Hello everyone!

And hello March 2020, the month of the mutable water sign of Pisces. As the Sun travels through this sign, ruled by Neptune, we’re all showered with its qualities. The Sun then moves into Airies in late March.
Importantly up till the 10th, Mercury the planet of communication, travel, learning, the media and logical thought, is retrograding. This affects us all in different ways but, a general rule is to hold back with all major projects, decisions, plans and avoid confrontations. This is because retrograde energies can created unwanted outcomes, unusual reactions and general confusion.

Secondly the Goddess of Love & Money Venus enters home sign of Taurus on the 5th. A great plus for all of us to attract love, romance, partnerships, money, wealth and recognition. To attract her positive support be sure to put your energies and efforts towards all you desire and even ask her for help. If you need a bit of guidance book in with me and I’ll give you a fail proof recipe.

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on the 9th and the New Moon in Airies on the 24th

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Have a awesome March everyone!

Sky x


Dear Airies March starts off shining a light on your magnetism, your positive image and how people see you. This all through Venus, the planet of love, abundance and money, continuing to grace your sign. As Venus moves on from the 5th it’s still greatly in your favour as she moves into your 2nd house of money, wealth and abundance. This is the time to sow the seeds of  gaining greater financial security. Your ruler Mars is powering up areas of your career, ambitions and could be opening doors leading you to greater recognition. However just a little caution is needed up to the 10th as Mercury retrogrades in your house of friendships, social connections and group-connections. All that’s needed is a little care with communication, please avoid confrontations and delay any new starts till later in month.



Dear Taurus March starts with the almighty Sun invigorating areas of friendships, social connections and collective projects. This is a great time to collaborate efforts with others in order to gain success as opposed to going forward alone. Or simply you may join with others to discuss ways forward. With any progression in these areas a little care is advised as Mercury is retrograding in this very area till the 10th. Care will be needed with all areas of communication, travel, learning and the logical thought processes. Major new projects should be put on hold till after the 10th. Meanwhile your ruler fiery Mars and lucky Jupiter are in an area of your chart that’s pushing you to start a possible journey of learning, study, research or to delve deeper into something previously hidden to you. Or some Taureans may simply be drawn to get away from the humdrum of life.



Dear Gemini March starts with your ruler Mercury in retrograde in your house of career, personal ambitions, reputation and gaining respect from the world around you. Up to the 10th I would ask you to avoid all major confrontations, delay new projects, and avoid the start of anything that creates a new career or life change. Resist the push to say or do something rash r brash, as it will lead to regrets. Put a hold on major areas but see to the administration of life, home and family. Luckily at the same time the almighty Sun is also travelling through this area and will take the edge off the full impact of the retrograde. After the 10th Mercury moving slowly forward over the weeks he pays you dividends in bringing you recognition and respect. If you have a project or idea that you wish to start, then wait a week after Mercury is direct, then, get going with it.



Dear Cancerians March starts with the almighty Sun moving through your house of learning, studying, researching or dealing with what’s unknown in your world. This is also an area which encourages some of you to take some kind of journey whether spiritual or physical. In the very least you may feel a need to change your environment, surroundings or simply take time away from the hum-drum of everyday life. Importantly, Mercury is retrograding with in all these mentioned areas, meaning that it’s crucial to take care with what you’re saying, how you’re saying it, take care with the medium of communication you’re utilising and the body language you’re exposing to the world. For good outcomes of success, then avoid starting anything new in the retrograde and delay new starts till well after Mercury moves direct from the 10th otherwise you may get unwanted results.



Dear Leo March starts with the powerful Sun shining a light on your personal areas of sex, intimacy, jointly held resources, taxes & debt, inheritances, letting go and/or life transformation. This is a power-house of possible self-undoing where secrets or lies could undo you. Now, it’s absolutely essential that you take care with in any of these areas if they pop up, because Mercury is also in this house along with the Sun, buts he’s retrograding. This creates  possible confusion, issues and problems. This reverse gear could create turbulence with in any form of communication, errors, mistakes, wrong assumptions and pushes you to react. Then there’s later regret of some nature where you realise that you made the wrong move, said what you shouldn’t have or took action you shouldn’t have. On all fronts, the key is, to stop, hold on and wait till Mercury moves direct some days after the 10th.



Dear Virgo March starts with the importance of the fact that your ruler Mercury is affecting the world with his retrograding, for you affecting your personal house of business or personal – partnerships, commitments, marriage, all forms of relationships. However, Virgoans are affected more so as he’s you’re ruling planet. I would advise you to take care with all forms of communications, travel, logical thoughts and new starts, but particularly with in these mentions areas. Mercury’s reverse gear cause confusion, errors, mistakes or pushing you to re-act but the key is to hold back and wait till after he goes direct on the 10th. Put a delay on starting all major new projects, new beginnings and avoid confrontations. You may be lucky enough to have these effects dampened through the almighty Sun also travelling through these same areas bringing an uplifting and positive effect despite the retrograde energy.



Dear Libra March starts with a need for care and attention to your daily work, co-workers, daily routines, health and wellbeing as Mercury retrogrades in this area. Care is needed in your travels, timekeeping, all forms of communication and check your reactions before you actually act. The retrograde energy can cause confusion, unnecessary worries, mistakes, errors, stop that need to confront people and situations where you will later realise it was completely the wrong course of action. It’s imperative to hold back with all major new starts and new projects till after Mercury goes direct from the 10th. Luckily the full impact of all this could be eased as the almighty Sun brings its light and positivity well as it travels through these areas with Mercury. In all cases hold off, delay and re-think all new projects, plans even major new purchases till well after Mercury goes direct after the 10th.



Dear Scorpio March starts with the almighty Sun showering it’s happiness and light upon your personal areas of romance, affairs, fun, entertainment, leisure and pleasure. You may find life presenting you with options or invitations for the taking. However at the same time Mercury is retrograding in these very areas as well. This energy creates confusion, communication issues, confrontations, wrong assumptions & conclusions, travel & timekeeping issues and/or incorrect reactions. In all cases I would advise you think carefully before making any final decisions, or if possible delay plans regarding major projects or life-changing plans. Avoid the push to have that confrontation, to say something without full knowledge and avoid starting anything new. Harmony starts to filter through after the 10th as Mercury starts to move direct.



Dear Saggies March starts with the powerful Sun shining its light on your home, family, children and/or all that bring solid security to your life. You may feel the need to spend more time with in your home, with loved ones or make a changes with in these areas for the betterment of life. However at the same time Mercury is in retrograde in this sector. This energy can create confusion, worries, issues with communication, problems with travel & timekeeping and wrong assumptions. In this time it’s best to avoid starting brand new projects, hold back with acting on plans, ambitions and ideas, as retrograde energy can create issues that give us the wrong outcomes. Once Mercury moves direct from the 10th, harmony starts to be restored, so balancing the mind, as well as positive communications and better outcomes.



Dear Capricorn March starts with the almighty Sun travelling through your personal areas of communication, learning, study, quick-short trips and light-hearted chats with those in your immediate surroundings. You may feel a need to get on with the ‘to-do list,’ get the admin of life in order or even spring-clean some areas of life. Others of you may look at where you want to learn something new, study or research. Simultaneously the Sun highlights these areas, Mercury could throw a ‘spanner in the works’ as it retrogrades in the same sector of the 3rd house. Greater care and restraint is needed for you especially as Mercury is the governor of this area. Problems and issues can be avoided by checking all forms of your communications, avoid starting on new plans & projects, take care with travel & time-keeping. Watch out for unnecessary confrontations and actions, as these may cause regret at a later date. Harmony starts to restore as Mercury moves direct from the 10th.



Dear Aquarius March starts off with plus, as the power of the Sun enlivens your personal areas of money, financial success and increasing capital security. You may find ways to get that pay raise, to increase material security, attract new incomes and/or attract forms of valuables. At the same time, caution is advised with making any financial investments or loaning money as Mercury is retrograding in these very areas that the Sun is trying to expand and uplift. You could get complications, problems and delays through miscommunications, travel & timekeeping issues and/or incorrect information presenting itself as logical. To avoid such problems, simply hold back with initiating major new plans, projects, plans and avoid having that urgent need for a confrontation with incorrect information. All is restored with chances of better outcomes once Mercury moves forwards after the 10th.



Dear Pisces March is your month! The almighty Sun travels through your sign till late in the month. This shines a light on all you’re trying to achieve and gain. Your image and all you present to the outside world could be positively elevated to receive praise and respect. It’s also wise to take just a little care before making any final decisions or plans  because Mercury is also travelling through your sign but in reverse gear. This can creation errors in judgement, miscommunications, travel & timekeeping issues and incorrect assumptions. In this time, avoid starting on new plans, projects and hold back on having that confrontation especially with lack of correct information. This is because, very often a false picture is presented due the retrograde energy, which is prone to change or transform after Mercury goes direct after the 10th. Delay just a a few days and there could be better outcomes.