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November, a month of astrological treats. Many of you should find things ticking along nicely so make the most of it before the festive season really bombards us next month bringing retrograde madness as well!

We have a Taurus Full Moon on the 4th followed by the clearing energy of the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th.

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Dear Airies November starts off with both the Venus Goddess of Love and the Mars the God of Passion & War travelling through your house of committed relationships & marriage. This could bring you a greater magnetism for a partner or a need for deeper commitment to an existing partner. Singletons could be drawn towards finding a happier balance in their relationships. Although Venus moves out after the 7th but Mars your ruler remains, feeding energy to your actions, reactions, as well as your communications. Care with words allows smoother and more favourable responses from those around you.


Dear Taurus your house of daily work, routines, health & fitness is being powered up with both your ruler Venus, joined with fiery Mars from the onset of November. Although Venus moves on after the 7th, she has the capacity to bring you favour and recognition for what you do on a daily basis. Others Taureans may be inspired to find ways to look and feel good, putting efforts towards their wellbeing and/or fitness regimes. Mars remains here all month firing up your drive and passion towards your daily activities, fitness and work. If your daily work doesn’t inspire you, then you may be feel a desire to change things or move on in some way.



Dear Gemini November may have some romance, leisure or time with children on the agenda. It may be a month where the focus is on activities that bring pleasure and fun, as opposed to the hum-drum of life. In amongst enjoying life, do remember that Jupiter the planet of positive expansion & success is travelling through your area of daily work & health area for the next year ahead. This is a powerful transit that has the capacity to bring respect & recognition for the good work you do. Other Gems could really get going with health, fitness and good diet regimes. I would advise that you throw yourself into all these areas wholeheartedly as Jupiter can bring great success.



Dear Cancerians November may bring you an immense draw to cuddle up in your homes, changing the decor, entertaining, cooking at home, or just love being with in the haven of your abode. It is truly time to do what makes you secure and happy with in your home. Just a reminder that Jupiter the planet of luck, success and expansion is showering its positivity in the areas of romance, fun and enjoying the lighter brighter parts of your life. This could bring to some of you new lovers, flirtations, invitations to have fun or just enjoy life. Remember to make the best of this year-long transit as Jupiter always brings good things.



Dear Leo November brings influences that may fire you up to speak-out or speak up about something. If you take care to formulate it positively, then whatever you have to express could pay dividends. Venus in this area can bring respect for your communications and serves you very well. However with fiery energy of Mars also influencing you, I would ask you to be mindful that the passion behind your expression does not come across as anger or aggression, but instead engage positive enthusiasm. The planet of success, luck and abundance is in the first stages of its year long stage in the area of your home, family, your roots and that which makes you feel secure. This transit is great to make changes or transform these areas to your liking.


Dear Virgo November starts with both Venus and Mars in your house of money, self worth and possessions. Venus is well placed here in bringing abundance for efforts towards gaining wealth. Although she moves on after the first week, Mars remains here for the rest of the month. As Mars brings excitement, energy, power and passion to this area, it may mean that you become stirred up about earning money, gaining security and valuing self worth more fervently. The downside of this transit can be about overspending, which of course can be avoided with due care and attention.



Dear Librans November brings you energy and passion for life and existence as Mars travels through the area of new beginnings, your image and how you present yourself to the world. This fiery planet can bring enthusiasm and energy to make positive changes in how the world sees and receives you. Venus endows beauty and wellbeing as it joins Mars in this area for the first week. For the rest of the month, Venus moves in to your house of money where she is very comfortable in attracting abundance and prosperity for your efforts to gain security and incomes.




The Sun shines on you as it travels through your sign for the majority of November making it the month of Scorpio. The first week of the month has Mercury firing up your communication as it’s in your sign for the first week, after which it enters your house of money & incomes. The planet of love Venus enters your sign around the 8th allowing you to attract positive changes in these areas of love & romance. I must underline the lucky year long transit of Jupiter in your sign. This fortuitous planet brings success, incomes, wealth and favour to your efforts and ambitions for years ahead depending on how focused you are this year with ambitions and goals. Energies are refreshed with the New Moon occurring in your sign n the 18th.



Dear Sagittarius the planet of communication, logical thought and creativity enters your sign from the 5th of November. This transit enhances and sharpens your responses, communications and reactions. Sometimes this transit can push the mind to  over think or become over-focused on certain things but overall this is a positive transit that can encourage you to speak-up about that which needs to be heard. More good news as Mars and Venus energises the area of friendships and group associations. You could have opportunities to socialize, catch up with loved ones or friends, or work part of a group-collective to gain more outcomes rather than alone.



Dear Capricorn the start of November shines a powerful but positive light on areas of your career, ambitions and your longterm goals. Many of you may well become fired up to achieve specific goals or you may seek changes in these areas of your life. Jupiter the planet of expansion, happiness and success starts a year-long journey in your house of  friendships, group associations and networking. This is a great transit where there’s strength in numbers or working as a group,as it could bring better results than going it alone.




Dear Aquarius the onset of November may draw you away from the hum-drum of life, firing you up to travel or take time away. Some of you may want to invest in learning something new, investigate, research into something, or look at opening up new pathways for your life to follow. Others may become thoughtful and philosophical in search of that which feels right, whilst discarding anything that you really shouldn’t have in your life anymore. After the 7th Venus moves into you house of, goals and ambitions. This is wonderful transit that can bring respect and recognition from those in authority for your efforts, ideas and work towards achieving career goals.



Dear Pisces the onset of November has both fiery Mars and love-enhancing Venus in your house of intimacy, sex and your shared resources/finances. Mars brings energy and passion which could be well placed here, however it’s best to ensure it does not turn to frustration or aggression. Mars remains here for the remainder of the month energising reactions with in intimate connections. Venus then moves on after the 7th energising areas of learning, researching, philosophy and travel. Some of you may love to learn about something or simply feel the need to get away from the hum-drum of life.

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