** Horoscopes for August **

//** Horoscopes for August **

Dear all,
August is upon us, ‘wow how time is flying’ I can hear you say! Let not a minute be wasted, focus on your goals! And moving swiftly on to your short horoscopes for this month 🙂

Dear Airies, this month brings your creativity to the fore, in the very least take note of your thoughts as positive new ideas come to surface. Love is focused around or near home, with a dash of nostalgia thrown in. You are naturally magnetic to what you need and desire, so please enjoy August!

Home, family and old friends come into the mix for you this month dear Taurus. A time to look at what you need, not what everyone else needs, with a focus on re-charging your energy and your life. You are open and communicative in your love area and received well by all romantic connections.

A month that keeps you happily busy with family, work and errands. Some of you could be a ‘jack of all trades’ this month and have fun with all! Love is showing as you valuing those who make you feel comfortable and secure.

Dear Cancer this is a great month to focus on material matters as everything you touch turns to success. Take advantage of your skills of communication and quick thinking being to your advantage, and as a result – love flourishes too!

Dear Leo this is a month of renewal, refreshing new energies and increased vitality for you. Although there is a focus on material and work affairs, friendships, love and new connections show up strongly too.

A time to trust your instincts and to step back or reflect before making decisions. Look at what require finishing rather that start new projects. Venus adds a hand to love through enhancing friendships, more group connections and networking.

A great month to give a thought to planting seeds for the months to come. Working as part of a group to achieve goals is highlighted this month . You’re coming across favourably to those around you, especially where love is concerned.

Dear Scorpio, you may well be looking at ways to shine in the face of authority figures and management with acknowledgement here if you do. You may feel expansive, open and generous when it comes to love, so follow your heart!

Dear Sag, follow you gut instincts as you may feel you want to break free of routine this month and be more adventurous. Intimate relationships are intensified as you or your partner or a potential partner wants a deeper connection.

Personal transformations, personal power, and intimate matters draw you in this month dear Capricorn. There is a focus on finances with a need to bring harmony to work and career. Take opportunities coming your way to socialize de-stress and draw new connections to you.

Dear Aquarius, there is a focus on partnerships, love and friendships this month. Some of you may be look at some kind of compromise or happy balance with in love and relationships. Venus’s placement shows your power of attraction opening doors to new romantic relationships.

Dear Pisces this month has a focus on projects, the home, office, and your daily routines. You may feel a need to let loose a little with social and love areas of life, and it is a good time to interact and connect with new people as new friendships and new love could flow in.

Happy August to you lovely people x

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