Happy New Year to you all!

The planetary revelations have a few fireworks in store for us all, with 2 eclipses blazing up transformations, changes, possible break-ups, allowing the cleansing of that which blocks our lives.

Us humans are often unwanting of these changes emanating from ecliptic energies as they could rock our world in many ways, however when you look back much later at what did change, you’ll find it was a actually for some future success.
New Moon with the Solar Eclipse falls on the 6th in Capricorn. The Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse in Leo falls on the 21st.

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In the meantime enjoy your horoscope below and may you have a wonderful start to your amazing 2019!

Sky x

Happy New Year dear Airies! There’s sparks flying to your start of 2019 as fiery Mars gets you month off to a great start. Mars is your ruler and is in your sign all month. Don’t waste a single drop of this energy because, if used well it can energise, uplift and propel you forward with your personal plans and ambitions. Another plus comes with Uranus, where this planet of independence and originality has been travelling backwards through your sign; from the 6th it then goes direct. This allows for you to be overflowing with inspiration and new ideas for your year ahead!


Happy New Year dear Taurus! Good news as the year starts off with your ruler Venus right at home in your personal area of relationships, marriage and contracts. Venus can bring deeper bonds and contented relationships for the first week of January. After the 7th Venus then moves on to bring warmth and upliftment to the intimacy and sexual connections in your life. The Sun, Saturn and Pluto are affecting your need to get away from the humdrum of life with Mercury joining in the party after the 8th you may well feel the desire to change your surroundings in some way.


Happy New Year dear Gemini! The year gets off to a great start in areas of your everyday life, routines and/or daily work, all through the planet of love and abundance bringing you favour from the people around you. Venus may encourage some Gems to apply themselves to new health & fitness regimes to uplift the fresh start of the year. For the first week of the year your ruler Mercury, is travelling through areas of relationships and commitments encouraging deeper connections with certain people. With Jupiter remaining here for the most of the year you may find valuable commitment with a special someone.


Happy New Year dear Cancerians! Good news as the year starts well with the Goddess of Love and Abundance in full glory as she travels through the house she governs – your 5th house. The festivities are not over as this allows the opening up of some of the following: romance, flirtations, fun social invites, leisure and/or pleasure enhancing opportunities. More good news, as she moves on after the 7th to bring you favour from people in the areas of your daily life such as from work. Some of you crabs may find a need to enhance your health & fitness, all to feel good and look stunning for your year ahead.


Happy New Year dear Leos! The start of the year could have many of you loving your homes or still wanting time with your family. Other Leo’s may be planning changes to their homes whether decorating, making structural changes or desiring a move. This comes through Venus travelling through these areas encouraging your attention to needing a deeper connection with all that makes you feel comfortable and secure. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 21st is in your sign, allowing fast tracking changes and transformations in your life.


Happy New Year dear Virgoans! Great start to the year with the Goddess of Abundance travelling through your 3rd house of communications, quick contacts or short trips. You may be focused to seeing to the ‘to-do list,’ getting errands out of the way or completing odd-jobs that should have been tackled by now. Some of you may be making social connections or looking at studying something. After the 7th Venus encourages many of you to connect with your homes or family in some way. You could be planning a change of home, a change of décor or simply spending a little more time at home.


Happy New Year dear Librans! A great start to the year with the Goddess of Abundance travelling through your house of money, incomes & self worth. This is a house she governs so therefore, she’ll be likely to be in full glory bringing you her great benefits in many ways. Christmas is not over, as this transit could expand these areas to bring you abundance, the ability to enhance incomes or brings gifts out of the blue. After the 7th, she moves on to enhance your connections with home and family, all to make you feel more secure.


Happy New Year dear Scorpio! Great start to the year with the Goddess of Love and Abundance in your sign till the 7th. Many of you may be encouraged to change or enhance how the world sees you, such as a new hairstyle or changes to your appearance. You’re pushed in positive ways to bring out a more confident side of you. Even though Venus moves on after the 7th it’s still great for you as she moves into your house of money, incomes and self worth. This is a great transit that can attract abundance and incomes to you if you put in some energy to gain these changes.


Happy New Year dear Sagittarians! Great start to the year as your ruler lucky Jupiter remains in your sign for most of the year making it an auspicious year to sow the seeds of where you wish your life to go for years ahead. More good news as the planet of travel, intellect, travel and communications Mercury, is in your sign till the 5th showering you with these positive vibrations for the start of the year. It gets better Saggies, as Mercury moves on from the 5th to join the Sun, Saturn and Pluto all in you 2nd house of money. If you’re chasing positive changes in abundance, it’s looking very good for you  this year.


Happy New Year dear Capricorns! This is a month that’s always belonged to you as the almighty Sun travels through your sign. The goods news keeps rolling in for you as Mercury moves into your sign on the 5th enhancing communications, focusing your mind and putting speed into you activities. Then there’s a New Moon alongside a transformational but rare Eclipse in your very sign on the 6th. All the while your ruler Saturn and deep-change-creating Pluto remain in your sign, enhancing major changes for all areas of life.


Happy New Year dear Aquarians! January starts with a great amount of power and energy in your house governing the hidden, your subconscious, secrets and/or worries. This comes through 4 planets, the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and then Mercury transiting these areas. You may find dreams are revealing of that which is deep with in you, or there could be an onset of major revelations from with in and/or outside of your life. On the 20th the almighty Sun moves into your sign bringing a lighter energy to life. Then the planets of communication and travel moves in on the 24th serving to sharpen your mind and speed you on with your month.


Happy New Year dear Pisces! A great start to the year through the positive escalating energy in your 11th house of group efforts, collaborating life-activities in any area, networking and socializing with friends. This comes through 4 planets, the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury, travelling through this house. This is month to not ‘go-it-alone,’ as it mat be an uphill struggle, so consider revising plans and put your mind to joining up with others to suit you in getting the results you want.