Dear friends,

Never before have I seen such a year as 2020 and, here we are, looking at the last month of 2020, one that’s a passage-way or road we must follow to enter 2021, the year of change. I predict changes not just personal but political and global.

The pair of Eclipses that open doors for these changes for month ahead is the Lunar Eclipse we had on the 30th and then the Solar Eclipse that we will have on the 14th December. Eclipses create changing life-events, transformations and/or revelations and whether they’re pleasant changes… or not, looking back on them, you’ll realise they were inevitable and for the best.

Then 2 major ‘planetary heavies,’ meaning yes, they’re heavy in weight and heavy with power as well. They both transfer their power to Aquarius. After 3 years being in Capricorn, Saturn moves on the 17th. Jupiter after being in Capricorn for over a year moves on the 19th.

So there’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 16th. And the Full Moon is in Cancer in the 30th.

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Enjoy your short horoscopes below and I truly wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous healthy New Year of 2021.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.

Sky x

Dear Airies December has your ruler mighty Mars, remaining with you for this last month before he moves on next month. There’s still time to make the most of his energy propelling you to get on with things or get life moving & shaking in some way advantageous to you. This will add extra firepower to your desires pushing you to get something shifted in the right direction. You have 3 major players, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, influencing your personal areas of career, ambitions, gaining respect, recognition and destiny. This added to Mars in your sign marks a time to take action towards the changes & transformations you desire. With these planets batting for you everything that was previously stagnant or impossible can be pushed to shift. Many areas of life could show you signs of greater possibilities for the future.



Dear Taurus December has your ruler Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance in your personal house of relationships, commitments & contacts. Venus remains here till the 15th. This is powerful energy for personal, work or business relationships to be successful for you but also is dependant on your focus, intentions and driving your actions. Then on the 15th Venus moves on to amplify sexual connections or intimacy, shared money, investments and/or an involvement in secrets. In this area Venus could enhance intimacy or closeness with someone. Otherwise it could bring financial success to your investing or what you share with another person. It’s also in this very area, that there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. Eclipses are rare but powerful in creating changes & transformations over the months to come.



Dear Gemini, December is a fantastic month for you, where Venus the Goddess of Love & Money is bringing success & expansion to areas of your daily work, everyday activities, health & wellbeing. Venus in this position could bring you favour, recognition or respect in some way from colleagues or superiors. As she governs abundance, some Gems may receive positive changes in their income and prosperity sectors. Then on the 15th she moves into your opposite sign of Sagittarius which is also your sector of relationships, committed connections, marriage and contacts. Now it gets interesting, as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sector on the 14th. Eclipses although rare, bring about important changes and transformations over future months, so expect something to change in these mentioned areas.



Dear Cancerians December is an amazing month for you as Venus, the Goddess of Love & Money moves through an area she governs thereby bringing you bucket loads of positive relationship energy. To clarify, this is a sector of romance, lovers, flirtations, fun, parties, frolics and enjoyment. With Venus kicking up her heals you could have a fun time. That’s got to be a plus in these challenging times! Make the most of it, as Venus moves on the 15th placing a spotlight on you to ‘be liked’ in areas of everyday work, routines, fitness and wellbeing areas. Here, for example; you could be the ‘office favourite’ receiving recognition for something. As Venus govern beauty and allure,, some little crabs may want to look and feel good leading to a sprucing up of image or fitness. Now, here its gets interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th in this very area. Although rare, Eclipses create change and transformations, so for these mentioned areas, changes could continue for some months to come.



Dear Leo’s, December may draw you closer to family, house, home and/or the youngsters around you. This is all through Venus the Goddess of Love & Money moving through sector. Some Leo’s may be encouraged to spend time at home, with family, or some may make positive changes to their homes, such as to decorate, renovate or move home. Then Venus moves on the 15th entering a sector she governs, so she will be in full power-mode here. This is the area of romance, flirtations, love, fun, frolics and enjoyment. This is ideal for the festive period as it can enhance connections with others or bring your favour from people around you. Now it gets very interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sector on the 14th. Eclipses create change and transformation for months to come so expect one of more of these areas to be overhauled and changed through the effects of the Eclipse.



Dear Virgo December has Venus the Goddess of Love & Money enlivens your magnetism and success coming from your close contacts. You could be heard for what you have to say & respected, as Venus moves thorough your sector of quick contacts, communications & short trips. On the 15th she moves on to join your ruler Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication, travels, logical thoughts, learning and intellect. Here, Mercury joins the almighty Sun in your personal areas of the home, family and/or the youngsters in your life. All 3 planets in this sector create a positive pow-wow energy that could bring you new ideas, plans and a higher sense of how to proceed in these areas. For example, you may want to your home made beautiful in some way. In its simplest form you may have more to say to those connected to your home & family.  Now here, it gets interesting for these areas as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th creating changes, transformations or bringing an overhaul or change to of one or more of these areas.



Dear Libra December is a great month that has a hand in positively changing your personal areas of money finances, incomes and wealth in some way. This is through the planet governs these areas, Venus the Goddess of Love & Money, is travelling through this sector. This is a time where the universe encourages you to look at how you can expand and change your financial areas. Then on the 15th Venus moves on and joins Mercury the planet of communication, travel and new ideas, with the almighty Sun. All 3 planets will then be are in your sector of communication, short trips, quick chats and quick- contacts. This is an ideal placement to get moving & shaking for Christmas festivities and get on with those Christmas shopping sprees! Now it gets interesting, as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th in  this very sector. Eclipses can bring powerful or life-changing events or transformations over future months but especially relating one of more of these mention areas of the house that the Eclipse is occurring in.



Dear Scorpio December is a great month for you, as the month starts with Venus, the Goddess of Love & Money, travelling through your sign. This may push you to want to look good, feel good, to makes positive changes to how the world see you, or overhaul yourself in a positive way. Make the most of the magnetism that comes with Venus being in your sign. Then she moves on the 15th into an area she governs, your personal sector of money, incomes, finances and/or wealth. Here she joins Mercury the planets of communication, learning, ideas and travel and the almighty Sun. With all 3 planets in this sector, they could bring massive positive changes for your financial sectors depending on what you doing to help. Now it gets interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipses in this very sector on the 14th. Eclipses have an immense power to bring change, life-changing events and transformation. So there could be an overhaul in some way that could start before and over the future months.



Dear Sagittarius December has some amazing planetary power for you, firstly with almighty Sun is putting a spotlight on you as it’s travelling through your sign till the 21st. Then alongside the Sun, Mercury also joins in, the planet of communication, travel, ideas and learning, enters your sign from the 1st . This could be sharpening your wit, your responses and creating speedy travels for you. Then from the 15th the beauty that is Venus, the Goddess of Love & Money enters your sign. This trio of planets could uplift your life towards success in key areas that you may also wish to drive forward. Now it gets very interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th in your sign. Eclipses have an immense power to bring change, transformation or cause an overhaul in some way and these changes can start before, after and over the future months. So putting the planetary occurrences together along with this Eclipse, there could be a supercharging of energy that propels you forward into some kind of success that manifests over the beginning of the New Year.



Dear Capricorn December brings change and transformations for you. Firstly the month starts with the trio of planets that have been with you for so many months, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This has been a great plus and at times also quite overwhelming in ways personal to you as an individual. However this month, 2 planets move out, firstly, Saturn moves on the 17th and second, Jupiter moves on 19th, with Pluto remaining. However Mercury the planet of communication, travel and learning enters your sign on the 20th bringing you speed of communication, agility with ideas creativity and expanding thoughts. More good news as the almighty Sun then enters Capricorn on the 21st. Now it gets interesting as we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. Eclipses create major transformations, life-changing events or could overhaul life in some way over future months.



Dear Aquarians December is a powerful month of astrological changes that are all in your favour. You have 2 major planetary powers entering your sign for the longterm. Saturn the old-man head-teacher of the heavens, enters your sign on the 17th. He always brings wisdom, leading us to do things in the right way with no short cuts. Then on the 19th lucky Jupiter enters you sign, to expand your life in positive ways to bring success and abundance. Both planets remain with you all the way into, and through out next year. Now it gets more interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring in your 11th house of friendships, protection, social acceptance, and actions in service to others. Eclipses create powerful change, life-changing events or transformations that continue for months to come. So expect an overhaul or shift with one of more of these mentioned areas.



Dear Pisces December starts with almighty Sun shining a spotlight on areas of your career, ambitions and/or your reputation. The Sun is joined with magical Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind and travel, both being in this house. This pushes you to apply some firepower towards you intentions and actions to allow changes and development of your future, your destiny and true path. Now it becomes very interesting as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this very house on the 14th. New Moons alone occurring in your sign are auspicious regardless, but the additional rare Eclipse then supercharges aspects that belong to the house the Eclipse is occurring in. Eclipses bring change and transformation for many months to come; this would mean that, sectors of career, ambitions, respect, reputation and destiny, one or some of these areas become supercharged for success.