September 2018

//September 2018

Dear spiritual people, 

September the month of the mutable Earth sign of Virgo, leading us to an introduction to Libra later in the month. Attributes of Virgo are further amplified in all our lives through the Virgo New Moon on the 9th. Then we have 2 weeks of positive escalating energy that can be used by us all to attract our hearts desires, via the culminating power of the Full Moon in Airies on the 25th.

The September Full Moon can  alternatively be called by any of the following names: the Harvest Moon, Full Corn Moon or the Harvest Barley Moon. This Moon is said to provide the most light, when it’s needed, so as to complete a harvest. Spiritually, it’s a time take stock of our lives, to look at what’s gone past and how you wish to proceed with the last part of the year to go.

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Enjoy your horoscopes below and make sure you have a great September everyone!

Sky x

For you dear Airies September starts with Venus, the planet of love & abundance continuing her travels through your personal areas of marriage, commitments, relationships and contracts, so putting a spotlight on these areas in some way till the 9th. For example, for those of you already in a commitment, you may feel more connected to your partner, where as singletons may feel more in need of security in relationships. The almighty Sun adds its light, energy and power to your daily work, routines and health areas. This energy is multiplied in your life with the Full Moon on the 25th as it’s in your sign, making it a month to focus on your goals and ambitions.


Dear Taurus, up to the 23rd the Sun impacts areas of love, flirtation, romance and fun. This could bring you opportunities or invitations to somehow enjoy the lighter pleasurable side of your life. After the 23rd the Sun moves its power onward to energize your daily work, regular activities, wellbeing, health and fitness routines. You may find you have more interest or uplifting energy for one or more of these areas. Love, relationships and committed connections may spice up a little after the 9th as Venus the planet of love & abundance enters your personal areas of marriage, commitment and relationships.


Dear Gemini, up to 22nd your ruling planet Mercury encourages his personal positive aspects of communication, creative pursuits and wisdom with in the areas of your family and home. This is supported further as the Sun is walking almost hand-in-hand with Mercury up to the 23rd which is leading to amplifying energies with in these areas. It looks to be a powerful time for positive changes around areas that bring you security or that which forms firm foundations in your life. From the 23rd both Mercury and the Sun enter parts of your chart that’s govern romance, flirtations, fun and pleasure. Unexpected opportunities or invitations could arise that take you down a fun and lighter side to life.


Dear Cancerians early September up to the 6th has Mercury opening up communications and creating movement for you in your areas of money and security. After the 6th Mercury is at home enhancing communication, travel, creative pursuits and learning, as he travels through this part of your chart with the almighty Sun. The Sun brings positive energy to enhance how & what you communicate, to accelerate creative projects, and possibly encourage short trips. An auspicious time awaits you from the 9th as Venus joins Jupiter helping you to enjoy and enhance commitments, love, relationships and enhance business activities. This is a great period to pursue your goals little crabs!


Dear Leo the month starts with the planet of communication & travel, Mercury, having its final fling in your sign till the 6th. Mercury’s energy could allow you to fly into September in full Leo style and flare! After the 6th Mercury moves on and joins the Sun, here I’d advise you to pursue activities that could attract incomes, wealth and financial stability, as the almighty Sun and Mercury travels through these areas till the 23rd delivering their power to expand these areas for you. After the 22nd both the Sun and Mercury are energizing and expanding areas of communication, travel and creative pursuits possibly bring ease and speed to your responses.


September will always be Virgos month as the almighty Sun travels through your sign uplifting your image, personality and the impact you could make on the world. After the 23rd the Sun moves on to join speedy Mercury in areas of your chart that governs money, incomes and financial matters. There are many ways that these two planetary energies could support you, for example, both planetary energies could bring attention to what you’re saying, as well as supporting the speed of your thought & mind processes. As both are travelling through your financial and money areas it would advantageous to focus on your goals to attract abundance. This is further expanded as the New Moon shines its light on you as it’s new in your sign on the 9th.


Dear Librans your ruling planet Venus continues to grace you, as well the world with all her power as she remains in your sign till 9th. Early September may have you feeling uplifted, positive and feeling recognised in some way by people around you. As your ruler Venus being in the sign she rules, is very auspicious for you not only as she travels through your sign but also as she moves into the next sign. So from the 9th Venus is again happy in an area of she governs, which is the house of money, wealth and abundance. This is a time to focus on attracting positive changes in your financial areas. Librans please understand that this is a rare but great month to springboard to pursue all goals.


Dear Scorpio September starts with flowing creative energies in areas of career, work and longterm ambitions as Mercury travels through this sector till the 5th. Mercury can encourage new learning, study, travel, business activity and speed up reactions relating to these areas in someway. After the 9th Venus the planet of love, enjoyment and abundance enters your sign bringing you positive attention from those around you and highlights the impact you make on your world. Up to the 23rd the almighty Sun is lighting up your personal sectors of friendships, group activities and networking bringing positive changes with in these areas.


Dear Sagittarius till the 23rd the almighty Sun is delivering positive energies to areas of your career, ambitions and longterm plans . This is an opportune time to gain some kind of recognition or make headway in these areas. Up to the 9th the planet of love & abundance Venus brings attention and favour to you if you can collaborate efforts with others such as working in a group, using networking and joining together friends. There’s an important change this month as Saturn the great teacher has been retrograding for some months now goes direct from the 6th in your house of money, wealth, financial areas and self worth.  Any challenge or conflict created in your financial life via the retrograde will start to ease and transform.


Dear Capricorn your ruling planet Saturn has been transiting your sign, however he’s been retrograding for a good few months which may have led to some confusion or lack of focus for you. This may have created challenges in some ways for many of us, but especially Capricorns where you may have felt like life is an up hill battle. However Saturn returns direct from the 6th September starting the onset of harmony once again for many Caps. Up to the 11th Mars the hi-energy planet of war, action and go-get, is in your sign stirring you up, to do the same in some way personal to you. After the 11th Mars energises areas of money, incomes and personal worth and you may be more inclined to chase for results in these areas.


Dear Aquarius September starts with communicative Mercury continuing its transit through areas governing partnerships, commitment, marriage, contracts and relationships with others. For you Mercury could energize the mind, thoughts, forms of communication and travel with in the sphere of the these mentioned areas. After the 6th Mercury opens up communications and the mind in areas of your emotional security, intimacy, sexuality and the money you may share with another. You may be faced with a need to open up, or discuss with another about one or more of these areas. Mars the planet that stirs you to take action, get angry or go-get enters your sign from the 11th.


Dear Pisces September has the almighty Sun illuminating areas of commitments, marriage, contracts and relationships with others till the 23rd. The Sun then moves on to energize areas of intimacy, sexuality and the money you may share with others. Up to the 6th Mercury moves to direct your communications, actions and your mind to be enlivened in your daily life, routines, daily job/work, health & fitness. Mercury moves on after the 6th to partner the Sun in the sector of commitments and relationships. Intimacy and sexuality may be of interest till the about the 9th as Venus energises these areas. After the 9th Venus moves on to area of study, spiritual & physical journeys, and changes of environment. Here you may find a need to get away from the hum-drum of life, such as taking a break or a holiday.

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