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Hello and welcome to your August 2022 Horoscopes. 

August is ruled by the Fixed Fire Sign Leo The Lion, ruled by the almighty Sun. The card in any tarot pack that represents August and Leo is ‘The Strength Card.’ The Sun travels through this sign till the 23rd then moving onto Virgo. 

August, hopefully continues to bring us that summer sunshine that allows a lighter brighter energy energy to multiply as it feeds our positive state. It’s a good idea to bare in mind that, August has 4 planets in retrograde, which are, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. And these continue for months ahead. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is retrograding in Aries. Saturn rules Capricorn and is retrograding in Aquarius. Pluto rules Scorpio and retrograding in Capricorn. Uranus rules Aquarius and is retrograding in Taurus

Check if you’re one of these astrological signs and if you are, then try to delay major life-transforming beginnings, for example; getting married. This is all if it’s possible wait till the planet that’s affecting you, goes forwards. If you’re not sure please book in with as it’s better to be well informed rather than not. If you can’t delay, then triple-check your facts, figures and/or small print. If you have any questions please get in touch with me.

We have a Aquarius Full Moon on the 12th and a Virgo New Moon on the 27th.

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Please enjoy your horoscope below. Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and successful month of August 2022.

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Dear Aries welcome to your August Horoscope. Fancy a bit of flirtation, fun or frolics? Well, this could happen as the month starts with both the almighty Sun, hand in hand with the communication planet Mercury, both in your house of enjoyment. You may be presented with opportunities to walk a lighter more enjoyable path. Other rams may have a chance to indulge in love affairs or just get away from the daily grind. Mercury moves on the 4th moving into your house of daily work, everyday activities and health. The Sun also moves on a little later on the 23rd entering this same house. Be aware that Mercury sharpens your thinking and communication around colleagues, work, and daily routines. This feeds your focus which could push you to be physically active such as getting a fitness schedule organised. The Sun shines a positive spotlight on all these areas highlighting what needs your attention. Important to note is that your ruler Mars, is currently in Taurus, is in conjunction with Uranus for the first part of the month. This creates a strong need to break from any limitations, you could be more self-willed and fierce to set your own agenda, not anyone else’s. Have a great month Aries!




Dear Taurus welcome to your August Horoscope. Watch out my earthly friends as the following saying, ‘Bull in a china shop,’ comes to mind as it may apply to you this month. This is because, in the first half of the month there’s a conjunction between fiery Mars and unconventional Uranus, as both travel through your sign. This leads you to drop your usual cool & calm earthy nature and become fired up, wanting to break free from anything holding you back, you may well be fierce to lead your life by clearing away what or whoever is restricting you. The almighty Sun and the communication planet Mercury is in the area of your home, family and security. The Sun shines a spotlight on parts of these areas that need your attention, as Mercury sharpens your focus and communications. You could be drawn to enjoying time at home with your family. Mercury moves onwards from the 4th entering your zone of fun, enjoyable pastimes, love affairs and frolics. The Sun then follows suit on the 23rd, doubling up that energy, enticing you to walk the lighter side of life, to ditch the daily grind and possibly even take a walk on the ‘wild side’ in some way. Wishing you an awesome August Taurus! 





Dear Gemini welcome to your August Horoscope. You’ve got the ‘gift of the gab’ in buck-loads Gems! This is because the month starts with your ruler, the communication planet Mercury and the almighty Sun in your house of communication, swift flying trips and quick communications. As this is a house that Mercury governs, along with being the main communication planet and that, he’s your ruler, you have multiplying energies of this house showered on you. The Sun boosts this even more so, as it shines a spotlight on these areas. Expect your responses and mental focus to be sharp and efficient as you fly about getting life in order. Mercury moves on from the 4th going on to uplift your house, home, family and that which brings you security. The Sun follows on the 23rd entering this same sector to shine a spotlight on what needs your attention in these mentioned areas. Lastly be prepared from the 20th to feel even more energised, uplifted and empowered as fiery Mars enters your sign. Watch out to ensure you channel Mars’s energies in the right way, to take action with the important things on your agenda and to create positive change. Have a great month Gemini! 





Dear Cancer welcome to your August Horoscope. Want some money, money, money and fancy a bit of ooh lala!? Well, you’re getting attention from all directions! All this is through Venus, Mercury and the Sun. Why? Well firstly, increases in money are energised for you as the almighty Sun is hand in hand with the swift mover & shaker Mercury, as both shake up your zones of money, wealth and financial change. With Mercury in this house, you’re being fed with efficiency in what you say in order to attract changes to your money areas. The Sun shines a spotlight on what needs your attention highlighting areas to you. Secondly, up to 11th, all little crabs are super-powered in magnetism, looking sharp and ‘hot-to-trot’ as the mighty Goddess of Love, Money & Abundance, Venus, is in your sign. You’ll be empowered to look good, feel good and make a better impression on the world. Venus makes you magnetic to attract abundance, support and favour. Venus then moves on the 11th into your 2nd house of money, a house she governs, and again adds success to your money zones. Mercury moves onwards from the 4th, going on to enter a house he rules which is communication, swift quick travels and chit-chats. The Sun follows later from the 23rd making you super-efficient in tying up loose ends and getting the to-do list ticked off. It’s an awesome month for you Cancer!





Dear Leo welcome to your August Horoscope. Celebration time as it’s the month of Leo! You’re like a shining star in the skies as the almighty Sun travels through your sign. Not only that, you also have Mercury the mighty communication planet in your sign. Both spheres work jointly towards adding a shining spotlight to your presence, personal power and your influence. Mercury brings focus and direction to your thoughts which inevitably filters down to your directed actions, as the Sun highlights you to the world. Mercury then moves onwards from the 4th going into your house of money and your mind-focus becomes directed towards your financial stability. Then the Sun follows suit on the 23rd as both planets work together to uplift and attract positive change to your financial situation, investments and security. Great news from the 11th as the Goddess of Love & Money, Venus, enters your sign. You’ll be empowered to look good, feel good and project a better impression to the world. Venus makes you magnetic to attract abundance, support and favour. An amazing personal month for you Leo! 





Dear Virgo welcome to your August Horoscope. It’s a time for a bit of ‘me’ time for you, as you could shut out the outside world. This is through the almighty Sun and mighty Mercury energising your house of your subconscious, the hidden, secrets and seeking solitude. This encourages you to look inwards, to your unspoken mind and analyse things in some way. Mercury sharpens your focus towards these areas, as the Sun shines a light upon it all for you to analyse what you need to. Mercury moves out on the 4th to enter your own sign thereby energising your mind, thoughts, and communications, which all filter down to and outcome of positive actions. The Sun follows suit and also enters your sign on the 23rd. shining a spotlight on you to those around you. Then both Mercury and the Sun work together to uplift and enhance your personal power and uplifts your presence in the world. This increases your magnetism for positive changes. Lastly, more good news as you are to be showered with the re-invigorating and renewal energies of the New Moon because it’s in your sign on the 27th. Wishing you an awesome month Virgo!





Dear Libra welcome to your August Horoscope. You’re certainly popular this month as you’re being sought out by friends and close connections. This is through the almighty Sun and Mercury uplifting your house of friendships, group efforts and social acceptance. You may find that you’re a popular bunny as people come looking for your friendship, asking for your take or seeking your advice on something. You’ll find that collaborating efforts as a group with close associations will bring more successful outcomes, than ‘going it alone.’ Mercury moves on the 4th going on into your house of solitude, secrets and the hidden. With Mercury here, you’re supported as it feeds you with a sharper focus allowing you to analyse and sort out areas of your mind, thoughts, the hidden, or any secrets that need your attention. The Sun follows suit on the 23rd and both spheres work together. You may find that you seek some solitude or time away from the busy world, to look at the private or hidden areas of life. The good news is that Mercury does finally move onwards from the 26th entering your sign, resulting in feeding your ideas, sharpening your mind focus and enhancing your communications skills. A great month for you Libra!





Dear Scorpio welcome to your August Horoscope. A month where people are looking up to you with respect, or there’s a true recognition and a pat on the back for a job well done. This is all through the almighty Sun and the swift mover & shaker, Mercury, both in your house of career, ambitions, good reputation and respect. You may get a great career break, opportunity knocks, or you could gain headway for a personal goal. Others may simply discover that there’s respect from people for something well done. Mercury moves forward from the 4th going on to enhance positive connections with friends, associations and success for group efforts. You’re supported as you’re this planet feeds you to make communications effective and smooth with close friends. Your mind becomes creative and filled with fresh thinking on how to proceed. The Sun joins Mercury on the 23rd as both spheres work on your magnetism for successful friendships of the past, with renewal in present associations or new connections could float in. For others, there could be an opportunity to collaborate efforts as a group, as this becomes a catalyst for success. Wishing you an awesome August Scorpio!





Dear Sagittarius welcome to your August Horoscope. Fancy a walk on the wild side of life? Well, you may feel like you need to break away from the restrictions and dreary side of life. This is through the almighty Sun, working with the communication planet Mercury, both in your house that enhances your need to seek a change in surroundings, taking a journey either spiritual, of the mind or in reality. Other Saggies could be learning something new through study or research. Mercury inspires your creative thought processes, enhances ideas and feeds your communication skills, as the Sun shines a light on what specifically needs your attention. Mercury moves onwards from the 4th enhancing your zone of career, reputation and long-term goals. The Sun follows suit in this area as both spheres work in tandem. This union could result in possibly bringing some of you opportunities for career advancement, a chance to be successful in a goal or an ambition, or maybe gaining recognition for something well done. Lastly please keep in mind that your ruler Jupiter started a retrograde recently, so it’s important to take your time to make important decisions carefully and avoid listening to confused thoughts. Have a great August Sagittarius!





Dear Capricorn welcome to your August Horoscope. The month screams ‘oo la la’ and asks you whether you fancy a bit of bedroom frolics Caps? Well, that’s because the powerful energies of the Sun collaborate with the mighty mover & shaker Mercury in your house that governs secrecy, privacy, sexuality and the hidden. Otherwise, this could mean that you may need to, in some way deal with joint investments, jointly-held monies or inheritance. Mercury feeds your positive thinking to figure out what’s in your best interests, as the Sun highlights what specifically needs your attention. Mercury moves onwards from the 4th going on to enter your house which entices you away from the daily grind, to change the scenery of your life or research into new areas or learn something new. The Sun follows suit, entering this same zone on the 23rd. Then, both spheres join efforts, encouraging you to look for a more scenic route to your everyday life or you may feel a need to take a journey whether spiritual, physically or possibly of the mind. Other Caps may be researching new areas or starting a pathway of study. Keep in mind that your ruler Saturn, travelling through Aquarius, is in retrograde, coupled with the fact that Pluto who’s in your sign, is also retrograding. This simply means you need to make decisions with care and forethought to avoid mistakes. Have a great month Capricorn.





Dear Aquarius welcome to your August Horoscope. Do you want that commitment? Do you want that marriage to work out? Well, that’s because the almighty Sun is working its magic with the mover & shaker Mercury, as both work together feeding your need for solidity for relationships in some way. Most of your relationships, commitments, partnerships or contracts, whether personal or business, could be put under a microscope for your analysis. Mercury feeds your mind to do what’s right, as the Sun shines its spotlight on that which needs your attention. Mercury moves onward from the 4th going on to enter your sector of sex, privacy and secrets. He makes you feel directed with positive thoughts and ideas which feed your actions. The Sun follows suit on the 23rd as both spheres collaborate their energies in the same house. This means that some of you may be drawn towards sexual connections, matters of privacy, thrown into secrets or lies or have to deal with joint monies and investments. Keep in mind that the teacher, Saturn is travelling through your sign but is in retrograde till late October so I advise you to take time and care with all major changes you’re considering. Lastly, the culmination of this month’s Moon energies reaches its maximum with the Full Moon in your sign on the 12th. Have an awesome August Aquarius.





Dear Pisces welcome to your August Horoscope. You may well get a shake-up in your everyday life. This is through the almighty Sun working in tandem with the communication planet Mercury, as both are influencing your house of your daily work, everyday routines and health. Mercury feeds your positive mind and communications as the Sun shines a light on what needs your attention. Some fishes may either, change their daily jobs/work, make changes to it or have dealings with colleagues. Others may change their routines or possibly create new routines for health and fitness. Mercury moves forward on the 4th, going on to energize areas of all types of relationships and their meaning to your life. Committed individuals seek deeper bonds, whilst singletons look for solidity in relationships and partnerships. Lastly, keep in mind that your ruler, the psychic enhancer planet Neptune, is in retrograde in your sign till December. This means, that to avoid mistakes that retrogrades create, simply make your most important decisions taking time and care to get the desired outcomes. Have a great August Pisces!