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The month of love & relationships shines its light upon our existence. The custom of Valentines Day cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts is thought to have originated from a Roman festival. Though Valentine’s Day still remains connected with various customs in England, for example, in Norfolk, tradition developed as a character called ‘Jack’ Valentine knocks on the rear door of houses leaving sweets and presents. However for me, having seen it develop over the years, Valentines is about celebrating love in all types of connections and not just romantic love.

Like January, and March to come, February makes it a ‘power of three,’ towards being an energy-packed Valentines Day. Actually in general, the entire month has this energy because of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th, adding to the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January. Eclipse energies can bring an acceleration to areas of our lives some weeks in advance, and up to 3 to 6 months afterwards, often having the effect of a catalyst. However, which and what parts of our lives will gain powerful change, depends on where your attention, actions and energies are being directed, but also depends on where in your chart the Eclipse is occurring.

In the meantime check out my February 2018 Astrological Highlights video here> https://youtu.be/ce97KvT9mkM

Below are your short February 2018 Horoscopes. For more please catch me live on screen!

Have a great February everyone!

Love to all

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Dear Airies February brings planetary encouragement to join forces with others such as networking, group efforts and friendships. You have a power-packed planetary energy as the almighty Sun amplifies many effects upon these areas, though the Goddess of Love elevating harmonious relationships, whilst  Mercury allows perfect communication & actions through clarity of mind. This transit brings better outcomes if collaborating with others. Lastly, Valentines Day could be full of communication, deeper connections and friendships as she travels through this area.




Dear Taurus February has the Sun positively impacting career, ambitions, long-term goals and/or reputation. The planet of love Venus infuses these areas too, as she travels with the Sun making this combo highly advantageous. To boot, great help comes from creative & communicative Mercury as he’s also in this area. Mercury can create a focused mind, which leads to perfect communication and creative ideas all flowing freely for effective outcomes. Valentines Day for you, shows happy meetings, group associations or love coming from friendships.





Dear Gemini February may entice you to plan time away from the hum-drum of every-day life. You could be toying with ideas of taking a retreat, a break, or a holiday. From the 11th Venus moves into your house of career, respect and recognition. This is a powerful transit that can bring you great appreciation and respect from superiors, colleagues or friends regarding the good work that you’ve done. The effects of this are stronger if you’re genuinely working hard towards goals and ambitions. Valentines Day can also bring favourable friendships energy to you.





Dear Cancerians February stirs up energies related to intimacy, sexual matters, shared finances or shared resources. Private or personal areas may come to your attention this month and you may seek refuge with a partner, a trusted person or with in deep-rooted matters. Venus the Goddess of Love and Abundance then moves from these areas into areas that inspire philosophy, wisdom and travel. You may find inner peace by learning or researching something that brings inspiration and knowledge. Valentines Day may bring a need to take a break, book time away, relax or doing something out of the ordinary.




Dear Leo February places an emphasis on areas of your solid longterm relationships, marriage, contracts or competitors as the almighty Sun, the Goddess of Love –Venus and the communication planet Mercury, all travel through this area. Some of you that are already attached, could desire something more committed, whilst singletons seek a longterm partner. On the 11th Venus then moves on into areas of sex and intimacy personal & private matters are possibly brought to your attention. And so love-filled Valentines Day may be a perfect fit by bringing out your deeper desires or some of you could have private matters or intimacy to deal with.




Dear Virgo February highlights areas of daily work, routines, health/fitness and wellbeing as the almighty Sun, love-filled Venus and communicative Mercury travels through this area. These areas will come up for your attention or maybe your own focus will be on them. Venus then moves into your house of marriage & commitment infusing love and friendships for those seeking more solid relationships. This is also the energy of Valentines Day which is a positive placement for the Goddess of Love in celebrating the day of love.






Dear Libra February is a great month that accents love, romance, fun and flirtations as the almighty Sun, love-energised Venus and communicative Mercury, all travel through this area. This is amplified more personally for Librans as Venus is your ruler. This could bring friendships and romance to you, whilst for others it may bring more leisure & pleasure. Venus moves on from the 11th into areas of work, routines and health matters. All this is perfect energy for the day of love Valentines Day where you may see romantic matters arising from friendships, possibly from the work arena.





Dear Scorpio February brings to your attention areas of the home, family or your security. Some of you may make changes to your homes by way of décor, or take action towards  moving home, whilst others simply spend more time with family. Then Venus the Goddess of Love moves into your house of romance, lovers, flirtation and fun, which is a perfect placement for Venus to bring you more happiness with in these areas. It’s also perfect for Valentines Day as you may find lighter, enjoyable or romantic times ahead in some way.





Dear Sagittarius February places a highlight on forms of communication, dealing with your immediate surroundings, neighbours or siblings. This area is highly energised with the almighty Sun, love-filled Venus and the communication planet itself Mercury travelling through these areas. Some of you may find that you’re more vocal, others may be clearer in mind and focus. Valentines Day could bring romantic matters in or around the comforts of the home environment, for example being at home sharing good times with a loved one or with friends.





Dear Capricorn February brings positive power in enhancing incomes, material security, earning potential and/or possessions. This is through the planetary power created through The Sun, Venus and Mercury all stirring up energies as they transit the money sector of your life. This would be a month to focus on fine tuning how and where your money comes from. It would wise to put energies and efforts on positive changes that can be made to increase incomes & financial security. Valentines Day may well be around someone or with those that brings you a sense of belonging.





Dear Aquarius this is your month as the planetary power amplifies in your sign. This is created through the almighty Sun, love-enhancing Venus and the clarity of Mercury transiting through your sign. Through these transits you can elevate the impression you make in the world. After the 11th Venus moves into your second house of money and personal wealth. This can attract positive changes to your earning potential and incomes. After the 18th Mercury moves into this area too, supporting your efforts to attract incomes and security to you. Valentines Day could bring in social connections, laughter and enjoyable communications with friends and romantic partners





Dear Pisces the onset of February stirs up your house governing subconscious, secrets, lies, solitude and that which is hidden. With the almighty Sun shedding light,  Venus brings you favour, Mercury allows clarity of mind and communication as they all transit these areas. All 3 planets working together bring you a powerful force to make changes. After the 11th the Goddess of Love Venus brings enhancement to your image and the impression you can make on the world around you. Valentines Day could be filled with bringing you attention and recognition through your personality and how you impact people around you.

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