Dear spiritual people,

The last month of 2018 December is upon us! What a great month to end the year with, as there’s some great planetary placements we can all benefit from. With in your horoscopes below, I’ve summarized what areas are affected for you over over Christmas in addition to the month in general.

Of course as usual, do have look at my short video for December on You Tube here>

The New Moon is in Sagittarius on the 7th a powerful time to shower us all with this signs energy as the Sun is also in Sagittarius. Then we have the Full Moon on the 22nd in Cancer.

I’m back live on-screen later in January 2019, however I don’t exactly know my availability so please email me in late December 2018 and I’ll have those dates by then to give you[email protected] – And of course for help if you need to book, let us know on this same address and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishing you a great Christmas and blessings for your New Year 2019. In the meantime enjoy your horoscopes below 🙂

Dear Airies December is an uplifting month for you through the Goddess of Love Venus, charging-up areas of your emotional security, secrets, sexuality or boosting money matters you may share with another person. Venus in the right place of any chart showers us with love, abundance and prosperity and placed here for you, it can make you feel quite comfortable with these areas in your life. Be mindful that for the first few days of the month Mercury is retrograding, so care is advised with dealings with these areas. However once it’s direct from the 6th there could be more mental focus towards intentions, desires and future plans. The Full Moon could have an impact on your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd, causing a heightening of feelings and emotions associated to family, home and towards feeling secure.



Dear Venus December energizes areas of your committed relationships, partnerships, or could affect your competitors. The Goddess of Love is in these areas after the 2nd attracts favor, respect and at the attention of people within any of these mentioned areas. Take care with your communications for the first week as Mercury retrogrades, but then from the 6th  Mercury’s direct movement allows more mental stimulation and focus for you goals and intentions. The Full Moon on the 22nd could affect your Christmas as it occurs in areas of communications and connections with people close to you. Emotions and feelings could be running high at this time so do take care with what you say and how you say it around the festive period.



Dear Gemini December energizes and uplifts areas of your day-to-day life, daily work, everyday routines, health or has some impact on your co-workers. This is through the Goddess of Love Venus, bringing you favor, support, love and self-love as she travels through these areas. Be mindful that your ruler Mercury is retrograding in this same area, however after the 6th this planet of communication is direct and finally returns to showering you with its energy to be focused, logical-thinking, vocal, active and empowered towards your daily life. The Full Moon on the 22nd could affect your Christmas as its occurring in areas of your money, finances and security, so it may be wise to keep a budget on your spending and costs.




Dear Cancerians December energizes areas of romance, flirtations, fun, partying and enjoyment, all quite appropriate for the festive month. This is through the planet of love Venus, travelling through this sector bringing you favor, attention and creating a need for the fun side of life. Try to be mindful of ‘what you say’ and ‘how you say it’ as the planet of travel and communication Mercury is in retrograde for the first few days of the month. However after the 6th Mercury is direct allowing you to feel supported in these mentioned areas. Watch out for over-reacting to emotions and feelings around the Christmas period as the Full Moon is in your sign on the 22nd.




Dear Leo December has a positive impact through the Goddess of Love, Venus, travelling through areas of the home and family sector of your chart. Venus encourages happy times with family, enjoyment of food, indulging in treats and having fun. Of course this is well timed for the festive period. Mercury governing forms of communication, travel & the rational mind sticks a spanner in the workings of these areas as it’s retrograding here for the first week of the month. However from the 6th Mercury is back to direct movement making you positive and assertive once again. Take care around Christmas as the Full Moon on the 22nd could be exposing your feelings, emotions and that which may have previously been hidden or buried in your subconscious could be brought out over the festive period.



Dear Virgo good news for December as your ruling planet Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 6th and returns to supporting your mental focus and positive communication. Mercury then continues to help you in areas of communication, short trips and dealings with close connections till the 12th. Then in readiness for the festive period Mercury heightens your energies to do with home, family, connection to your roots and allows a feeling of security. The Goddess of Love & Abundance is positively fueling you in types of communication, your mental agility, close relationships and fun connections, all of which supports you for the festive period. The Full Moon has an impact on your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd causing feelings and emotions to overflow particularly with your friendships, social acceptance, group connections and collective efforts.



Dear Libra good news for December as Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance is energizing her favorite house, your 2nd house associated to wealth, incomes and money. This could attract incomes or unexpected money to you somehow. This is a great placement for you as Venus is your ruling planet and additionally she has rulership over this particular house. At the same time Mercury is slightly working against you in these very areas as he’s retrograde just for the first week of the month. Then from the 6th as Mercury goes forward and starts working in tandem with Venus to enhance areas of money-attraction. The Full Moon could affect your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd causing feelings and emotions to overflow particularly relating to areas of career, work, ambitions and long term goals.



Dear Scorpio December could be a powerful month for you as Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance travels through your sign all month. This is great energy that can positively amplify or improve the impression you make on people and the world around you. Your image and outwardly persona gets a boost which feeds self-confidence in a way personal to you. Mercury is holding you back just a bit but only for the first days as he’s retrograding, but then from the 6th he joins forces with Venus in enhancing your image, persona and how everyone receives you. The Full Moon seems likely to affect your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd causing an overflowing of emotions, revealing the hidden with in you, particularly with a need to get away from the humdrum of life.



This month has always belonged to you Sagittarius as the almighty Sun travels through your sign. Energies are heightened for you more so as the New Moon on the 7th is in your sign also. This makes it a powerful month for renewed confidence, or for starting something new and fresh in your life. In some cases opportunities could be brought to you if you search for positive changes, new goals and ambitions. All this is added to the rare opportunities that your ruler Jupiter could also bring, as he’s your sign. Christmas may bring you a boost in prosperity in some way because on the 21st the Sun moves out of your sign and into the next sign, which is your 2nd house of money, incomes, wealth and self worth. The Full Moon affects your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd heightening feelings and emotions that could be overflowing particularly in areas of intimacy, sexuality, money shared with another or possibly secrets being revealed.



Dear Capricorn December brings happy dealings with friendships, networking, group activities and joint-projects. This is through Venus, the Goddess of Love & Abundance travelling through these areas bringing you attention, favor and respect. There may be invitations to fun group activities or parties. The planet of communication and travel, Mercury, also travels through these areas, however the first week it’s retrograde energy. After Mercury goes direct from the 6th both planets work in union allowing great positive energy for your festive period. The Full Moon affects your Christmas on the 22nd occurring in your opposite sign which is also your house of relationships and commitments, so be mindful that emotions could be overflowing at this time.



Dear Aquarius December brings positive vibrations around areas of career, ambitions, reputation, achievements and goals. Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance is uplifting these areas bringing you favor, respect, attention and fun times too. Mercury is also travelling through these areas, although for the first week it’s retrograding but after the 6th the direct movement brings you more mental focus and happy communications. This makes its great time to reach for your goals or take action towards ambitions. The Full Moon affects your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd bringing up emotions, feelings and possibly revealing secrets. The areas most affected by this Full Moon are your daily life, everyday work, routines, health, and/or your fitness.



Dear Pisces December could have you energized, active or fired-up about something as fiery Mars travels through your sign. The key to handling Mars energy in any situation is to keep busy, active or focused on your goals. As the Sun is helping you here till the 21st  accentuating areas of your career, ambitions, goals and areas of your personal destiny, it may serve you well to focus your attentions here. Mercury is hand in hand with the Sun however there’s retrograde energy for the first week and then from the 6th the combo of energies supports you as it could allow mental focus and directed communication. The Full Moon has a knock-on effect upon your Christmas as it’s on the 22nd amplifying feelings emotions and situations particularly to do with romantic liaisons, affairs of the heart or situations of leisure/pleasure.