May 2017 Horoscopes

//May 2017 Horoscopes

Dear all,
Please be sure to watch my short video >
It gives more detail about May the month of Earth / Fixed sign of Taurus The Bull, and then Gemini The Twins.

The month starts with an expansion energy for your goals up to the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th.
Then a New Moon in Gemini on the 25th starts the whole expansion cycle all over again.

Exceptional days for success so be sure to watch my video >

In the mean time have a marvelous May everyone! Sky x


Dear Airies, May starts very positively with you wanting to feel good and want to look even better. This is  partly due to Venus being in your sign showering you with personal magnetism, possibly even favour and adoration from people around you. Mercury in your sign till the 15th encourages many of you to exchange ideas, talk things over or feel that it’s time to speak your truth. Some of you may feel at a creative-high, wanting to make changes to work or business. This month certainly has the best ingredients allowing you to shine in your best light and to make great impressions on those you feel are important to you.


Dear Taurus the almighty Sun travelling through your sign energises you with power, respect, authority and ofcourse shines a beacon of light on you. It encourages people around you to see you in a favorable spotlight. Your willpower to gain, achieve or create something important, could be at its strongest and most positive. Mars in your house of money, incomes and possessions, fires you up to desire greater security for yourself and your loved ones, with your attention on enhancing incomes, or creating your financial security  independent of any employer. A great month to get behind ideas and ways to attract money.


Dear Gemini your ruling planet finally comes out of retrograde and moves direct from the 3rd energizing you to push forward with personal plans and changes you’ve desired. From then on, you start to feel sharper, more directed and/or goal focused. This is enhanced and magnified more so with Mars bringing its fire and passion to your sign this month. As a result, many of you find bags of energy for life, goals and tasks, whilst others may be looking for something greater that stimulates the mind, life and existence. Do make note of the New Moon in your sign on the 25th as this is particularly powerful for inviting magnificent new starts for yourself.


Dear Cancerians Venus is in your 10th house is a huge sign of success, depending on where your focus is ofcourse. Many of you could gain recognition and respect for what you’re trying to achieve, or for what you’ve already achieved. Some of you could find it easy to make contacts, attract influential friends, gain popularity above rivals or make headway with support from people who can help. There may be a lot of enjoyment gained from enhancing your social image as you’re favoured and liked by all. This placement can also attract love-relationships through work and career.


Dear Leo, Mays astro-energy is very favorable for encouraging you to communicate, write, network and/or speak your truth in positive ways where you feel it’s needed.  Some of you will be supercharged to take action to attack any overdue errands, jobs on the ‘to-do list,’ or get the little jobs around the home or work done. It may feel like a time that you want to clean-house, clear-up business or cleanse & clear up areas of life personal to you. Some of you may be faced with interactions or contact with siblings or neighbours where you have something mutual to chat about. There’s certainly a pleasant fun atmosphere shining upon you from Mays planetary activity.


Dear Virgo your ruler Mercury moves forward from retrograde as of the 3rd and this ignites your energy for action towards personal changes and goals. Many of you will be more direct, more focused and more vocal in some areas of your life. Some of you may want expansion in areas that takes you away from the normal day-to-day running of life, like travel, holidays or experience life in a deeper way. Some of you may transfer this energy to looking for new pathways for work and career, searching options that are very different to what you may have been involved in the past.


Dear Librans your ruling planet Venus is direct and out of retrograde bringing some harmony and peace to the mind, spirit and your balanced thoughts. The great benefactor Jupiter ‘The Lucky’ also brings its harmony, success and positivity to you as it’s travelling through your sign till October. However presently in retrograde, you may feel that the results that you really want are slow or not appearing as quickly as you desire. This, in conjunction with Saturns ‘testing’ placement in your chart, may cause miscommunication, distorts understanding, even causes over-thinking. It’s all temporary, as it’s a time to plan ahead and to keep pushing forward.


Dear Scorpio we have a spectacular Full Moon in your sign on the 10th that will bring to light key areas that need working on or need your attention in some way. For some of you it could be a time of revelation, gaining valuable wisdom and knowledge of some kind. Some of you find out some hidden information, something you didn’t previously know about. The almighty Sun in your opposite sign brings you energy to want change and movement in areas specific to your desires.


Dear Sagi’s good news in May when it comes to love, romance, or having fun & social times, as Venus is working in your favour in these areas. Some of you may receive invitations from friends or from work-areas, to get out and enjoy times with others. There may be opportunities to exchange ideas in a light hearted way creating new pathways for you to follow. There’s an accent on areas of improving health, diet, exercise, all to enhance your wellbeing. Realizations erupts from you,leading to identification of areas of your that need to be more efficient, cleaner or healthier.


Dear Caps, it’s all about your home, and if they make you feel secure and loved then you may want to be around family. Anything or anyone that makes you feel like you really belong, makes you feel safe and secure, may be needed by you this month. There may be renewed passion to rejuvenate/change your living environment, change furniture around, clean up or decorate. Some of you may want to invite people over, such as family or friends, to cook, eat and be merry at home. A period of nesting whether alone or with others may be just what’s needed for many of you.


Dear Aquarius May could call for your need to keep an eye on your expenses, outgoings and costs. That said you may spend some of your hard earned money on some form of entertainment, spiritual mind-opening pursuits, being anything from books, theatre, arts, creative projects such as photography, painting or acting as an example. Some of you may find that you’re being received well by people around you either where people want to chat with you or you feel the need to communicate with others. Overall a great month that could be quite social.


Dear Pisces we have positive vibrations in your 2nd house of money, incomes and/possessions. It’s a great month to push for more on the financial front, in ways that you want to see future positive changes and improvements. There may also be a need to be vigilant of challenging interactions with family or partners, to avoid arguments that could flare up as a result of differences of opinion. Keeping calm and delaying responses can help to prevent flare-ups. Overall a good month to focus on increases in your financial security.

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