Project Description

Psychic, Counselor, NLP Practitioner, Life-coach, Astrologer, creating a happier fulfilled mindset and life. Cosmic ordering, intention-fixing and focus re-direction are ingredients of the work done with clients. As well as, how to work spiritually, with higher beings such as angels, guides and ascended masters, how to look for signs and guidance from them, being magnetic in drawing-in a new relationship, re-energizing an existing one, a new job or new home, even new friends can be attracted, how to understand and deal with upheavals, challenges and difficult life issues. Working in the fitness industry for years alongside this work, a big part of has become – Life-style, Image / Appearance Consulting and Guidance – done intuitively/psychically – it is a magical transformation and with positive outcomes for all clients this has become a big part of the work.

This promo is a very small taster of the work she does as television psychic, on and off the screen. Has successfully worked on live television for the past 5 years as a presenter and psychic on various shows, is currently appearing weekly on a thriving busy live psychic & spiritual show. No nonsense approach, sincere and straightforward in guiding others.

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