July 2017 Horoscopes

//July 2017 Horoscopes

Dear all,

Welcome July 2017 the month of where the Sun is in Cancer and then later in the sign of  Leo. Check out my short video on July astro-activity, please join my You Tube too here > https://youtu.be/HJ41TVdbdNE

In beginning of July, there’s a party in Cancer! It houses the Sun, Mercury & Mercury too! Then Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th & Venus moves on from Taurus into Gemini. It’s positive, fun & interesting times for all.

Full Moon on Capricorn on the 9th and a new cycle starts with the New Moon on the 23rd in Leo.

For more please catch me live on screen every week and have a view of my video on You Tube here > https://youtu.be/HJ41TVdbdNE

Have a great July everyone! Sky x

Dear Airies up till the 5th Venus, Goddess of Love & Money is in your 2nd house of money, wealth & possessions. You could utilize this energy to fire up any money making or money attraction areas or idea of your life, such as a new business project, asking for a pay rise or even making some well-advised investment of some nature. Venus then moves on, to bring grace and support for being well received by the world around you. This makes it a great time to shine in your best light to gain favour, respect or help and support from others towards achieving your personal goals.

Taurus be lucky, as you’re still housing your ruling planet Venus in your sign till the 5th. This continues to fuel your positive presence, looks, confidence and magnetism. This allows you to make a positive impact on the world, door could open as you’re being well-received by all. Wait, it gets better! Because from the 5th, Venus enters your house of money, wealth & possessions, your magnetism catapults to attract success in all matters supporting financial security. Be mindful of Mars intensifying or adding its fire to your responses via communication, thoughts and actions. Be sure to channel this energy positively rather than acting in any rash manner, to later regret what you’ve said or done.

Dear Gems the onset of July is sending powerful change to areas of money, material security and/or possessions. This area of your chart is housing the almighty Sun, fiery Mars as well as your ruler Mercury. This is a fantastic time to focus on ways of increasing or attracting incomes and financial security. From the 6th Mercury becomes quite comfortable in it’s cosy home of your 3rd house of communication, dealings with the outside world and getting organised in all areas of life pushing you to do the same. Another powerful addition is Jupiter, energizing your romantic life, play and leisure time, as you may find expansion in these areas.

July belongs to you lovely Cancerians as the almighty Sun floats through your sign till the 22nd. However till the 6th there’s a party going on as you also have Mercury and Mars along with the Sun in your sign all working towards electrifying your confidence, image and impact on the world. This combo could really be an electrifying push for results from efforts made in any direction. Mercury the planet of communication then moves forward from the 6th into your house of money and wealth. This could make you more vocal about attracting wealth, or you could be heard by the right people so as to attract abundance. Lucky Jupiter brings positive expansion, changes and growth in areas of the home, security, incomes and/or family matters. What an amazing month dear Cancerians!

Dear Leo, up to the 5th the planet of love and money could bring you favour, respect, harmony and expansion in areas of career, work, ambitions and your long-term goals. From then on Venus progresses to shine a spotlight on Leos regarding friendships, attracting new lucrative associations and in joining efforts with others to gain victory with goals. At this time and throughout the month, Jupiter is bringing success to your efforts through communication, contacts and firing up the need for organisation to all parts of your life. Do be mindful that your intuition and psychic ability is being charged-up as the Mars and the Sun energise this area. I’d say trust your gut instincts luscious Leos especially with the Full Moon in your sign also adding power to your intuition on the 23rd.

Dear Virgo, I’ve said this already but I’m underling it again as this won’t happen again for another 12 years or so, you have till September before Jupiter moves out of your house of money, wealth and security. Jupiter brings its expansion energy to one or more of the following areas, incomes, overall luck, money, wealth, house & home, security or support for committed relationships. After the 5th Venus supports your efforts in areas of career, credit to your reputation and/or your long-term goals. This in addition to Jupiter batting for you in the money areas, creates a great combo to progress with personal hopes and ambitions

Dear Libra you have a great period of expansion and success ahead of you as Jupiter brings its luck to you. You may well find inner confidence in yourself and in being received well, being heard and respected. There could also be success and expansion in personal goals and ambitions. Neptune the planet of illusion and intuition is retrograding in your house of work and daily routines. This only dampens your efforts slightly but can be overcome easily with positive thoughts towards goals. Lastly Venus is energizing you to take time away, plan leisure time or a holiday. Some of you could even want to get away with friends, loved ones or be in with a chance to find romance whilst you’re away.

Dear Scorpio Venus the Goddess of love & money travels through your partnership sectors till the 5th bringing deeper connection with loved ones. After which Venus showers overflowing love and harmony into areas of intimacy, deeper bonds, and the money/security you share with others. Many of you may also be inspired  to learn, gain wisdom or knowledge of some kind, whilst other are enticed by a need to take time off and enjoy the less mundane side of life. Your opposite sign of Taurus has had a huge amount of positive energy shining with in it over the last month as Venus, the planet of love & money, its ruler traveled through, and remains for the very early part of July. This in turn brings you elevation, harmony and peace in matters relating to relationships and incomes.


Dear Sagittarius exciting month ahead as you have Venus the Goddess of Love gracing your area of partnerships, long-term partners and competitors. Singletons feel the need to become a little more serious towards finding an ideal committed relationship, whilst the attached, may find a need for a deeper bond with your partner. This sector also supports contracts and commitments outside of love and relationships. This month also has fiery energy channeled into the areas of intimacy and parts of life hidden away from the world. Finally Jupiter brings expansion and success to friendships and may bring new lucrative associations. This is also a good time to work harmoniously or jointly with others, as it brings better outcomes than going it alone.

Dear Capricorn up till the 5th, Venus the Goddess of Love and Money brings positive vibrations to expanding areas of your romance, lovers, flirtations and enjoying life. After the 5th she moves on to expand your working life, daily routines, health & fitness, and getting organised in personal areas. All this supports the Sun, Mercury and Mars electrifying the areas of partnerships, relationships, marriage and commitment. This may enhance your need to form deeper bonds with your partner, whilst seeking-singletons could find suitable partners for commitment. Jupiter works in your favour by expanding areas of career, ambitions and goals, making it an ideal time to pursue your personal hopes and desires for your future.

Dear Aquarius up to the 5th Venus graces your 4th house, injecting love, beautification, love and money to areas of the home/house, family and in some way to the roots of your life. From then on Venus takes her energy to an  area that she’s really at home with, bringing you romance, passion and fun times. Some or all of these areas get a positive kick from this planet. Many of you may also feel a positive boost to areas of your daily routines, work areas, health and fitness plans.

Dear Pisces its an exciting month for you as your 5th house of romance, lovers, leisure and fun is pulsating with power as it’s being visited by the almighty Sun, passionate Mars and creative Mercury. This is like dynamite, positively explosive to all, or some of these areas depending on how you focus yourself. Up to the 5th Venus energizes your areas of communications, your immediate external environment and getting busy with organising life and home in some way. Then after the 5th Venus encourages you to love being at home, around your family or attracting more money/security to yourself and your home in some way. Overall a great month for enjoying life and having fun.

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