How does a psychic reading work?
Sky works with spirit guides and ascended masters. Plainly put she is guided to pass information on to you through psychic sight, feeling, sensing and hearing. Please note, psychics do not have all answers, they are not mind readers and they DO NOT give you disastrous news about doom and gloom! They are the uplifting guidance, advice and channel of information that we can use to further our lives. What Sky will give you is guidance and of that information, you MUST decide what works for you and when. Sky strongly advises that seek the guidance of the relevant professionals, for health, finance, legal and serious life situations – for which the Help Numbers are provided at the bottom of this page. Please note Sky works with honesty, integrity and sincerity, so if she can provide the appropriate guidance that is for your highest good, or suspects and feels you need the advice of a person from another professional organisation, she will not hesitate to swiftly advise you, conclude the reading and refund your money. If you have any enquiries pertaining to this please contact us on [email protected]

How does an email reading work?
After making your booking, send your name, date of birth, and your questions to [email protected] Sky will endeavour to make every effort to get you email reading to you as soon as possible, often with 3-14 days.

However, very rarely, her schedules can be manic and those instances we will advise you accordingly, and your reply may take longer. In any case, we will keep in touch and if you have any queries please email us at [email protected]

How do I pay for a reading or any other services or products?
You can purchase any of the services or goods provided on this website and payment must be made through Paypal. Paypal are one of the worlds leading card payment solution providers. Your card details are encrypted throughout your transaction and no one gets to see the details you enter. Any details entered will not be retained by us following the transaction. Your privacy and confidentially is of the upmost importance, therefore Paypal has been allocated for use for payment of any products and services.

Can I book a reading without paying through paypal
No. As soon as you book the Administrator will get immediate notification from Paypal. The Administrator will have your contact details to advise you, that we have received payment, for you to advise us of inconvenient times for you and that we will shortly be in touch.

How long will it be before I hear back after paying?
You will get ‘confirmation of payment received’ with in a few hours. In busy periods please allow 24 hours.

When will I have my actual reading with Sky Silverstone
Please know we will endeavour to make every effort to set the earliest timing we can, however this is dependant on Sky’s schedule around TV and clients already on the waiting list. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please email the administration team to check: [email protected]

If I have ordered goods and products (not a reading) when will I receive these goods?
This varies depending on what product you have ordered, generally you will receive most goods in 10-14 working days of receiving your order. If you have ordered a specific hand made product specifically for yourself, such as a ‘Charged Candle’ please note this may take a little longer as these require work and time before Sky will allow admin to despatch them. You will be emailed as soon as your goods have been despatched.
If you have any queries please contact us on [email protected]

Once I’ve booked a reading, what’s next?
Send an email to: [email protected] with the following information:

– The area you wish the reading to cover (love, work, career, money, family, health or general reading)
– Date of Birth
– Contact details – email and mobile phone number
– Inconvenient times, when you are not available

The Administrator will contact you and arrange a suitable time for your reading.
Please note: that if you don’t send this, the Administrator will STILL contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time slot

I need to change my time slot?
If you need to change you agreed time, just email [email protected] and advise accordingly.
We will be happy to re-arrange to another time more suitable for you.

What do I do at the pre-arranged time slot?
The Administrator will email you ahead of time – all the confirmation details. You will also be given a special ‘reading-landline-number.’ Therefore PROMPTLY at the pre-arranged time please call on this number. (Please note this is not operable at any other time.) Please do not be late and ensure to call promptly.

Who calls who for my booked reading?
As mentioned in the last question, the administration team will advise you of a special ‘reading-landline number,’ which you must call promptly at your pre-arranged time. 

Ask the question – Do I genuinely need an ‘Emergency 999 Reading?’
This is where your reading slot is mutually arranged, agreed and set with 24-48hours of you booking it. The slot is a 30 minute telephone reading with Sky. This is NOT to be booked, unless you absolutely have a genuine emergency that has occurred in your life. Sky works with integrity and honesty and as this is a costly service, she is adamant that if you are merely wanting a reading, DO NOT BOOK THIS. We have brought this on to the books due to demand, because life sometimes throws us a punch, at these times we may have been totally thrown off our path of balance by something that we have no control over. At those times we need help and guidance as soon as possible. If this is the case, only then book this service, otherwise please book a normal reading.

Are there any other services available not listed on the ‘book a readings page?’
Sky is a very powerful healer and there are services that she has conducted for many years, for many clients, outside of just pure readings. Booking from the readings page, only represents a very small amount of the kind of work that Sky engages in. Here is just a small example of work outside of what is listed on the ‘book-reading-page,’ :-

– One to One Psychic Development Lessons
– Cosmic Ordering on Your Behalf in Any Area You Have Need
– Counselling Services for Individuals and Couples
– Channelled Healing
– Creative Visualisation to Attract Your Wish
– Spiritual Cleaning Products and Services
– House and Office Spiritual Cleansing Products and Services
– Protection Products and Services
– Drawing to you a Particular Loved One and Retaining Their Focus
– Keeping Third Parties Out Of Your Marriage
– Working with Goddesses, Saints and Deities
– And many more!

If you have a dilemma, best way forward is to – email [email protected] and simply state your situation, dilemma and request. We will pass this on to Sky, who will advise through her expertise, what service you need and it’s pricing.

Please be advised that relevant help and advice is also available from the the appropriate organisations below. Advice and guidance should be sought and the help numbers are as below: –

Mental Health   0300 5000 927
Pregnancy (BPAS)  0845 730 4030
Post Traumatic Stress   01788 560 800
Samaritans   0845 790 9090
Victim Support   0845 303 0900
Gamblers Anonymous   08700 508 880
Domestic Violence    0808 2000 247
Child Bereavement  0800 282 986
Alcoholics Anonymous   0845 769 7555
RSPCA   0300 1234 999
Eating Disorders   0845 634 1414
Marriage Guidance   0800 389 3801
Rape Crisis   0808 802 9999
Phobic Society   0270 7700 456
Sexual Abuse   0808 1000 900
Animal Welfare   0990 555 999
Cancer Back Up   0207 840 7840
Macmillan Cancer Support   0808 808 0000
Lone Parents   0808 801 0323
Missing Persons Helpline   116 000
National Aids Helpline   0800 012 322
Parent Line   0808 800 2222
National Debt Line   0808 808 4000
Drugs Support Line   0800 776 600