Hey there friends.

August is here! The month of  the fixed fire sign of Leo the Lion, ruled by the almighty Sun brings us all Leo’s vibration into our lives in some way. Well looking at the overall picture of August I ask you, are you a Leo, Capricorn, Cancerian, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Airies, Virgo? Well you guys have planets travelling through your sign directly shoving their energies in your face. Other signs? You still get that planetary power depending on which house the planet sits in for you.

We have a Full Moon on the 3rd in Aquarius and a refreshing renewal of a New Moon on the 19th in Leo.

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Enjoy your horoscopes below and have a great August everyone!

Sky x


Dear Airies August is your month as Mars your ruler remains in your sign all month. Having a ruling planet in your sign brings you confidence, magnetism, focus and a feel-good factor. And on top of that, Mars creates desire for action, re-action, power, go-get. Even if you want to be lazy, Mars will make you lively and energised. This is the time to tap into this fire-power to get on with whatever inflames your passions. Now, as Mars and the Sun work very harmoniously together, it gets interesting for you, as the Sun sits in your house of romance, lovers fun, frolics and recreational activities. The result could be that your passions and desires in these areas get powered up in some way. It’s a great month for you to get socialising, spread your wings and simply enjoy the power being showered on you. This is a month for you to for it Airies!



Dear Taurus August is a great month for you as Venus, who’s not only is your ruling planet but she also governs the 2nd house of money, wealth and self worth. And that’s exactly where she starts off the month and up to the 7th. Then Venus, the enhancer of magnetism, moves on to uplift areas of all types of social & intellectual connections, communications, short journeys, learning, happy- quick contacts. So putting the two together, may bring you recognition and respect in all that you’re saying. You may feel people just ‘really get you,’ understand you and support your input. This would be a positive time to look at where in your life, you want to make an impression with your ideas, your intentions and communication abilities. The almighty Sun is uplifting areas of your ‘home sweet home,’ family and any kids you’re connected too. You may feel like you want to be in and around your home this month. Overall a great month for you Taurus.



Dear Gemini, August starts off well with  the Goddess of Love, Venus, in your sign up to the 7th enhancing your magnetism, attractiveness and abundance. She showers you with a ‘feel-good, look-great’ energy. It gets even better when she moves forward on the 7th because she moves into a house that she rules, your 2nd house of money, wealth, incomes and self-worth. The month ahead is a positive vibration of Venus energy, to attract success, be seen, heard and recognised for something. This makes it a month to use that Venus-power by pushing forwards to attract abundance or recognition to enhance life in general. More good news, as of 5th your ruler Mercury, the slick-talker, moves into his ruling house, 3rd house. This supercharges your communication abilities, responses, happy chit-chats here & there and gets you heard. You may be fired up to get on with the ‘to-do list,’ make short trips or run errands. I did say it’s a great month for you Gems!



Dear Cancerians August starts with your communication skills firing on all cylinders as the planet of communication, wit, travel and business, transits through your sign till the 5th. From the 5th Mercury joins the almighty Sun to bring success to your financial life, money and abundance areas, as they both light up your 2nd house. This is a great plus if you can put your energies towards how and where you can attract positive changes in your incomes. More great news for you crabs, as the Goddess of Love and Money, Venus, enters your sign on the 7th. Venus brings you appeal, attractiveness and magnetism. Dominant in beauty, she may push you to enhance how you present yourself to the world. You’re feeling good, looking good and  generally ‘hot-to-trot.’ Now as she governs money as well, it could be an advantage to put your efforts towards creating increases in abundance in some way. When the Goddess is gracing your sign it’s always an awesome month!



Dear Leo August has always belonged to you luscious Leo’s, it your month! All due to the almighty Sun travelling through your sign, bringing you attention, upliftment and highlighting you to the world. The Sun shines a light on you and your efforts, so it’s a month that supports you to go after goals, your ambitions and generally getting ahead. Keep in mind  that you need to keep a careful eye on areas of your daily work, regular routines, health, fitness and wellbeing, as you have 3 major planets in reverse gear in this house. This can bring in laziness, lack of focus or create lack-lustre vision of your connection to these areas of life. All that’s needed is that you stick to routines; remain positive around your daily life, thus making everything manageable. A positive that adds to your success is that there’s a New Moon in your sign on the 19th which can re-energise and re-new your existence in some way. Overall a great month for lovely Leos!



Dear Virgo August has your ruler Mercury after last months retrograde, now fully direct, He’s working his magic in your house of friendships, social acceptance and serving humanity. Mercury’s energy here, may get you chit-chatting, checking up on your mates, arranging social & fun dates, even networking. If you go with just a small percentage of this energy , its a huge change from the past few months! The almighty light of the Sun is nudging you or bringing out into the open your hidden thoughts, areas of the subconscious, secrets and lies. This sector could even bring you some solitude or time within yourself. However your ruler Mercury moves into this area from the 5th and this could have you vocalising or venting about what’s going on inside the deepest parts of your mind. Mercury can also help you compartmentalise or organise these areas more efficiently. All in all, this helps to smooth out the connection with the inner and outer you.



Dear Libra August is a great month for you as your ruler the Goddess of Love & Money, Venus, travels into your house of career, longterm goals, ambitions and employers. This is a powerful plus if you want to change or attract changes in career/work, or even draw in a new job that could lead to a change in career, as it allows you to be favoured or be seen in a great light by superiors. More good news as the almighty Sun highlights friendships, social connections and dealing with the humanitarian side of life. You may be encouraged to get out there and engage in some fun social times with anyone that’s up for a fun time. Then, from the 5th Mercury joins in with the Sun and both are encouraging the world to take note of your opinions, words and ideas. Mercury could have you travelling here and there, to meet up with social connections and friends. Overall a lighter, feel good month that brings you connections with old and new friends.



Dear Scorpio August is fantastic month to get fired up about areas of your daily work, everyday routines, fitness, health and/wellbeing. This is all through Mars travelling through his home sign which is your 6th house governing these mentioned areas. Mars is punchy, fiery and power-filled, most likely pushing you with a passion to transform, change, re-create and uplift one or more of these areas in some way. For example, Mars could fill you with a strong need to get into a new daily fitness routine to get on with, and create much needed changes in your daily work. Another great plus, comes through the almighty Sun bringing positive attention to your reputation,to areas of ambitions, if you have a desire for your career and longterm goals. Then Mercury joins in after the 5th showering you with the power to speak up, make moves, get thinking-planning and think up innovative ideas for these areas of life.



Dear Sagittarius August is a supercharged month with the firepower and go-get influence of Mars hitting your 5th house of romance, lovers, fun, parties and frolics. This is much needed after the last few months yeh? Go enjoy, chill, let off some steam and get social in the very least. This is a great plus in creating a feeling with in you of, it’s all ‘water off a ducks back,’ and this is a much needed, in response to mighty Jupiter, your ruler being in reverse gear. However keep in mind, that you need to take time to assess decisions about money, incomes and investments carefully, as Jupiter as well as Saturn and Pluto are in reverse gear in this sector. But knowing you super Saggies, you’re super-optimistic, freedom-loving, as Saggies always are, you’re enjoying the general lighter feel to life in the country. Not much gets a Sagittarius down, so enjoy the month!



Dear Capricorn August overall is a positive month as we all feel more freedom in society. This adds a positive vibration to your life in the face of 3 planets, including your ruler Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto travelling in reverse gear in your sign. Good news is, that next month Saturn and Jupiter move forward allowing you to feel more uplifted and directed once again. So this is the final month that a little challenge may fall your way and this could simply be in your thoughts, the mind or life in general. Good news is that the Goddess of love Venus, enters your house of relationships, commitments, marriage and contracts. This is an uplifting energy inspiring you to delve into these areas or look for where commitments could be more solid and stable. All the while fiery Mars bring you passion or desire to create positive energies with in your home, family, or create more stability to what forms the roots of your life.



Dear Aquarius August gets off to a great start for you as you have a Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd filling you with action energy. The Goddess of Love & Money, Venus, enlivens your magnetism to attract romance, flirtations, fun, social activities and possibly lovers. This fits in well with the improved social freedom we now have, as you’re able to pursue an improved social life. Venus then moves onward into the next house from the 7th to bring you favour and recognition with in areas of your daily life, such as from your work, within & around everyday routines. Venus in this house for example, can encourage you get into a new fitness or wellbeing regime as Venus pushes you to look good and feel good. Overall a great month!




Dear Pisces August starts with a tone of ‘home sweet home’ for the first week, as Venus the Goddess of Love & Money moves through your areas of the home, family and children. From the 7th and for the remainder of the month, Venus is right at home in your 5th house of romance, fun, social connections, love and frolics. This could take you away from your ‘home sweet home,’ to getting out and about in more social atmospheres. More good news as the almighty Sun puts a spotlight on your everyday work, daily routines, fitness, health and wellbeing. This could encourage you to put extra efforts into your work areas so as to later pay you dividends. Or you may decide to change up or add to you fitness and wellbeing in some way. A great month overall for you little fishes!