Dear friends,

Happy New Financial Year from the 6th to you all may it be abundant and prosperous for you all! I’m hopeful in welcoming the gentler weather, yipee here comes spring.

OK, so I’ve been huffing & puffing, as many of you too, running away or taking cover from the Mercury retrograde, but now it’s direct! However still be a little cautious as we have 3 more retrogrades starting this month but don’t worry, they’re manageable and easier to deal with than the, closer-to-earth planets. First we have Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius starts on the 10th and is the one to be particularly careful with. (See my You tube video below.) Then we have Pluto ruler of Scorpio starting on the 24th. And finally Saturn ruler of Capricorn starting on the 29th.

For more on what areas are affected by these 3 major planetary retrogrades with guidance of what you can do to help yourself, and a quick overview of where the other planets sit, please have view of my You Tube video here:

We have the refreshing power of a New Moon in Airies on the 5th and a Full Moon in Libra on the 19th.

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Have an amazing April everyone. 

Sky x

Its your month Airies as the almighty Sun remains in your sign till the 20th uplifting and lighting your way forward. Your ruler, fiery & fierce Mars, boosts areas of communications, your thoughts & travels. Mars can amplify, antagonise or anger, so simultaneously, care is needed in these areas. Good news as the New Moon on the 5th is in your sign bringing renewal in some way, in tandem with Sun in your sign could lead to some personal insights and clears the way for you. With Mercury entering on the 17th and Venus on the 20th, you could be speaking your mind clearly, as Venus pushes you to sharpen your image or appearance in some way.



Dear Taurus April has your ruling planet Venus joining forces with Mercury, as both planets travel through your zone of friendships, group activities and joint efforts. Pushing yourself in collaborations toward work outcomes or in friendship groups will attract more favour than ‘going it alone.’ Here Mercury allows you to be quick & logical with words & thinking and then he moves on from the 17th followed shortly by Venus, into areas of expenditure, loss, the hidden, secrets and solitude. This may push you towards a desire for luxurious expensive pleasures in tandem with keeping it all secret, for example; unusual desires for passion in the bedroom. Other secret pleasures could be drinking or other recreational pastimes.



Dear Gemini April brings much needed harmony with your ruler Mercury, now he’s moving forward from retrograde, this allows movement for your life in general. Both your ruler Mercury, as well the planet of material wealth and romance Venus, are in your career sector. This would be the time to focus efforts on where you want to take your career, build up ambitions and create long-term goals. This placement can also bring recognition from superiors or employers so, why not try to impress. Now Mercury moves on the 17th followed by Venus on the 20th creating an accent for your friendships and group activities. This is ideal for success in a collective group effort or group based friendships. Mars increases your energies, also bringing fire and passion, as he’s in your sign for the month.



Dear Cancerians the Sun shines its light on your career, longterm goals and ambitions as it travels through these areas till the 20th. It would advantageous to focus on what your ambitions are, and how you want to develop them. With Venus and Mercury in areas of retreats, changes of scenery, taking journeys both of the mind, as well as in reality, may enhance feelings of needing a break from all that ambition toward career and work. This could be accentuated even more, as Jupiter starts a retrograde on the 10th lasting till August. Here it would be advised to avoid major changes to your everyday work, routines, but try to enhance wellbeing and healthy habits. Other Ideas that would be healing & helpful would be, to take regular time away from the more serious matters and indulge in laughter, light-heartedness or enjoy a fitness regime.



Dear Leo April starts with the planet of communication Mercury, in tandem with the love planet Venus, both in your 8th house energising your areas of intimacy, sexuality, in-laws, investments, secrets and/or occult interests. An example of this transit could be, the effect of giving a strong draw toward pleasure, affairs, or desiring the opposite sex. Generally it is a time to take care with all the areas I mentioned above. Mars the enhancer of our energy, aiding action, passion, anger and even a fight, travels through your friendships and group activity zone. This pushes you to intensely engage your friends into your life in group activities. In relation to work, this indicates better outcomes in united projects with colleagues, as opposed to going it alone.



Dear Virgo April has both the planet of communication Mercury, and the Goddess of Love & Wealth, Venus, both travelling through your relationships zone. This has the effect of deepening the love, communications and connections in committed associations, whilst singletons desire or make seek out relationships with a view to commitment. Mars enhances energy, passion, action and even anger, is enhancing your career, longterm goals, your employers or superiors. This can be a positive transit that pushes you to reach for our ambitions and excel in a career (different from every day work.) If your everyday work is your actual chosen career, this is perfect for Mars’s placement here to propel you forward.



Dear Libra April is a great month for your daily work, routines, fitness & wellbeing activities. This is all through 2 planets propelling you forward to enjoy daily activities. Firstly Venus, the bringer of love, favour and fulfilment, pushes you to enjoy your everyday life. Secondly Mercury in these areas will enhance the speed of the mind, thoughts, conversations, quick contacts and travels in your daily life. The almighty Sun, lights up in your relationships zone in commitments with in either matters of the heart, or in business/work contracts. This is all further uplifted with the re-energising of the New Moon in your sign on the 19th



Dear Scorpio April has great planetary energy for you with Venus the Goddess of Love & Wealth, in tandem with Mercury the communication enhancer, both travelling through your romance, flirtations, love affairs and social zone. Venus bring you attention, favour and pushes you to look ‘hot to trot,’ whilst Mercury speeds up your responses and your flirtatious chat. Now a little caution is needed in areas of money, spending, incomes and wealth as Jupiter starts a retrograde from the 10th through to August, This would a time to hold back on any major purchases, don’t make any major investments and definitely do not change home until Jupiter is direct again. All issues are easily avoided by holding back on anything that may drain you bank account.



Dear Sagittarius the most important news for you this month is that your ruler Jupiter starts a retrograde from the 10th lasting till early August. This could cause you to feel a little lack-lustre, confused, lacking drive/enthusiasm and can push you to second-guess yourself. It’s advised that you do not put into action any major decisions or changes in your life. Avoid starting new projects, new relationships and avoid buying a new home. This is because when a person looks back at what major thing that they started whilst their ruler was in retrograde, it usually ends up looking as if it shouldn’t of been started, it needs a complete over-haul, money was lost or it’s been a complete waste of time. However instead use retrogrades for planning, reviewing, review, tidying up, clearing and cleansing of everyday life, house and home.



Dear Capricorn April allows your understanding, ideas and communications to be positively lifted through finding new information and knowledge. There could short journey, dealings with your community, neighbours, siblings or quick chats occurring. This is through Mercury travelling through this area, however the energies are heightened even more so as Venus is also helping out here. She brings harmony, happiness, attention to you and possibly some social connections. The almighty Sun is uplifting your home, family, security and the roots of you life bringing warmth, happiness and positivity to these areas. Mars the enhancer of our energies, passions, taking action or starting an argument, is travelling through your daily work, routines, health & wellbeing. If used positively you’ll want to push yourself in these areas.



Dear Aquarius April brings positive energy in areas of money, incomes and self worth as Venus the giver of wealth & abundance is placed in this her natural home which is the 2nd house. A great plus is that, Mercury planet of communication & travel is also supporting you in this area. I’d advise you to push yourself to gain security, greater incomes or make changes to attract wealth. Jupiter is also a great force in bringing expansion and success; however he starts a retrograde from the 10th through to early August. This will be impacting your friendships and group associations in all walks of life and could cause minor irritations in these areas. Overall it’s a time to hold back on major decisions regarding investing, expenditures, home moves and major projects until Jupiter is direct.



Dear Pisces April is overall a great month astrologically for you, with the Goddess of Love & Abundance travels through your sign till the 20th along with Mercury the planet of communication also paying you dividends. This showers you with magnetism, appeal, maybe drawing people to you with what you have to say. Other payoffs of these transits is, your thoughts being positively efficient, ideas are emerging from your creative mind, or you’re encouraged to make those short-trips that are needed for personal reasons. Mercury moves out on the 17th and Venus does the same on the 20th entering your personal money and abundance zone. Again a highly positive transit if you’re pushing to attract increases in incomes and wealth in some way.