a feeling that life is not shifting for you leading to frustration or anger.  So when Mars is in your sign, it’s best to ensure that you’re busy and occupied.



Dear Leo the planet of love & abundance, Venus, is bestowing favour upon you in areas of career, ambitions & longterm goals. This could bring attention towards you from superiors or those in authority for achieving your goals. After 9th she moves on into your house of friends and group connections allowing happy times within in associations whether personal or professional. The whole month has the firepower of Mars enlivening areas of your subconscious, or the hidden areas of life, even possibly your fears or worries. Key is, to keep busy and not let doubts and fears creep in.



Dear Virgo good news for the start of June up to the 4th, as your ruler, Mercury, is in the other sign he rules, that being Gemini. This has a positive knock on effect for you to bring you a better mind focus, direction and a boost to get life sorted in some way. So this equates to Mercury, along with the almighty Sun uplifting and helping you with career, ongoing ambitions and goals. Although Mercury moves out on the 4th, Venus brings her power into this very area on the 9th, drawing attention and favour to you in career matters. Mercury will then make you efficient and vocal in areas of friendships and success through group efforts.



Dear Libra your ruler Venus is travelling through the other sign she rules, Taurus, which has a knock on positive effect on you by bringing her benefits to you as well.
You could be more focused in mind, actions and personal drive. Meanwhile the firepower of Mars is pushing you to take action in areas of career, ambitions and/or longterm goals. This is a positive energy of ‘get up and go, get things done or feeling like you’ve got to make it happen.’ The downside is, when we lack to take action, fail to get passionate, or don’t drive life forward, Mars the causes us to be frustrated or angry towards the passivity.



Dear Scorpio the month starts with the almighty Sun and communicative Mercury travelling through the intimacy, privacy sector of your chart and/or the money you share with another. This can have the effect of drawing your attention to the intimate areas of your life, in order to change or assess these areas in some way. Mercury moves out on the 4th to then make you speak up or take action in areas of study, short journeys and/or looking for changes to your scenery in some way. Meanwhile the planet of love and abundance is perfectly set till the 9th in areas of relationships and commitments encouraging you to look at the longevity of your relationships.



Dear Sagittarius June starts with the planet of love, relationships & abundance travelling through areas of your daily work, routines, health & wellbeing. This is a good energy to bring you recognition or respect for work that’s well-done, also it could push your focus towards taking care of your fitness, health or wellbeing in some way that’s uplifting for you. Venus moves on from the 9th to join the almighty Sun to energise areas of relationships and commitments. Here you could be assessing the longevity of your serious relationships. The Full Moon on the 17th is in your sign highlighting or drawing out deeper feelings and emotions with in you.



Dear Capricorn June starts with the Goddess of Love & Abundance exactly where she’s at home, which is your house of romance, love, flirtations and the social sphere. However she moves on from the 9th joining the almighty Sun energising & uplifting daily work, routines, health, wellbeing and fitness. This would a time to start a new regime to look after body, mind or spirit. Also, daily work areas could be your focus and his could bring you success, recognition or respect for a job well done. This may make you highly motivated to change or transform work in some way. The Sun then moves on after the 21st to join fiery Mars and communicative Mercury all enhancing relationships and commitments in love.



Dear Aquarius the beginning of June has Goddess of Love & Abundance travelling through areas of your home, family & that which makes you feel secure. This may draw you closer to these areas in some way. Then she moves on from the 9th joining the almighty Sun in the house she governs, thus enhancing your areas of romance, flirtations and social sphere. Here you could find that you’re drawing attention, favour and recognition from people around you. The almighty Sun then moves on to join fiery Mars, with both planets empowering and uplifting your daily work and routines.



Dear Pisces June starts with the planet of love & abundance uplifting areas of your communication, learning, making short trips and/or brings you attention from people close to you. She moves on from the 9th to join the almighty Sun in your house that governs, the home, family and areas that support you feeling secure. From then on, you may find a desire to be closer or near to loved ones, or you may wish to spend some time at home. The Sun moves on from the 21st to join fiery Mars, bringing passion and drive with areas of romance, attractions, flirtations and enhancing your fun in the social sphere.