October 2018 Horoscopes

//October 2018 Horoscopes

Dear friends,

Welcome to your October 2018 Horoscopes! With the Goddess of Love and Abundance starting a retrograde along with Halloween, it’s definitely an eventful month for all of us. New Moon in Libra on the 9th and Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th. 

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Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy your October 2018 horoscopes and have a great month.

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Dear Airies October has the almighty Sun shining its light on your relationships, commitments, rivals and/or contracts. These areas of you life are accentuated more so as Mercury, planet of the mind and communication is also in travelling through this part of your chart. Matters relating to these aspects may well be brought to your attention in a positive way especially up to the 5th as Mercury is in a harmonious relationship with the Sun. Be mindful that the planet of love and abundance Venus, starts a retrograde from the 5th affecting your personal areas of sexual matters, intimacy and shared resources. It would be wise to not make any major changes in these areas until Venus goes forward next month



Dear Venus October starts with great escalating energy in areas of you daily work, routines, health and wellbeing, all coming through the almighty Sun travelling through this area. However both Mercury and the Sun are walking together through this area leading to a positive escalation of these areas in your life. Very important is that your ruler Venus is retrograding from the 5th to 16th November. This may make you feel slightly unfocused or possibly questioning the direction of certain aspects of your life. Good news with the Full Moon on the 24th being in your sign amplifying your emotional and mental energies.



Dear Gemini October has your ruler Mercury positively walking forward together with the almighty Sun, in your personal areas of romance, flirtations, leisure, fun and pleasure. This is great for the social aspects of your life and could even bring you some va-va-voom from romantic interests. Now it’s important for you little Gems to be aware that Venus, who governs love, friendships and abundance, is starting a backwards transit, retrograding in areas of your daily work, routines, health and wellbeing starting from the 5th.  From then on, it would be wise to not make any major changes in these areas as the retrograde energy can sometimes create confusion. However this is short-lived as harmony is restored early next month.



Dear Cancerians October has positive vibrations for you in the areas of your home, family and security. This is through the almighty Sun walking harmoniously with the communication planet Mercury in this area. You may find balance and belonging, with in one or all of these areas. Venus the Goddess of Love and Abundance is right at home in your personal areas of romance, flirtations, fun and pleasure. However Venus may throw a spanner in the works as she starts to retrograde from the 5th till the 11th November. This would be a time to not start any new projects or relationships but instead keep things ticking over as the retrograde energies can upset the flow of life sometimes. it’s only a little helping of random confusion as harmony is restored next month.



Dear Leo October has the almighty Sun and the communication planet Mercury in a highly positive alliance elevating areas of learning, communication, short trips, study and light-hearted interactions. The union of the Sun and Mercury in these areas could bring you opportunities for fun  fun and flirtation. Venus the planet of love, friendships and abundance is travelling through the section governing your home, family, security and/or the roots of your life. Though Venus brings happiness, laughter and love, she starts a backward trek via retrograde from the 5th to the 11th November. During this transit Venus could throw a spanner in the works within these mentioned areas and associated relationships. So I would advise you to not start anything new, but instead maintain the day-to-day aspects of life until she’s direct again next month.


Dear Virgo October could give a positive boost to incomes, money, financial  security and self worth, through the almighty Sun and mighty Mercury in an alliance in these areas. This could be a good time to pursue projects and connections which could pay you futures dividends. You have the Goddess of Love & Abundance bringing her power and heat to areas of social light-hearted connections, learning, study, short trips and communications. However these areas have a spanner thrown in the works because Venus starts a retrograde from the 5th till the 11th November. It’s advised to not make any major decisions, try not to start new relationships with in these mentioned areas and generally. It works well for you to just see to the day to running of your life, as harmony is restored next month.



October is Libra’s month as the power of the Sun is directing its light on you and your world. There’s more power for you to tap into through the New Moon occurring in your sign on the 9th along with Mercury, planet of communication, travel and the mind, in your sign till the 10th. Don’t waste this opportunity coming from all these united planetary energies, by reaching towards the direction you wish your life to go. Now very importantly your ruler Venus, starts a retrograde from the 5th October to the 16th November. Rulers retrograding just may make us feel just a tad lacking in focus, nothing major and can be easily be overcome by
 being busy. This retrograde starts whilst Venus is travelling through Scorpio, in her backward trek, Venus re-enters Libra on the 31st October remaining retrograde till the 16th November. Venus is direct in Libra from the 16th November till the 2nd of December allowing Librans to feel balanced and focused once again.


Dear Scorpio October brings the start of major change as your ruling planet Pluto, currently travelling through Capricorn, moves forward from retrograde on the 1st of October. Pluto is a major transformation and game-changing planet, whether it destroys to rebuild or transforms to renew, going forward is a plus for all of us. With Mercury enhancing communication, travel and the mind, entering your on the 10th helping to direct you forward. The power of the Sun shines on all aspects of your life after it enters your sign on the 23rd. Bare in mind that the love planet Venus is in your sign, but on the 5th she starts a retrograde which may bring re-visits of people of the past. Venus continues her backward movement in your sign till the 31st.



Dear Sagittarius October fires up your need to speak up, get your point across, deal with errands and/or make short trips. This is through Mars firing up these areas possibly pushing you to learn something new, or get to studying something. If you don’t channel Mars’s energy positively for yourself, it can lead to frustration and anger, so I’d advise you to get talking and expressing yourself. The Sun and Mercury will both be pushing you to handle the sphere of your friendships, associations or possibly working in a group or collective to gain better results with projects. Otherwise this could simply mean that you’re socializing with a group-collective of your friends, colleagues or associates.



Dear Capricorn October has powerful vibrations to support areas of career goals, ambitions and/or longterm hopes. This is emanating from the Sun and Mercury travelling through these areas, as the Sun highlights aspects of these areas, with Mercury firing up your thoughts, your communications and short trips. Venus in your friendships and group-association’s zone will draw you towards these areas but she starts a retrograde from the 5th to  the 16th November. So for the rest of the month you may see people of your past re-visit you in some way. For some of you the retrograde energies push a few issues to arise when dealing with relationships in any area of your life. If a little care is taken when dealing with relationships you may find that everything flows well and issues are short-lived.



Dear Aquarius Mars in your sign this month firing you up to take action, go after something or simply be more active. Many of you will find that if you don’t channel the power of Mars’s energy to do something that inspires you, then that fire-power could easily become frustration or anger. Sometimes Mars can just make us feel annoyed about something so that we do exactly what Mars stands for – action. 
Mar’s opposite is Venus and she is travelling through your career and ambitions zone which is a plus for relationships with in those areas. However, Venus starts a retrograde in these areas from the 5th to the end of the month. So if you could exercise just a little care when dealing with people and aspects with in these areas you’ll find things flow better for you.



Dear Pisces October has the almighty Sun and Mercury travelling through your intimacy and shared-money zone, firing up your attention and communication with in these areas. If something needs to be said or done in these areas, you’ll be doing it or saying it with passion. Venus is travelling through your zone of learning, study, desire to change your environment or get away from your day-to-day existence. You’ll feel drawn to one or more of these areas in some way, but be mindful that Venus retrogrades here from the 5th till the end of the month. In this time you may find someone of the past re-visits you or relationships become a little confusing or problematic. All that’s need is a little care when dealing with people especially close relationships and you’ll find life flows smoothly.







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