Dear all,

February the month of love is upon us, the month of Aquarius, the fixed air sign of The Water Carrier. There’s some great planetary aspects helping all matters of friendships, relationships and associations.

We have an Aquarius New Moon on Monday 4th and a Virgo Full Moon on the 19th.  For my simple Astro-Update video on YouTube, please follow this link:

I’ll be in live on the show at 5:30 pm on Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Monday 11th.

In the meantime your horoscopes, with a touch of what happening in your love zones, are below. Enjoy!

Sky x

Dear Airies, February starts off well as your ruler Mars remains in your sign all the way through to Valentines day. This is an auspicious transit not only for the day of love as Mars could add passion and desire to romantic situations. Mars is not only about sexual passions, it can give us a ‘go-get-energy’  to transform or change something. Even as it moves on after the 14th into your house of money & wealth, it serves you positively by pushing you to look at attracting more abundance in some way. The almighty Sun is well placed to energize your friendships, social connections and group associations. This brings a ‘feel-good’ factor through being in different group settings.


Dear Taurus, your astrology for Valentines month shows to be exciting, as 2 major planets of love and passion are working in your favor, namely Mars the male counterpart, of Venus the female energy. Mars brings passion, intimacy or possibly sexual drive, as he enters your sign on Valentines day. Venus the Goddess of Love, your ruler is travelling through your fellow earth sign Capricorn. These are harmonious energies to support any love, friendship or passion-creating scenario. Enjoy it Taurus! Not only is love well starred, so is career, as the almighty Sun uplifts areas of career and personal ambitions, bringing respect and regard for you in these areas. 


Dear Gemini, it’s a great month for positive matters of the heart as the Goddess of Love travels through your love and relationships zone till the 3rd and then, she moves on to energise matters of close intimacy or sexual connections. These are great placements for propelling love and friendship associations. The almighty Sun fuels a need for changes in your environment or simply get away from the hum drum of life. Then after the 10th it moves on to uplift career, reputation and personal ambitions. Fiery Mars pushes you to connect with friends, make social connections and/or collaborate work efforts with others, as it’s a time to not work alone. Overall it’s a great month on all fronts of life and love!


Dear Cancerians, Valentines month energizes matters of personal closeness or sexual intimacy as the almighty Sun lights up these areas for you in some way. The Sun moves on after the 18th to spur your need to get away from the everyday hum-drum of life, or, simply makes you want to take a break or do something different. Up to the 3rd the Goddess of Love uplifts areas of your daily work, routines or fitness and health regimes. In readiness for Valentines, Venus then moves on into the area she’s most happy in, bringing you positive outcomes for relationships and commitment matters. Overall a great month for all personal matters.


Dear Leos, February has all the signs of positive vibrations for Valentines month as the almighty Sun, your ruler, energizes areas of relationships and commitments till the 18th. Your ruler, the Sun brings warmth and support in some way from your very close or committed relationships. The Sun then moves on from the 18th  to fuel areas of personal closeness, intimacy and/or sexual matters, as these areas could be brought to your attention. Up to the 3rd the Goddess of Love Venus, travels through your romance and flirtation zone, after which she brings help and favor from with in your work, daily routines, or maybe you find a need to feel good and look good.


Dear Virgoans, February has the almighty Sun lighting up areas of your daily work, routines, daily activities and/or your health in some way. For some, there may be deeper friendships or bonds emerging from with in your work or daily routines. The Sun moves on the 18th to then energize deeper relationships and commitments in some way. In readiness for the day of love, Venus the Goddess of Love is travelling through areas of romance, flirtations, fun and social aspects. This may bring invitations for you to indulge in these areas. Lastly, a time to keep busy, as emotions and feeling may go into overload with the Full Moon in your sign on the 19th.


Dear Librans, February brings you a great energy for the month of love as the almighty Sun travels through your area of romance, flirtation, fun and social links. This could bring you warm connections, love associations or invitations. After the 18th the Sun moves on the energize areas of work, daily activities, health and regimes. You may feel inclined to get organized in any of these areas and push forward and achieve efficiency and success in some way. You ruler Venus the Goddess of Love, is travelling through the areas of your home, family and your security. Venus will be drawing you to spend time at home, possibly to make changes to it, or be near to your family this month.


Dear Scorpio, February the month of love draws you, to the love of your home, or make positive changes to it, maybe spend time with family or loved ones and certainly look for what makes you feel more secure. This is through the almighty Sun highlighting these areas as it travels through them. After the 18th the Sun allows a lighter brighter energy, as it uplifts areas of romance, flirtations, fun and/or socializing in some way. This is ideal when allied with Venus the Love Goddess who is allowing positive vibrations to flow when dealing with communications, fun interactions and getting the administration of life in order.


Dear Sagittarians, February the love month has the Sun shining its light on all areas of your communications, your speedy connections with others and social aspects of life. This could stir the romantic connections from within you and from others too. After the 18th the Sun moves on to draw your attention to your home, family and/or that which makes you feel safe & secure. Some of you may wish to make changes to the home, whilst others are simply drawn to the comfort of their home. The Goddess of Love Venus, starts the month off in your sign spurring your need to look good and feel great. She moves on from the 3rd to an area she governs, which is enhancing areas of incomes, money and self-worth. I would advise you to use this placement well, by focusing on how you can increase incomes.


Dear Capricorn, Valentines month looks great to fuel all areas of relationships, friendships and romance as the Goddess of Love Venus enters your sign from the 3rd and remains with you for the entire month. Some of you may be charged up and magnetic to attract favor, respect & recognition, whilst others may just simply draw in romantic liaisons. This energy could manifest in enhancing a better image and persona from you to the outside world with people looking to you with a smile. You could feel that you want to change something for the better, such as a new hair style or new clothing for example. Overall a great February is on the cards.


Dear Aquarians, this is certainly your month not only for love and relationships but for life overall, as the almighty Sun has its turn to venture through your sign shining its positive light upon your world & existence in many ways. This could make you alert, active and bursting to go with everything or anything. The planet of communication, travel and the logical mind, Mercury, is in your sign till the 10th putting speed in your travels, firing up your thoughts and enhancing your communications. From the 10th Mercury takes it energy to fire up areas of money, incomes and self worth which is a good placement for eloquently talking your way into getting that new job, credit or loan for example. Fresh new beginnings are yours for the taking as the New Moon is in your sign on the 4th. Great month overall.


Dear Pisces, the month of love February may have you being more outspoken and logical than usual through the planet of communication, logical thought and travel, Mercury, entering your sign on the 10th. Many of you may be fired up to make short journeys, speak up around matters that are important, whilst others may be inspired to learn about something, possibly even study. The almighty Sun bring its warmth, luck and light to you and your existence, as it moves in to your sign on the 18th. This with Mercury could push you to take action about something, be alert about life, positively communicate and be respected for what you’re expressing. Overall a good month that includes your birthday!