Dear friends,

I hope all is well in your world, as April is a month that we’re all faced with a very different world to the one that we’ve been used to. But as always, there’s only one way, and that’s forward. We simply have to deal with what we’re facing with as much positivity, whilst spreading it to others, be that on the phone or social media.

Ofcourse this months horoscopes need to be taken as a backdrop to the global situation as it unravels in your life. As we all face some level of separation from others, logically there will be restrictions to everything that I’ve mentioned in these short horoscopes. So key is to stay calm and accept this situation will change.

We have expanding energies from the start of April through to the Full Moon in Libra on the 8th April, followed by a refreshing power of a New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd of April. 

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In the meantime stay safe, take care of loved ones and enjoy your horoscopes below!

Blessed April to you all.

Sky x


Dear Airies April belongs to you! The almighty Sun travels through your sign for the most part of this month highlighting areas that can bring you success. The Sun can shine a light on you and all you’re tying to achieve. Considering the challenges and difficulties experienced on a global scale it may mean that need to research, rather than action where you can sow seeds for your goals to later become successful in the future. A great positive is the Goddess of Love, Money & Recognition, in the first few days of the month, is uplifting your house of money, a house she governs. She entered this area last month so she moves out on  the 3rd to then bring you recognition in areas of your communication, creative ideas, new learning and your projection in these areas to the outside world albeit via the in the internet.



Dear Taurus April is a supercharged month for your focus to be on money, wealth, abundance and accumulating possessions special to you. This is because your ruler Venus, having been in your sign for most of the previous month, moves out on the 3rd to still continue to bring you success as she enters second house. As it’s a house she governs, still continue to gain extra  benefits. However, keep in mind that ‘do nothing-get nothing,’ so it’s about your focus needing to be on ways to accumulate all you desire through commitment and hardwork. Now, considering the recent difficulties and changes experienced on a global scale, you may need to find different ways to accumulate, for example; by looking at new places to sow the seeds of where you’d like financial success to grow. Overall, I’d say lucky you, as you’re getting two months worth of Venus’s favour.



Dear Gemini, I say lucky you! Why? You have the awesome Goddess of Love, Money & Wealth in your sign all month. Even with the recent difficulties and changes experienced on a global scale, the advantages are numerous and depend on your focus, intentions and where you’re directing your energies. With Venus in your sign you can attract favour, recognition, respect, increases in money, romance, love, become more magnetic and draw closer to your goals. I’m not saying everything you want will fall in your lap, but with effort, positive intentions and sowing the seeds of your wishes, you can certainly create your desires into reality in the months to come. At the same time the almighty Sun travels through your house of friendships, group associations and social acceptance albeit on social media. Overall any of these areas could be brought to your attention.



Dear Cancerians April has the almighty Sun highlighting areas of your career, ambitions, longterm goals, reputation and/or your connection to your employer (if you have one or an equivalent.) This is also an area relating to your true path and destiny for your life. Now, considering he changes and difficulties experienced on a global scale, it may be that these areas need your attention more than ever. From the 11th Mercury also enters this very same area which uplifts some or all of these areas. In short, you have the ability to focus your mind, your communication abilities and creative ideas towards achieving some kind of personal success, possibly even jump onto a true path for yourself. It’s a great combo this month to get ahead with personal goals, ambitions and achievements. So it’s a great start if you know what you truly desire, or where you wish to be in the future.



Dear Leo first few days of April starts with a positive accent on areas of career goals, longterm agendas, ambitions and/or your reputation. These areas get a positive boost till the 3rd as Venus brings you magnetism. Then onwards from the 3rd Venus the Goddess of Love enters your ‘friend’s’ zone. Keeping in mind the recent challenges and issues experienced on a global scale it could be that the connection to your friends & association zone will be, via the internet. You may get a few more invites to chat, old friends getting in touch, your mood being more social and/or a possible chance to work in alliance with others in some way. Venus also governs money & abundance, so for some Leo’s, there may be opportunities to work in a group environment to enhance incomes or success in some way.



Dear Virgo April has the swift thinker and effective to communicator of the heavens, Mercury in great alliance with the planet of intuition, psychic intelligence and illusion, Neptune. Putting these two together allows you an extra sensitivity, especially before you speak and act. If utilised, this is a great energy to allow you to proceed in the right way to get the right result. As both these planets are travelling through your sector of relationships, commitments, marriages, business partners or contracts, it’ll allow you to be guided to ‘the inside track’ or the ‘true picture,’ which is not visible to the eye, or heard by ear. Now, Keeping in mind the recent challenges and issues experienced on a global scale, some of you may find that you know exactly what to say in any particular situation or scenario to get the right result.



Dear Libra April starts with multiplying emotions, increased sensitivity and raised intuition as we head towards a Full Moon in your sign on the 8th. This pushes you to look below the surface with in yourself, with others and with scenarios around you. And keeping in mind the recent challenges and issues experienced on a global scale you may have time to search into what’s deeper rooted in your life to understand more about you. At the same time Mercury governing the mind, thought processes and communications, is in positive alliance with the planet of psychic energy, intuition and illusion, travelling through the area of daily work, routines, health and well being. These two aligned in energies gives you perception and a sensitivity to say, think and act in way to get life to go in your favour in these areas mentions.



Dear Scorpio April has the planet of communication and logical thinking Mercury, in positive alliance with the planets of psychic intuition Neptune. Both are walking hand in hand through you areas of romance, love affair’s, fun, frolics and enjoyment. Even in light of the global challenges and difficulties this union allows a much needed social grace, for you to investigate what’s truly needed in your life. This can aid you to excel and/or uplift your life in some way personal to you. The alliance of these planets has the positive power to spark your inner psychic guidance, to see the hidden picture with in social or romantic situations and also with people that you’re presently close to. Albeit via the internet or social media, all this allows you to communicate in productive ways that allow people to draw towards you positively and magnetically.



Dear Sagittarius April has the almighty Sun travelling through areas of romance, love affairs, leisure, fun and pleasure. Now, considering the global challenges & difficulties affecting us all you may find some dampening effects on your leisure & fun areas. But nonetheless, the Sun highlights your life with in these areas and draws attention from others towards you, albeit via the internet. This is also an area that governs children, so for some Saggies time could be spent with members of your family at home. At the same time the planet of communication, travel and thought-processes is united with Neptune the enhancer of psychic intuition and vision both travelling through your sector governing your home, security, family, father or father-figures and the roots of your life. The union of these two planets, opens up your thoughts to your gut instincts and the psychic senses with in you. Key is, to trust all you sense.



Dear Capricorn April is a positive month that uplifts and pushes you to open up in your communications, actions as well as your thoughts. This is all through the uplifting presence of Mercury the planet of communication and thoughts, walking through the area that it governs, that being the 3rd house of communication, short trips, leaning and quick contacts. Mercury is in his highest positive element, but becomes supercharged as he’s in harmony with Neptune, the psychic- intuition planet, who’s also in this same sector. Keeping in mind the ongoing challenging circumstances felt on a global scale, Caps you may have the social grace this month to explore your gut instincts, intuition and deeper thoughts, rather than what was originally surface level. Well it’s a time to be led by what you truly feel and sense to be right for you.



Dear Aquarius April starts witha union between 2 major planets in your sign, fiery Mars is allied with serious Saturn. So Mars can be the fiery war seeker to the male dominant, stirrer of passion and sex. Then this all is mixed in with Saturn, who drives you to take everything seriously, to take responsibility and want authority. Considering the current difficulties and issues being experienced on a global scale, this union could manifest in a number of ways. For example some of you may fiercely go after something with a need to dominate but feel held back. Others may be driven towards something but be moody faced with the restrictions. This union can create nasty imbalances made more challenging with social circumstances imposed on us all. But there’s a great positive, and that is to use this as way to find a perfect balance.



Dear Pisces April is a power-packed month for you through the duality between Mercury, this planet of creative-quick thinking, communication and learning, being in alliance with the psychic-enhancing planet Neptune. A few outcomes here, but importantly, these must be seen in light of the ongoing challenging circumstances experienced on a global scale. But in all cases, you’re being intuitively guided with the correct thoughts that lead to communicating with the right words albeit via the internet. As Mercury has a big hand in ‘thought-processes,’ with Neptune’s influence here, you’ll find that your psychic-intuition is fired up intensely. More good news, as the almighty Sun lights up your money and wealth zone. Sowing the seeds to enhance incomes, self worth or increasing general wealth could pay-off in the long run.