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May the month of the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus is upon us, with the Sun moving into Gemini The Twins, later in the month. May is the number 5, a number of freedom, dynamism and energy. In relation to the 5, May can bring changes that encourage independence & adventure. I would say take a risk, go for achieving a goal, it may be successful with the ‘5’ energy of May. Go for it and put a spring in your step;)

We have a New Moon in Taurus on the 15th for attracting new beginnings and a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th great for manifesting wishes.

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It’s a massively busy month for me so I am live on-screen only on one day in May, Wednesday 2nd 5pm to midnight.

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Have great month everyone!

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May starts with the planet of travel & communication, Mercury, travelling through your sign till the 13th pushing you to pay attention to your thoughts, to speak up or take action. Before he leaves, there’s a conjunction-aspect with Uranus, firing up quick reflexes of the mind, as well as the body. Expect genius ideas & creativity coming to you in a flash, with a desire to put action to your thoughts. With Venus in your 3rd house of communication there could be a desire to learn something new, to run those outstanding errands, be appreciated for who you are and in how you deal with those closest to you.




Dear Taurus the Sun entered your sign last month, remaining in your sign till the 21st. The Sun shines a positive spotlight on your image, personality, allowing the world to receive you with a smile. The planet of travel & communication Mercury, enters your world from the 13th fueling you to speak up, take action or get moving in some way. For a couple of days after the 13th, there’s a powerful union between Mercury & Uranus which fires up the thinking processes, enhancing creative ideas and feeds the need to act on them. There’s a New Moon in your sign on the 15th supporting new beginnings




May is a great month for Gems due to the Goddess of Love & Abundance gracing your life till the 19th. She boosts your image, personality, with everyone welcoming you & what you have to say with a cheeky smile. This would be great time to push hard to achieve personal goals & agenda’s.  After the 19th, more good news as she moves into her home position of your house of money incomes & abundance. In order to gain from this, it’s important to be working towards attracting incomes, prosperity or financial changes beforehand. This allows a pay-off to be gained through the planetary action in your house of money.



Dear Cancerians May has 3 planets in your personal area of long-term partnerships, marriage, contracts & competitors. There’s fiery Mars bringing passion & energy, Saturn (retrograding) could put the brakes on situations and deep-dark Pluto (retrograding) could bring out secrets, lies or the hidden within you or your connections in the above areas. Mars moves out on the 16th and the love planet Venus enters on the May 19th boosting your image & personality, increasing your magnetism, as people receive you with a smile. This would be an opportune time to gain support, be heard and push hard to achieve your personal agenda and goals.



Dear Leo the almighty Sun is shining its light on your areas of career, personal longterm goals, ambitions & reputation. This will be accentuated even more as  Mercury joins in from the 13th sharpening your mental and physical responses. You’re pushed, to get to the point, both in your thinking as well as your communications, particularly in the areas mentioned above. Remember that Jupiter is retrograding in areas of your home, family, secure foundations and happy marriages, so if any of these areas are important for you, or are becoming challenging, please just take time-out till Jupiter goes direct.




Dear Virgo May brings planetary activity in areas of love, romance, love affairs & having fun. This is through passion-enhancing Mars, teaching Saturn & deep-delving Pluto, travelling through these areas. However be mindful the Saturn and Pluto are both in retrograde. All the above may stir up the hidden with in you, pushing you to think deeper, whilst some may even withdraw to explore how you really feel. However Mars stirs up passion, energies or even action with regard to lovers & romance. After the 16th fiery Mars activates your responses, giving you a kick to put  some va-va-voom into the areas of daily work, everyday routines & health regimes enhancing your energies in these areas.



Dear Librans May adds energy and power to your personal area of the home, family/roots, areas of security & marriage. Mars brings you passion, action-energy and desire to change something. Both Saturn and Pluto are retrograding helping to bring out your hidden energies from within yourself and your external world, whilst Saturn pushes you to learn something from all this. Venus moves into your personal area of longterm goals, ambitions & career, bringing you positive attention, respect or recognition in these areas. As you’re in favour, it would serve you well to push forward to achieve your goals. It’s wise to hold-back launch major decisions or projects but instead to re-check, plan and analyse things from all angles, at least until Jupiter is direct in July.



Dear Scorpio you have the planet of quick thinking, communication & travel, speeding up your daily work, regular activities and health regimes. You may find that you’re thinking and communicating very clearly. You could be physically fast off the mark, forward thinking and racing through your day. Remember that Jupiter is retrograding through your sign slowing down aspects of abundance, security, success & life-expansion. At worst this will create reasons to review, re-evaluate or bring up issues that should have been dealt with inthe past




Dear Sagittarians there’s a planetary pow-wow going on in your house of incomes, money & security. Mars brings power and action for you to attract security or hunt for opportunities to create a more secure life. However Saturn and Pluto are retrograding causing delays or a go-slow in these areas. Good news as the almighty Sun puts a spotlight on enhancing areas of daily routines, work, health/fitness & wellbeing. Life in these areas could lighter, brighter and harmonious. This could have you enthusiastic to get on with your day ahead. Be mindful that you could be ultra sensitive around the Full Moon in your sign on the 29th.




Dear Caps, your sign has the most planetary activity than any other this May. You have fiery Mars fuelling your need to ‘go-get’ and ‘take action.’ Then you have the teacher-Saturn who usually makes life challenging to ensure lessons are being learned, however as he’s retrograding there may be a go-slow to you moving forward. Deep-delving Pluto brings out secrets, lies & the hidden, but is also retrograding. But no major problems here, with retrogrades I’d always encourage you to avoid launching yourself into major projects or decisions, but instead it’s wise to plan, analyse and weigh-up everything from all angles.




Dear Aquarius, May has the Goddess of Love, Venus travelling through your house of romance, lovers, flirtation and leisure. Venus could bring attention to you, open-up pathways to have fun times, bring you invitations, or there maybe romance & flirtation on offer. Be mindful that there’s a lot of stimulation being given to your subconscious, as well as the sphere of the hidden, secret/lies and fears. This is because 3 planets are transiting this area you may find that you are seeking solitude or thinking time to delve into areas that may have been hidden.





Dear Pisceans the Goddess of Love Venus is bringing warmth and happiness to areas of the home, family and your security. You may want to spend more time at home or with family, whilst some of you may make positive changes to beautify your abode in some way. There’s a lot of planetary pow-wow happening around friendships and group activities as 3 planets are transiting through this area. Mars fires up these areas in some way whilst Saturn and Pluto are retrograding and may encourage you to face up dealing with issues especially if they’ve been hidden or left unattended for some time.


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