Merry Christmas to you all! Another year almost ticked off but not quite yet. So whilst the festivities, hustle & bustle reigns down on us, do be mindful of the Mercury retrograde from the 3rd to 22nd. This planet governs swiftness, speed, travel, logical thought, creativity and wit, but in retrograde we’re not as speedy or logical thinking as we should be. Please take care with communication, travel and watch out for the past showing up in some way. Mercury rules Gemini, so with the Full Moon in Gemini on the 3rd wrapped up in tandem with the onset of the retrograde, brings a magnification of both events.
Then later in December we have a Sagittarius New Moon on the 18th.

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Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. Sky x


Dear Airies the start of December has your ruler Mars continuing to fire up your opposite sign which is also your house  of fixed relationships, marriage and competitors. Be mindful to utilise the power that Mars brings you by making efforts towards achieving personal relationship goals. Staying busy and proactive prevents the onset of the  flip-side of Mars energy, which is aggression, arguments or frustration. Mars moves on after the 9th and continues to bring you energy for action in areas of intimacy, sex and the shared money or resources you have with others. From the 22nd the almighty Sun shines its light for you on areas of career, long-term goals and ambitions. If you’re actively working to achieve something, this could be a powerful push to help you.


Dear Taurus the onset of December lends it energy to invigorating areas of your daily work, routines and health regimes. In the first week you may be more driven or  passionate to steer one or more of these areas in a positive direction. After the 9th this drive and passion moves forward in to the area of relationships, commitments and competitors. Some of you may be fired up to take on competitive challenges with a view to rise up above others. Some attached Bulls could feel drawn to their ‘significant other,’ whilst singletons may think more seriously about commitment or indeed a partner.




Good news dear Gemini as there’s an invigorating Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd bringing you magnetism to attract favour from superiors or an important someone. However be mindful that your ruler Mercury retrogrades at the same time, 3rd to the 22nd of December. Mercury governs logical thoughts, communication, travel, buying, selling, writing and creativity. As he’s your ruler you could be second-guessing, taking longer to make decisions or being misunderstood. This isn’t a major issue and short-lived, possibly not affecting some. Good news though, as Venus travels through your house of relationships, commitments and competitors. Venus placed here is like a magnet for partners, potential partners & admiration from all.


Dear Cancer I’d advise you to throw yourself devotedly into your daily work, routines and into any health/fitness regimes. This is because Venus the planet that brings you respect, favour and adoration, is travelling through this area of your chart. This can bring recognition for your hard work in your job, or some kind of respect from superiors and colleagues. Other ways Venus being in this house may affect you, is by bringing some level of success for efforts made towards your work, health/fitness and wellbeing goals. For example you soon find that you’re enjoying looking after yourself and everyone else can see how amazing you look. Go Cancerians!



Dear Leo even though it’s cold outside, life could be hot hot hot for you! That’s because of Venus, the Goddess of Love is heating up your house of romance, lovers, flirtations and helping you to simply enjoy life. Whether you’re single or attached, you may find yourself taken away, or be invited away from the hum-drum of mundane life to enjoy fun times in some way. Singletons could enjoy flirtations over the festivities, whilst those of you who are attached, may take time to let your ‘hair down.’ Be mindful that the planet of communication Mercury, retrogrades from the 3rd to the 22nd affecting your daily work and routines. Just a little care with words and body language will remedy this.



Dear Virgo December may be inviting you to enjoy and love your home, family and/or that which makes you feel secure. Venus travelling through this sector is a perfect placement for the festivities, as it can be about enjoying entertaining, cooking or getting cosy with loved ones in the home environment. Be mindful that your ruler Mercury is retrograding from the 3rd to the 22nd in your house of romance and lovers. This could possibly bring someone of the past to your attention in some way, or it may simply encourage you to remember something of your past, especially if there was unfinished business.




With fiery Mars continuing its travels through Libra till the 9th many of you may continue to be energised and passionate to take action towards some personal aspect of your existence. Be sure to use this firepower in a positive way, as this supports your ongoing success. Avoid engaging the flip-side of Mars by staying clear of causing, or being drawn into arguments. Another positive is that Venus travels through your house of social & intellectual pursuits, short-trips and all forms of communication. This transit could mean that you’re sought after by others to join them in enjoying one or more of these areas, or you throw yourself into having fun and laughter in some way.



Mars enters Scorpio on December 9th bringing you energy and passion towards enhancing or changing some part of your existence. Be mindful that Mars can be highly motivating and supports you to take action towards creating or making something happen. So long as you work positively and proactively, this energy is transformational, unless you give in to the other side of Mars, which can create anger, aggression or frustration. Venus brings benefits to your sense of feeling important and valuable, in attracting incomes or gaining favour from those who can support your abundance as she travels through your house of money, possessions and self worth. This is a great transit to enhance prosperity for yourself.



December could a very favourable month for you dear Sagittarius as the Sun is shining its way through your sign till the 21st. This is along with Venus the Goddess of Love showering all good things upon you as she travels through your sign till the 25th. You could be quite magnetic and favourable to people around you, this is ideal for this festive month. Some of you have some ‘pizzazz’ to your energy, making you sparkle. You could gain attention from admirers, or professional recognition from those in authority. Fiery Mars in your house of friends and group associations is a great plus this celebratory month. You may feel comfortable as part of a group of friends or working as a collective towards a common goal.



Dear Capricorn the onset of December has both the almighty Sun and loving Venus travelling through your 12th house. This could cause some of you to withdraw a little from the busyness of life, as you recharge your mind and energy. Others may have revelations of something hidden with in themselves, or secrets could be brought to light. Then comes a major change, your ruler, humongous Saturn enters on the 20th and remains till the end of 2020. Saturn challenges you, pushing you to grow and learn in some way. The Sun enters on the 21st and lightens the seriousness of Saturn. This positivity is enhanced even more, as Venus attracts love, friendship and possibility of flirtations bringing a boost to your energy and existence.



Dear Aquarius Venus is powering up your house of friendships and group associations, which could bring you invitations or offers to join friends for happy times. This is well placed for the festive month, however it’s great for work too, as you may find that joining forces as a collective brings success for goals rather than going it alone. More good news as there’s a New Moon in your sign on the 18th which has the capacity to endow your existence with a ‘breath of fresh air,’ or simply allows you to renew focus towards goals and ambitions.




Dear Pisces your house of career, ambitions and goals is being invigorated with the love energy of Venus till the 25th. This could bring you recognition for efforts towards career goals, some form of results may arrive for ambitions, or superiors may give you the favour you’ve been well-deserving of. Some fishes may be very enthusiastic about achieving their goals and become passionate about gaining something personally important to them. Even though Venus moves on after the 25th she goes on to light up areas of friendships and group connections. You may find that you’re drawn to enjoy work or social activities as a collective rather than alone.


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