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October the month of Libra brings in major changes. Jupiter changes signs, waving goodby to Libra and entering Scorpio.

We have  a Full Moon in Airies on the 5th October. A New Moon in Airies recharges us on the 19th.

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Dear Airies the onset of October has an accent on your daily activities, routines, health and fitness areas. Venus and Mars walking through this area of your chart will push many of you to tidy-up, clear-up or clear-out some of these areas. Some of you may feel empowered to look your best, others may be energised to bring in new exercise regimes or healthy eating plans. Making your daily activities work efficiently may give you more time and energy to devote to your longer-term goals this month. The almighty Sun is positively highlighting committed relationships and competitors. More energy is added through the Full Moon being in your sign on the 5th.


Dear Taurus your ruler Venus travels through your house of romance, flirtation and fun. Not only is she your ruling planet, she’s also the ruler of this house as well. Many of you will find it refreshing as she energises your appeal and presence with in relationships. Mars is almost walking hand in hand with her in the first week, bringing passion, firepower and action. Many of you may feel more directed and energised regarding areas of your lives especially relationships, not only romantic but working associations as well. This is amplified as lucky Jupiter moves signs and enters your house of committed relationships.


Dear Gemini your ruling planet Mercury along with the Sun travels through your house of lovers, romance and enjoyment. October may invite you to let your hair-down, put your feet up, enjoy life, indulge in a bit of flirtation or love. As lucky Jupiter moves signs in the first week, it brings you success and recognition for your efforts towards daily routines, work, health and fitness. This encourages you to trim up these areas and make them work economically for you. If used well, Jupiter placed here helps you to get ahead in work, life-goals and bring respect from superiors for your hard work.


Dear Cancer October adds its positive energies towards being heard for what you’re expressing through any forms of communication.  This leads you to gaining respect and recognition for your words of wisdom that bring others greater understanding, wisdom and knowledge. So I would urge you to add thought and care before any expression. Mars also adds its fire-power to this area, so if used well you can come across with positive passion that attracts favour. However if not carefully put forward, Mars can inflame or anger your expressions and communications. All in all the positive side is, that the world loves, respects and hears what you’re saying.


Dear Leo there’s a great accent on areas of money, finances and security. October could bring favour from those who can support you to gain increases in incomes and abundance. You could be fired up more than usual to gain more security or enhance incomes as Mars travels through this area of your chart. Many of you may be getting behind plans ideas and goals that could be lucrative for the future. This adds fuel to Mercury’s gifts for you as he glides through your house of communication. This month fuels you to ‘talk-the’talk,’ or in other words, say the right things at the right time, bringing you success for your goals.


Dear Virgo great month for you as the planet of love Venus, with her perfect mate, passion-filled Mars, walk hand in hand through your sign. This combo energises love, emotions, lovers , fun and flirtation times, or the need in your life for this. Mars brings passion with a kick, entailing wonderful liaisons, enjoying associations or attracting lovers, could be in store. You may feel the need to adjust, trim up, or positively change your appearance, hair or clothes, all to enhance the impact you make on your world.


Dear Libra, lucky benefactor Jupiter enters your house of money, wealth, security and possessions in the first week of October. Many of you could be seeing a budding of the seeds you may have sown over the past year whilst he was travelling through your sign. However this is a great time to focus on elevating your incomes and their sources. Jupiter supports efforts made in areas of attracting abundance and prosperity. Librans a fresh, clearing energy can be engaged for you with the New Moon being your sign on the 19th.


Dear Scorpio this is an epic month as the great lucky Jupiter starts his year long stint in your sign. The last time he was in your signs was over 12 years ago. Now is the time to set goals and ambitions and reach for them as this wonderful planet adds to your success in areas of work, career, money, incomes, wealth, the home, changing home and bringing commitment in relationships. However remember that you have to add action to some or all of these areas, it wont just land in your lap. Jupiter is a great benefactor and brings rewards for efforts.


Dear Sagittarius the accent for the first half of October is still on career, long-term goals and ambitions as Venus and Mars travel through this area. You could use this transit to gain ground and in getting ahead with a personal goal. Then from mid-month, a light is being shone on working with others, networking or working towards a group-effort. Many of you may find that you’re being heard by your peers or your colleagues. Your ruler Jupiter changes signs in the first week and moves into your house of the the subconscious mind, the hidden and areas of secrets. This may urge you to look beneath the surface with in your self as well as external situations.


Dear Capricorn the first half of October shines a light on your career, ambitions and goals. With your positive actions, you could receive recognition for something well done with in these areas. For others there could be fortuitous developments that are well deserved. As the great benefactor Jupiter moves signs in the first week, it enters areas that encourage you to engage with friends, catch up and cultivate good friendships with in all areas of life. You are also encouraged to make efforts to achieve goals by joining forces with others as a group, as opposed to going it alone.


Dear Aquarius October has great news as the lucky benefactor Jupiter changes signs and enters your house of career, ambitions and/or long-tern goals. This is a year long transit and won’t be repeated for over 12 years after this. It’s a time to direct yourself towards achieving what you wish to manifest in career, as opposed to everyday work. It’s a time to add energy towards goals and where you wish your life to go in the next 12 years ahead. Jupiter has a great positive vibration to add to your life-goals in general; however it needs you to take action towards manifesting it.


Dear Pisces there’s great planetary activity in the house of commitment as Venus and Mars together travel through this almost hand in hand in the first week. This lends immense positive vibrations towards making commitments or looking for ‘the one.’ To boot, the lucky planet of success in work, career, money, wealth and marriage enters your house of learning, travels, exploration and philosophy. Jupiter positively expands and attracts success from efforts you make. Some of you may start some kind of new learning or exploring something. There may be a need to step away from the mundane day to day side of life, in search of something that takes you to new pastures.





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