March 2017 Horoscopes

//March 2017 Horoscopes

Dear all,

Here comes March! Please also see my video here >

The month takes us forward but we may felt held back or revisiting the past. All is explained in my video and your horoscopes below.
The wonderful season of spring opens up our energies in many ways.
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Dear Aries March is an eventful month for you, especially as it starts with your ruler ‘Mars the masculine’ in your sign firing up your ego and your desire to achieve on all fronts. Venus the feminine planet of love and money, adds her flavor to your love life, leaving you wanting to look good, feel good and attract romance. From the 4th she retrogrades, bringing back past connections or thoughts about a past someone. It seems like there’s a party going on in your sign as Mercury the communicator, the eloquent creative business player, enters your sign on the 13th. March is a powerful month that can enhance your life, allowing you to re-visit the past with a chance to re-coup on something you thought had been lost.

Dear Taureans, your ruler Venus the planet of love, femininity, wealth, money and relationships starts it’s retrograde on the 4th. Many of you may feel that life is stagnant at times. Some of you may be miscommunicating or being misunderstood by others. Others may have friendships, relationships or missed opportunities return in order to have another stab to making it work. Then from the 10th onwards Mars brings its ‘masculine, action-on’ energy to your sign filling you with urgency. Be mindful to not get stressed with these conflicting energies, where your ruler retrograding could be pulling you back to re-address the past, as Mars fires you up to get things moving forward. March is a month to be gentle on yourself and to think carefully when making life-decisions before reacting.

Dear Gems your ruler Mercury the communicator is traveling through intuitive Pisces at the onset of March till the 13th. This will make you quite thoughtful and intuitive at times. Many of you may be exploring the inner recesses of your past decisions and relying on your gut instincts, even daydreaming of where you want life to take you. As Venus the ‘relationship queen’ retrogrades from the 4th some Gems may find that you’re faced with a returning experience, friendship or relationship. If it’s not appearing in reality, it could provoke you to over-think it. Please do not rush forward to make any final decisions about anything this month. Take time to think things through allowing yourself to see how things as they really are, not as what was has temporarily been created by the retrogrades.

Dear Cancerians as Venus, the love planet starts her retrograde on the 4th so you may be re-addressing your relationship needs. You may find yourself overly thinking a connection from your past especially around the Full Moon on the 14th which will heighten your thoughts and feeling. Some of you who could face the return of past friendships or relationships, take your time before settling for what you see or hear. With Jupiter’s retrograde added to the mix, I would advise to sit tight and observe, please try not to rush ahead with anything or anyone as the picture will be ever-changing as the months progress.

Dear Leo March brings you a fated time of sorting out past issues or problems left behind from relationships, especially those that are karmic. So you could be faced with friendships or relationships of the past in some way, where some of you have a chance for a last stab at making things fruitful, whilst other Leos could be rolling their eyes with thoughts of speedily moving on or removing something once again. Either way please don’t rush to make your conclusions, because nothing is as it initially appears as you progress this year. Work and career ambitions fare well for your sign with wealth creating opportunities manifesting or re-appearing for another chance to go for them.

Dear Virgo, your ruler, Mercury the communicator is traveling through gentle Pisces from the start of March. This transit has brought you an energy or desire to step away from the reality of everyday hum-drum life and encourages you to delve into your creative mind. You may have been more inclined to go with your intuition, not with what you see or hear in reality, and that would be the right way to go. Jupiter already in reverse gear and Venus retrograding from the 4th may present you with past people or past business opportunities that you thought were lost to you. A time of careful consideration is called for before making any life-defining decisions. Things may be settling very differently as all goes forward in the months to come. Do take care with any ‘yo-yoying’ thinking and overflowing emotions as the Full Moon is in your sign on the 14th.

Dear Librans March could be a huge game-changer for you in someway personal to you. Your ruler, feminine Venus the planet of love, fun and money, starts its retrograde on the 4th. Jupiter the planet of wealth, career, home and marriage is already in retrograde in your sign. Many of you no doubt, could be faced with someone or something of the past coming back in for your attention or re-assessment. Please take time to sit with all that unravels this month. Try not to make definite conclusions or life changing decisions because these retrogrades are set to affect you powerfully in some way, leaving things prone to change when the planets go forward once more.

Dear Scorpios March is a powerful ingredient to shaping 2017 for you in general. Many of you are be coming more aware of your power and influence upon situations, over people and on your life in general. The month may pose a challenge to a desire or goal that you want to achieve, as you may find that people are standing in the way. However you’ll find the confidence and wisdom to overcome obstacles and rise to any challenges as the month progresses. As Venus the ‘Love Goddess’ retrogrades you may be faced with thoughts of the past or people could be back in touch with you. Watch out for any ‘yo-yoying’ emotions and thoughts as we approach the Full Moon on the 14th.

Dear Sagittarians March is a month to observe and take stock before you make any decisions. This is mainly due to your ruling planet Jupiter being in retrograde bringing you an energy of feeling a little lacking in direction. This in tandem with Venus the relationship planet starting its retrograde on the 4th makes it a month to take your time with any decisions. Some of you may be faced with issues or people of your past as a result of the retrogrades. It is certainly a time to observe what you truly need against what will actually remain as these planet go forwards in the months to come.

Dear Caps, March brings a cooling energy asking you to ‘just be’ to observe, and for the time being, get on with life as it stands. It’s a time to avoid starting new projects or new relationships as the ‘Love & Money Goddess’ Venus, and the ‘wealth, marriage and home’ planet, are both in retrograde. The past in general, could rear its head for your re-assessment in some way. This could be in the form of people, situations or thoughts of the past.  You may already know how you wish to proceed but those of you that don’t, please stand back and observe. Retrogrades churn up the past, throwing life up in the air a little, with things only finally settling with a truer picture as the planets go forwards once more.

Dear Aquarians March may bring back old friendships, ex’s or past issues needing your careful consideration. Some of you may be faced with opportunities you thought had passed you by, in areas of creating-wealth or enhancing business. This is due to Venus the planet of ‘love and money’ starting its retrograde on the 4th in tandem with Jupiter who governs ‘business, wealth and marriage’ already in reverse gear. It’s a time to observe and not over-react as the retrograde energy stirs up life for you. Things may settle very differently in the months to come as the planets go direct.

Dear Pisces, happy birthday to all of you! March belongs to you as the almighty Sun travels through your sign till the 18th. You find it easier to be well received as the focus may well be on how you present yourself to the world. The best way the gain advantages of this energy is to focus on your outwardly energy to others, be in your best light and direct your actions towards your goals. This is supported with the planet of communication and business, Mercury, traveling through your sign for the first couple of weeks of the month. Be mindful that the past may present itself in some way as the Venus and Jupiter retrograde gets underway. This may appear in varying forms, from people of your past or past opportunities returning. Watch out for the yo-yoing thoughts and emotions created by the Full Moon in your opposite sign on the 14th.

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