July 2018 Horoscopes

//July 2018 Horoscopes

Dear Friends, 

The month of the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, ruled by the Goddess of the Night, The Moon. True to being the 7th month of the year, the energy of the month can raise our spiritual senses and our intuitive natures. This energy will be accelerated through the Eclipses occurring in Cancer and it’s opposite sign of Capricorn.

So we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 13th of July. And a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 27th of July.

For my short July 2018 Astrological Update video please check it out here > https://youtu.be/tf2cht-2Am4

Enjoy your horoscopes below and have a wonderful July everyone!

Sky x

Dear Airies up till the 10th of July the Goddess of Love & Abundance will be elevating areas of romance, fun, flirtation, leisure and pleasure for you. The almighty Sun shines a light on the areas of your home, family, the father figure and/or the roots of your life. Now, both these transits are important to encourage you to spend more time at home, be with your family, or make changes to your abode in some way. This energy could otherwise materialise to create possibilities fun get-togethers in your home. July could be a time when you may well want to put commitments in the work arena to the back-burner, so as to enjoy leisure or family time.



Dear Taurus July starts with lucky Jupiter continuing its retrograde in your personal areas of partnerships, marriage, commitment and contracts. For some months now, this retrograde may have been creating stagnancy or challenging scenarios in some of these sectors. Good news though! As Jupiter finally goes direct from the 10th this starts to restore harmony and balance back to these important areas of your life. This in tandem with a spotlight being on your home & family sectors, July pushes you to enjoy your home environment as well all the different relationships in your life.



Dear Gemini July has your ruling planet Mercury right at home as he’s travelling through the sector of communications, learning and short trips.  These areas are enhanced further as Venus the planet of love & abundance is also in the same area, encouraging you to enjoy discussions, pushing your interaction with others, all allowing you to relish social scenarios. For some months now, lucky Jupiter has been retrograding in the sector of your daily work, day-to-day activities and your well-being. This may have caused stagnancy in these areas, however it’s good news as Jupiter turns direct from the 10th allowing these areas to flourish and go through an expansion once more.



July is the month that belongs to Cancerians as the almighty Sun travels through your sign till the 22nd putting a spotlight on how the world sees you. You can gain respect and recognition through projecting the positivity of your personality, your image and/or your communication with those around you. Good news as the Goddess of Love & Abundance, Venus travels through your sector that she governs namely, money and security. This is a very positive transit as Venus governs this area so depending on the seeds you’ve sown and your actions, you could bring abundant changes regarding security for your life. More good news as there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 13th of July, bringing changes for the better, for up to 3 to 6 months ahead.



Dear Leo, July starts with Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty & Abundance, along with the planet of communication and travel, Mercury, travelling through your sign. The result is that you could be looking good, feeling great and you may well be in demand. Mercury showers you with energy that could sharpen your mind as well as your communication, along with a chance to be heard and respected. However Mercury’s energy is hindered after it starts retrograding from the 26th of July. This would be a time to take care with what you say, how you express yourself and be mindful of travel problems and delays. However, everything harmonizes with in a few weeks when Mercury goes direct from the 19th August.



Dear Virgo, July has the almighty Sun placing a spotlight upon your personal areas of friendships, group connections or your hopes & dreams for the future. You may find that you’re attracting invitations to socialise and enjoy time with close friends. Other ways this energy could manifest could be a push for you to work together as team or a collective rather than ‘going-it-alone.’ Working as a group could bring faster abundant results and this could be applied to either your work or your personal life. Another possible outcome is one of your personal hopes for your future, starting to come to the forefront of your mind and life in some way. Indeed it’s a great transit to start planning or working towards achieving goals into reality.



Dear Libra July starts with the continuation of lucky Jupiter still retrograding through your personal area of money, incomes, wealth and security, as it has been for many months. This has created stagnancy even hindrances in these areas, but good news as Jupiter starts to slow down in its retrograde and finally goes forward from the 10th. This will then allow the expansion that Jupiter normally brings to start to return, allowing your life to be positively enhanced with Jupiter’s great luck energy. After the 10th Jupiter supports and aids you in achieving success with new projects, ventures, ideas and even relationships.



Dear Scorpio July brings in an uplifting lighter energy as lucky Jupiter slows down its retrograde and goes direct from the 10th. After months of retrograding in your sign you may have felt that life had a cloud hanging over it. But the clouds will be lifting along with any stagnancy as life slowly transforms to bring  you balance, harmony and a happier you. After the 10th the positivity of this wonderful planet starts to feed  its power into your life making it a great time for you to gain clarity and insight towards creating a powerful direction regarding work, home, projects, personal plans and even relationships.



Dear Sagittarius July puts a spotlight on areas of study, journeys of both the physical & mental kind and/or a desire to spread your wings. This is through Venus enhancing your interest in these areas, parralel with Mercury sparking your mind & thoughts to be open to changes in these particular sectors of your life. Uranus creates a need within you for independence and freedom with in your daily work, routines and your health regimes. Uranus will continue to remain in this area for a few years to come so as to transform them for the better. The key to making easier for the inevitable changes brought in by Uranus, is take action yourself to transform these areas anyway.



Dear Capricorn July has the almighty Sun shining its light upon the areas of your partnerships, relationships, commitments, marriage and/or a form of contract. One or more these areas could be positively thrust into spotlight requiring your attention. Lucky Jupiter has been held back in delivering his success due the retrograde of the last few months. However from the 10th this changes, as Jupiter moves direct, opening up areas of friendships, group activities and your ambitions. For example; you may find success in working collectively as a group rather that ‘going-it-alone.’ Good news as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in your sign on the 27th. Although this may heighten emotions the Eclipse can speed up changes for the next 3-6 months ahead.



Dear Aquarius July has Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance, along with Mercury the planet of communication & travel, moving through the areas of marriage, relationships, commitment and forms os contracts. Venus will enhance romance, fun and flirtation, as Mercury energizes your wit, direct vocal ability, speed of thought & actions. You may find that relationships are particularly successful for the first part of the month. The red planet Mars, is held back in delivering his power to you as he retrogrades in your sign till late August. This may make you less energetic, maybe held back in your ‘go-get’ energy. Key is to Mars retrograding is relax and put off major plans for now and enjoy the month.



Dear Pisces July starts with great energy that can expand areas of daily work, routines, health and wellbeing. This is the result from Venus the Goddess of Love and Mercury the planet of speed, travel & communication in transit through these areas. Venus brings you recognition and love from everyone around you, as Mercury feeds you his positivity to be heard, to speak up and be respected for your opinions. Lucky Jupiter has been held back due to its retrograde, but from the 10th he starts to move direct, opening up and expanding your personal areas of travel & journeys (both physical & mental.) This could create a need to step away from the hum-drum of life and chase new horizons. You could be toying with the idea of booking time away to enjoy the fun side of life.



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