January 2018 Horoscopes

//January 2018 Horoscopes

Dear spiritual friends,

Wishing you a magical, prosperous and happy 2018 year ahead. January starts us off on a roller-coaster full of those magical Full Moons, Eclipses and Blue Moons galore. This is also happening in the months to come. Please keep in mind that outcomes of efforts put towards goals and ambitions can be accelerated by through these Moon changes bringing positive change and transformations.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on the 2nd. New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th. Rare ‘Blue Full Moon’ on the 31st with a Lunar Eclipse!

Wow! this is an eventful start to 2018 with eclipse energy already started some months before and going on for months to come.

Please checkout my January 2018 Astrological Highlights on You Tube here > https://youtu.be/OwzSnrifd6s

For now, please enjoy your short January 2018 Horoscopes below and catch me live on-screen for a personalized insight!

Sky x

Dear Airies the New Year starts off with the almighty Sun positively impacting areas of your career, ambitions, long-term goals and/or reputation. The planet of love, Venus elevates these areas further as she’s travelling almost hand in hand with the Sun at certain points of January. This combo has many advantages, for example, superiors may recognise your efforts, input or your opinions. You are certainly supported to gain headway, opportunities and favoured to achieve personal ambitions or career goals.
To boot, there’s great help from creative & communicative Mercury, as he moves into this area on the 11th clearing up your focus allowing you to engage the right words to flow. Great start to 2018 Airies!




Dear Taurus the New Year starts off with the almighty Sun positively impacting your learning, wisdom and/or your higher mind. The ‘higher mind’ can be a powerful force in allowing an all-knowing-higher-wisdom, acceptance and trust in yourself. It may simply mean a pathway of new learning, investigating or researching comes to the forefront of your life. Some of these mentioned areas are highlighted to spark-up for many of you. With the festive period gone, you may wish to get away from the hum-drum-routines of the New Year via a break-away, travel, taking life down an unconventional route or getting away from reality. Overall it’s a balanced month but a great start to 2018 Taurus!




Dear Gemini your New Year starts very well with lucky Jupiter and fiery Mars travelling through your area of daily work, day-to-day activities, health/fitness and your wellbeing. Jupiter has the effect of positive expansion to bring success, whilst Mars pushes you to take action, go-get, to attract respect & recognition to you. If you really strive to be at your best in these areas, you will gain success and favour allowing you to excel. Furthermore, your ruler Mercury is in your house of committed relationships, contracts and competitors. You may be more vocal or open to making great changes in these areas. Great start to 2018 Gems!




Dear Cancerians the New Year starts with lucky Jupiter and action-filled Mars travelling through the areas of romance, love-affairs, fun, leisure and pleasure. This is a highly favourable transit that energises your magnetism for flirtations, admirers, enjoying creativity, having fun with work & career whilst attracting lucrative contacts. Mercury travels through the area of your daily work, routines, wellbeing, fitness & health regimes. This may fire you up to be more active and vocal with in some or all of these areas. There is a powerful Full Moon on the 2nd in your sign, as the Moon your ruler, at its fullest, could have magical outcomes providing your putting you best efforts and intentions forward. Great start to 2018 Cancerians!



Dear Leo the New Year starts with lucky Jupiter and fiery Mars expanding home changes, home moves and family connections urging you to get behind the changes you’ve wanted for your home or family. Some of you may simply connect deeply with your home and/or family environment as Jupiter brings more security or expansion to your home. Then Mars pushes you to take action toward making changes with these areas. The phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from when there’s a rare 2nd Full Moon in a single month, well 31st January has that phenomenon in your sign. However this energy could come in like a tsunami wave because it’s not just a ‘Blue Moon,’ it’s actually in tandem with an eclipse! Amazing start to 2018 Leo!



Dear Virgo the New Year starts with the almighty Sun, with love-attracting Venus travelling through the areas of romance, love-affairs, fun, leisure and pleasure. This is a highly favourable transit that energises your magnetism for flirtations, admirers, enjoying creativity, having fun with work & career whilst attracting lucrative contacts. Meanwhile lucky Jupiter and all-action Mars expands and energises the effectiveness of your communication, body language and creativity. You have an ability to be heard and to make a difference in ways that benefit you. Great start to 2018 Virgo!




Dear Libra the New Year starts with lucky Jupiter and action-creating Mars bringing energy to areas of your finances, incomes, your self-worth or possessions. You may be fired up to make changes in these areas as there’s possibilities for increased incomes. The Sun along with Mercury lights up your connection to your home, in feeling secure and dealing with your family attachments. Some of you may get moving with making changes or transformations to your home, where as others may get working towards a home move they’ve wanted. Great start to 2018 Libra!





Dear Scorpio the New Year starts off with a bang off with lucky Jupiter and action-creating Mars travelling through your sign. This is time when you may be more aware of the impact you make on the world, your image and your personality. These transits make you well equipped to make a powerful impact on your world, to positively influence situations and people around you. This is all further helped by Venus and the Sun travelling through your house of communication, allowing you to be heard and recognised. Great start to 2018 Scorpio!





Dear Sagittarius the New Year starts off with a flurry of activity because of the  almighty Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all transiting through your house of money, security, self worth and possessions. Although Saturn creates challenges before it creates security, there is still a strong vibration for you to be magnetic to increasing your security and incomes in some way. You may have to work harder towards goals and ambitions but the reward can really pay off in the long run and allow more security. A positive start to 2018 Sag!





Dear Capricorn a great start the New Year with the almighty Sun, love-attracting Venus, Saturn and Pluto, all transiting through your sign. This brings added power by facilitating the use of your personal resources, attributes, personality and your image to positively impact outcomes to your favour. You can be a driving force in influencing people and changing situations around you to gain respect and recognition for your personal agenda and goals. The New Moon on the 17th is in your sign with renewing energies towards life and spiritual matters for many on this planet. A great start to 2018 Caps!




Dear Aquarius the New Year starts with a stirring of energy in the area of your hidden mind, bring light to secrets/lies or the past. This area is power-packed as the almighty Sun, love-filled Venus, teaching Saturn and power-hungry Pluto, are all travelling through this area. Collectively this could create huge revelations from the past, or something that was hidden that you weren’t aware of may be brought to your attention in some way. Some of you may find that your dreams become quite vivid, possibly revealing something that’s hidden in your subconscious. This is an important, deep and meaningful start but to 2018 Aquarius!




The New Year starts with a flurry of activity in the area of friendships, group associations and your personal hopes for the future. The almighty Sun, love-attracting Venus, power-creating Pluto and teaching-Saturn are all transiting this area. This strongly indicates that collaborating efforts and energies with others in some way will bring favourable outcomes that are better than going it alone. Another favourable result of this transit is using networking and social interaction to attract success in some way. Great start to 2018 Pisces!

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