June 2017 Horoscopes

//June 2017 Horoscopes

Dear all,

Here’s your June 2017 horoscopes.
Find out why it’s an exciting month as Mercury and Venus are electric this month!

Focus on goals is best suited till the Full Moon on the 9th. Clearing energy, cleansing blocks suited up to the New Moon on the 24th.

Have a super month everyone.

Sky x


Dear Airies June starts with Venus in its final days of transiting through your sign. Although the Goddess of Love remains with you only till the 6th she continues to add va va voom to your charisma and personality. This month may fire you up to get through any undone jobs and errands. Getting busy with all you wish to achieve and re-focusing on what truly matters is important now. Good news as Jupiter moves forwards in the area of fixed or long-term relationships, allowing singletons to attract partners for commitment and the attached rams can forge deeper bonds. This could positively impact developments in business partnerships too, or you find yourself rising over competitors or rivals.

Dear Taurus an amazing month of June awaits you, as your ruler Venus the Goddess of Love enters your sign from the 6th. Her presence can excite your world and empower you to feel like a peacock strutting its glory to the world. This is a month to push forward with personal goals and desires. Mercury enhances you to get active, creative or even vocal, about your financial situation or incomes, all in order to possibly enhance your overall security. For example this could be the right time to carefully pose your words to a boss, with why you’re deserving a pay-rise or promotion. Finally, your enthusiasm for areas of your daily work, usual routines, daily activities or health regimes may get re-invigorated in some way.

Dear Gemini an awesome month awaits you as your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign from the 6th. This has the power to elevate your ‘social butterfly’ skills, electrify your powers of conversation, encourage more social interactions and enhances working well with others as opposed to going it alone. It’s a great time to put energy and action towards personal goals and ambitions as your ruler may well grant you success for your efforts in the months to come. The areas of recreation, pleasure, leisure and romance may get a boost for some of you as Jupiter moves forward from retrograde in your house of fun, leisure and romance.

Dear Cancerians Mars is energizing and firing you up to present yourself to the world in your best light both professionally and personally. Many of you could turn to the fighting spirit with in, be more assertive or direct in your manner, or more ambitious. Be mindful that Saturn retrograding may take you off course or unfocus you just a tad in the areas of daily work, regular routines,  health or fitness regimes. It shouldn’t be an issue for long though, as Mars firepower may well counteract it anyway. You may find strength and success in numbers such working with, or socializing as a group.


As Jupiter goes direct from retrograde, many Leos are energized with their social connections, communications, the connection to people close to you, short trips, errands or getting outstanding odd jobs done. Some of you may be feeling like you need to get away from the mundane day to day life, possibly plan a break,  a holiday or a life-experience. Other may seek something that educates you or elevates your mind. There may also be a real need to get ahead with career ambitions and plans, with some Leo’s getting creative, vocal or chasing results in order to achieve results in this area.

Dear Virgo great news as Jupiter, planet of abundance moves direct from retrograde in your house of money, possessions and wealth. This could enhance or expand your incomes in some way. Some of you could become focused on ways to attract more money and abundance. Creative ideas may brew up regarding how to change work or career in order to increase your value or status with in the work place so as to gain greater earning potential. Some of you may feel a little stuck or uneasy with something or someone with in your home or family environment. Venus enters your house of learning, higher education, travel and philosophical pursuits energizing your desire to see change in some of these areas.

The most important change this June is that Jupiter, the planet of abundance, success, expansion and long-term relationships, finally starts to move forward from retrograde in your sign. This helps many Librans to re-focus your efforts in order to move forward in some area of your life that’s been feeling stagnant. So, if you’ve been feeling a little stuck recently, putting energy and action towards goals and ambitions could shift that energy. Career or work plans regarding the bigger picture for you, may get a big boost of energy this month if you push forward.

Dear Scorpio many of you may have been seeking deeper meanings to areas of your life, for example maybe a spiritual connection with in romantic partnerships. There may be illusions, daydreaming or fantasy in your mind when it cones to connections that involve lovers, romance and fun times. June encourages singletons to attract a serious partner for the long-term, whilst attached Scorpios become more committed. Many of you could find that your own spiritual and psychic energies are being charged up, as your intuition is firing off important messages if you’re listening to gut.

Dear Sagittarius the great teacher and wise man of the heavens Saturn starts its retrograde in your sign till August. You may find that past missed opportunities or pathways related to learning, gaining knowledge or experience, comeback around in some form. The month starts off with a positive buzz in the area of romance, love and enjoyment. Then after the 7th the energy shifts with your attention possibly diverting to your daily work, routines and the organisation that your life needs. Mars in your house of committed relationships, rivals and competitors may fire-up one or of these areas. For example some of you may be face with rivalry from others in some way, or some Sagi’s may want a serious partner whilst attached Sagi’s become more bonded with their partners.

Dear Capricorn Venus enters your house of romance, lovers, leisure and pleasure bringing you a chance to let ‘your hair down’ and enjoy life in a way personal to you. The early part of the month has Mars pushing you to get organised with work, routines or tidy up on the general smooth running of life. Mars may bring you confrontations, but it’s best to avoid getting drawn into any unnecessary arguments on any front. Being calm in communication gets great results professionally and personally. As June progresses many of you may be driven to find a serious partner that’s right for you, whilst attached Caps feel more connected.

Dear Aquarius you have Neptune the planet of illusion and fantasy in your house of money so it’s important for you to be extra vigilant of the reality of your financial situations. Please be mindful to avoid placing your money where you may not get the return you’ve been promised or expecting, and to trim excess costs . Get-rich schemes, careless investing or unnecessary spending does not usually work well in this phase. Late June brings in a draw towards the home, family, enjoying time spent cooking, eating and being social. Alternatively some of you may want to decorate or change something for the better with in your home environment.

Dear Pisces, your ruler the psychic planet of illusion, Neptune, is travelling through your sign, but turns retrograde this month. As a result you may feel a little unfocused, lack-lustre or less-driven, as this reverse gear dampens your enthusiasm. Some of you may get mixed messages from your intuition and gut. The Sun shines a light on your home and family environment with some of you wanting to spend time nesting, or be with loved ones. Other fishes may even shut themselves off from the world every now and again. Then later the energy Mars brings out your passion and desire to enjoy life, to focus on romance, lovers, plan more leisure and pleasure for yourself.

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