September 2017 Horoscopes

//September 2017 Horoscopes

Dear friends,

September, the month of the mutable earth sign of Virgo, brings us influences of this orderly & organised sign and its ruling planet Mercury.
Septembers energy expands through the first week, allowing keen cosmic-conjurers to work towards sending out their wishes. This all leads to a culmination of the Moons energy, at the Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th.
Then it’s time to renew or chase new beginnings after the New Moon in Virgo on the 20th, asking us to consider sowing seeds of  our ambitions or engage in refreshing life in some way.
Nifty Mercury planet of communication, logical thoughts, swiftness, learning & travel, although still retrograding for the first week, finally goes forward from the 5th. Ahhhh what a ‘breath of fresh air’ I say! As many of us will see less traffic jams, we’re no longer clumsy with our words & thoughts and many become more directed in focus.

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Dear Airies September could bring you brighter times as Venus travels through your house of romance, fun and flirtation. Have some fun, why not Rams? Could you do with a little enjoyment or indulge in some much needed leisure & pleasure? Would you like romance, flirtation or time with a lover or admirer? Maybe you feel the need to spend more leisure time with in your home or garden? Well anything that makes you feel like you’re enjoying your existence is a possible outcome of this transit. Ok yes, even if you’re tied to a deadline for work, a little time away may be just what’s needed, before getting back to the grindstone.


Many Taureans will feel cosy and comfortable at home, even working from home or spending time with family. Others will feel a need to indulge in their culinary skills in the kitchen, cooking and spending time eating or cooking for others. Well why not, Taureans are said to love their food. This energy could otherwise manifest with some of you earthy bulls making your home more appealing, cosy or transformed more to your personal tastes. Mercury, planet of communication & travel is in your house of pleasure & flirtation. This could make you more vocal and bold romantically and/or flirtatiously. And those of you with a love for travel may indulge in your desires.


Dear Gemini  jump for joy! Your ruling planet Mercury goes forward from retrograde from the 5th releasing any mental clumsiness slowing you down in communication or your focus. The almighty Sun shines its light on areas of your home, family and all that makes you feel secure. If some of you are not feeling very homely, then this translates into your attention being drawn to positive changes that your home may need, such as decorating, or a change in the furniture etc. There could be a bounce in your step to get organising, ticking jobs off the ‘to-do list’ or completing outstanding errands. Being a ‘busy bee’ brings out the best in you, adding to  your positive forward-thinking. September could be a busy month with you being more open, vocal and busy with life, home, family or loved ones.



Dear Cancerians a very fortuitous month awaits you as Venus continues its journey through areas of  your finances, self-worth, possessions, bank & savings accounts and how money your money is acquired. This transit can bring positivity in feeling valued, with enhanced personal security in some way. Energies directed towards careful spending, careful investing or working economically towards financial goals, could bring pay-offs in the long-run. Some Crabs may also become fired up to get outstanding work, jobs or errands out of the way. This can and will support you to be free and clear to see to the more important life-goals and ambitions you may truly wish to achieve.


Dear Leo the onset of September invigorates and magnifies your presence to the outside world. You have the opportunity to impress and attract people towards you provided you’re focusing your energies. There could be payoffs for your goals, if you work towards gaining favour, respect or recognition in some way, not only through positive communication but also through your personality and image. The almighty Sun shines its light on areas of your money, incomes, wealth and security and is aided later in the month by Mercury. This means that well placed words & conversations, with the right people could open up pathways to increase or your abundance and prosperity.


Well September is the month of Virgo as the almighty Sun travels through your sign, it can light up your presence, image and the positive impact you make on the world. However there’s much more power for you this month as you’re supported not only the Sun, but also by Mars (power & action,) along with your ruler Mercury (communication & creativity.) Any combination of these planets in your sign can bring success for your ‘go-get’ actions towards  personal goals. In the very least this powerful combo brings upliftment or enlightenment for any or all areas of your life. The refreshing New Moon brings renewal especially for you as it’s in your sign on the 20th.


Dear Libra this is the last full month that Jupiter will travel through your sign, because early next month it moves on to the next sign and doesn’t return for over 12 years. So this month, I would urge you to sow the seeds of where you would like you life to go. Dare I say, where do you want to see yourself over the next 12 years? Lucky Jupiter is the great benefactor, aiding efforts towards attracting success in business, wealth, home changes, incomes, business and marriage. The almighty Sun enters your sign on the 22nd shining a light on the impression you can make upon the world. Mercury joins you from the 30th bringing you confidence to speak up, be heard or be seen.


Dear Scorpio September shines a light upon enhancing friendships, to consider uniting forces with others and encourages you to address your hopes for your successful future. Some of you will fare well by collaborating efforts as a group or collective of some sort, whilst others gain headway through networking, whilst some just spend more time with good friends. There may simply be a calling from with in or invitations allowing you to get away from everyday life, possibly let your ‘hair down,’ make new acquaintances, new associations or friendships.



Dear Sagittarius there’s an accent on your house of career, long-term goals and ambitions. With Venus transiting this area, you could make positive impressions on those whose support could help you. This becomes even more empowering as the planet of communication & creativity Mercury, is also travelling through this area. This is a time to pose your words and conversations in a well thought-out way, along with presenting yourself well, all allowing you to gain greater respect, recognition and/or support for your personal goals and efforts.



Dear Capricorns, as the almighty Sun travels through your fellow earth sign, this can spark positive energy for you too. Many of you will feel inspired to take a step back from the mundane and make efforts towards new-learning, exploring, travelling the world in some way. Some of you may put day-to-day life on the back-burner and spend more energy or thoughts towards something that’s very different. The Sun is positively energising and uplifting your house of career, ambitions and your good-reputation. If you’re working for an employer, this is also a house that brings favour and recognition from those that employ you.



Dear Aquarius the onset of September has great planetary activity in your house of relationships, with Mars, Venus and Mercury visiting. The Goddess of Love, Venus, is well placed here, as she can bring love, romance and fun times. The planet of communication, Mercury is also in this house allowing you to be heard, pushing for you to ‘talk the talk’ for relationships that are, or could, become long-term/fixed in your life. Mars stirs this combination, adding its fire-power through passion and action. Your focus  is needed here regarding what you truly desire from a long-term relationship, as this could help to create it into reality.



Dear Pisces early September adds energy to support you in your daily goals, activities, health and fitness regimes. This may encourage many fishes to be well organised and efficient in their lives. The almighty Sun is lighting-up your house of committed relationships, and later in the month fiery Mars joins in too. This combo can be a driving force for your personal goals with in this area. However please be mindful of the other side of Mars that enhances anger to ignite arguments or disagreements. But ofcourse that won’t happen as you have been enlightened here, to work with the positive attributes of Mars. The Full Moon on the 6th really can stir emotions and feelings as its in your sign.


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