June 2018 Horoscopes

//June 2018 Horoscopes

Dear friends,

There’s a major change this month, Uranus the planet that pushes us to be different, to not blend in with the crowd, bringing transformational change, Uranus, moved into Taurus where it remains till 2026. Do read the Taurus horoscope to find out why this may be a little challenging, as this energy not only affects Taureans but showers on all of us. 

We have the New Moon in Gemini on the 13th and the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 28th. Between those dates, is a time that’s best for giving energy towards attracting for your highest good. 

Mars retrogrades in Aquarius from the 26th, this will dampen our go-get energy and could even slow us down a little. This is a time to take it easy and go with the flow.

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Enjoy your June 2018 horoscopes below!  Have a great June everyone.

Sky x


Dear Airies unconventional Uranus has moved out of your sign last month and into your 2nd house of money, wealth and security. This planet symbolizes originality, being different and an irresistible need for freedom & independence. As he’s transiting your area of money, this could mean that you may push harder for financial freedom, possibly finding very different or unconventional ways of earning incomes. You also have the almighty Sun along with communicative Mercury shining light on all aspects of your communication, learning, study, close relationships and short trips. These areas may be brought to the forefront of your life.




Dear Taurus unconventional Uranus entered your sign last month and remains with you till 2026. This planet represents great awakenings, transformational changes, the need for taking a risk, and growth, whereas Taurus enjoys the opposite such as, things to remain the same, stability and security. This transit may make you uncomfortable, especially with this ‘push & pull’ created by this planet. For you Taurus, the best way to deal with Uranus in your hair, is to loosen your grip to whatever creates a security blanket and accept changes as they arrive. Step in to life with more freedom and throw yourself into taking the odd risk. If that can be engaged then you will harmonise well with Uranus in your sign




Good news dear Gemini, as your ruler, Mercury travels through your sign till the 12th June. In his home sign Mercury will be radiating all his positive qualities out to everyone but especially to Gems, putting a spotlight on you being heard, energizing your communication, travel, bringing you the need for getting your life on a fast track towards achieving your goals. More good news as this energy becomes awesome from the New Moon being in your sign on the 13th showering you with new starts, fresh beginnings, possibly opening up new pathways. June is a great month for you, so go for it Gems!




Dear Cancer, great news as the Goddess of Love & Abundance brings you all her energies as she travels through your sign till the 13th. You may feel uplifted to look and feel great, to shine out to the world around you and attract respect & recognition in some way. This transit encourages people to favor you, even want to get to know you better. After the 13th she moves into her perfect placement, which is in your 2nd house of money, incomes & possessions. Here you could find an alternative option of earning potential or new incomes come your way somehow. The almighty Sun moves into your sign on the 21st shining a light on you in tandem with the Summer Solstice putting a high on your energy.



Dear Leo Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance moves in your sign on the 13th shining a light on your beauty, sex-appeal and gaining recognition. You could be seen with great respect, possibly gaining favour from people around you. This transit can attract generosity from people around you, in turn putting you in a giving mood. Venus in Leo gives off a warm energy from you, with a desire to romance & be romanced, to feel special, have fun, do things in a grand or extravagant way. Then Mercury puts a light in your life as he enters your sign on the 29th speeding up reactions, focusing your mind and effectively driving your communication.




Dear Virgo, the firepower of Mars is in your house of daily work, routine activities, health & wellbeing. You may well be filled with passion, energy & direction to change these areas in some way. Some of you may feel that you need to get more active, or start a healthy new regime; whilst others may drive for changes in their daily work situation. Just be mindful to positively use the firepower that Mars sends these areas of your life. Then there’s a type of reverse gear occurring, from the 26th as Mars starts a retrograde affecting those areas mentioned above. Retrogrades bring us a questioning energy or doubts about aspects of our lives. It would be best to focus on a positive goal and not let stagnancy create worries.



Dear Libra June maybe a month to let your hair down as Mars brings its heat & passion to your personal areas of romance, flirtation, fun, leisure & pleasure. Mars energises us to take action, to get involved or adds to our passion. You maybe more inclined to take time away from the hum-drum of your existence and enjoy the social side of life. There could be more sexual passion stirring with a need to act on your impulses. However there’s a reversal of that very energy as Mars starts a retrograde on the 26th which dampens the power of these areas. Be careful with money & your security just till July 10th as Jupiter is retrograding in your house of money, wealth & possessions.




Dear Scorpio you have an important change in the area of committed relationships, marriage and contracts, as unconventional Uranus brings sudden or unusual events, changes, transformation, or a need for freedom. Some of you may seek more freedom within your relationship, or you may start a connection that creates ‘shock-value’ for you. Some Scorpios could act completely out of the ordinary for example, going for people who are unavailable or married. This is the last full month of Jupiter retrograding in your sign, which dampens the luck-giving and success that Jupiter is usually brings. Best to hold back on any major plans or projects until his luck can be showered on you once again, as he goes direct on July 10th.




Dear Sagittarius, Uranus creates waves in the areas of daily work, routines, health & wellbeing. This planet creates an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ energy, a need for freedom, bringing sudden or unusual events to you in these mentioned areas. You’ll be surprised in how much you achieve, as you could have fierce bursts of industrious and efficient productivity. Some of you may seek more freedom or autonomy in the work arena or suddenly become involved in a brand new health regime. Uranus brings change which is for the betterment of your life, even though it may not feel that way when the changes initially hit you.




Dear Capricorn June bring you the firepower of the red planet Mars, exerting his heat on the areas of incomes, money, wealth & security. This could make you passionate about earning money, attracting more security or pushes you to work harder than usual to add to your security. Mars can energise you and could raise stamina levels allowing you to work more, or work harder than usual. However having said that, this is all dampened as Mars starts a retrograde on the 26th till late August. This is the time to continue to focus on a goal and not let doubts set in. Mars goes direct from late August. There’s a Full Moon in your sign on the 28th bringing out your inner feelings and emotions to the forefront of your mind.




Dear Aquarius the red planet, fiery Mars is in your sign pushing you to assert yourself to the world around you. You may wish to take action with swiftness, initiate new projects and endeavours with a passion. This could make some of you fiercely independent, focused and quite direct in your conversation. However be mindful this may become hindered as Mars then starts a retrograde from the 26th till late August. You may then find it challenging to remain focused in some ways; however the retrograde is short lived and only showers you with a dampening effect. The simple remedy to any retrograde is to focus on keeping busy or focus on goal, however do not commit to heavily into anything. 




Dear Pisces June starts with areas of romance, flirtation, fun, leisure and pleasure being enlivened as the Goddess of Love Venus transits these areas. Some of you may have a desire to ‘kick-back’, to put the hum-drum of life to the back-burner and enjoy the social aspects of life. After the 13th Venus exhilarates your daily work, routines, health, wellbeing & bodily needs. This will encourage you to find enjoyment, pleasure and harmony in your daily work and your regimes. If you’re not finding a love for daily work & routines then you be may encouraged to look for another job to gain that harmony somehow. This transit could bring admiration, recognition or a romantic connection from with in the work arena.

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