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August is upon us, the month of the fixed fire sign of Leo The Lion. Leo is ruled by the almighty Sun and Leo’s energies vibrate through all our live even more so as there’s a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th. July was filled with eclipses hence I must advise you to continue to make efforts towards achieving goals and ambitions as eclipses can amplify energies. Then we have a new cycle starting with the Full Moon on the 26th in the water sign of Pisces. 

Do keep in mind there’s 6 retrogrades occurring with Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mars and Uranus in this month, so if any of those are your planetary rulers, expect a little short-lived confusion.

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Enjoy your August horoscopes below and have an amazing month!

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Dear Airies August starts with the almighty Sun shining its light on areas of romance, flirtation and enjoying the fun side of life. You may feel the need for socializing in some way and end up putting put commitments to the back-burner. Mercury adds his energy into this area, but he will be in retrograde till the 19th which creates misunderstandings, travel delays and often logical thought processes are hindered. Up to the 6th the love & abundance planet, Venus showers her energy on areas of your daily work, routines, health & wellbeing, allowing you to attract positive attention to gain reward or to gain recognition in a personal favorable way from with in these areas.


Dear Taurus August has the jester of the heavens, Mercury, retrograding till the 19th affecting areas of your chart that govern the home, family and personal security. This is a time to pay extra attention and take extra care with any major plans, with what you say, how you express your words and to double check travel plans. Retrograde energy has a tendency to create delays and problems, so it’s best to hold back with starting any new projects or plans until after Mercury returns direct from the 19th. Your ruling planet the Goddess of Love & Abundance, Venus, is an ideal area till the 6th relating to  love, romance, fun and frolics all serving to enhancing your enjoyment in relationships and flirtations.


Dear Gemini, August has your ruler Mercury retrograding in Leo till the 19th which may place you a tad out of step with life in general. Some of you may experience slight blocks or erratic energies in response to thinking straight, writing, communicating and problems with travel plans. I would advise you to stay clear of starting anything new, including a new job or new romance, as usually we find that it becomes a headache in some way. This retrograde affects the logical thoughts process, creating a scattered or an illogical mind therefore the key is to keep busy and distracted. Major plans & projects should be put on hold just for a few weeks. This is all short-lived as energies return to balance & harmony after the 19th.


Dear Cancer, August is an important month to keep an eye on areas of money, incomes and where your security is derived from, because Mercury retrogrades in this area till the 19th. All that’s need is a little care and careful money management, not only of these areas but also in general. It would serve you to delay the start of any new projects, new relationships and avoid making investments. However, good news as this retrograde-energy could be  hindered slightly with the almighty Sun, which is also travelling through this area adding its power towards success in abundance. Having said that, Mercury in retrograde generally enjoys sticking a spanner in any area of life, so it’s best to take care overall.


Dear Leo August is your month as your ruler, the almighty Sun, travels through your sign till the 23rd putting a spotlight on your wonderful personality, the impact you make on the world and allowing you to shine in your best light. Just a little care is needed, to not start anything major, to be mindful with your words and re-check travel plans as there’s a Mercury retrograde in your sign till the 19th. Good news Leo’s as there’s an Eclipse in your sign bringing revitalizing energy from the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th. Eclipses shower us with transformation and change, which can roll on for 3 to 6 months ahead.


Dear Virgo August starts with your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde till the 19th affecting communication, travel and hindering logical thought processes. It’s always best to hold back on any major plans as the retrograde energy causes delays. Good news as you have Venus, the Goddess of Love & Abundance, in your sign till the 6th bringing you attention from those around you. After the 6th Venus moves into an area that she’s very comfortable to be in, your incomes, money, health and well-being. This attracts success in material aspects of your life and if used in tandem with Mercury going forward on the 19th you could find this is a fruitful time to attract success. More good news as the Sun enters your sign from the 23rd.


Dear Libra till the 23rd August shines a light from the almighty Sun as it transits areas of friendships, joining group projects and your hopes for the future. This could bring you invitations to join in with group based social activities, or with in the work arena it can mean gaining success from being part of a team. Mercury is retrograding in this very area till the 19th, so it’s advised to take care with what you say and how you say it. However, after the 19th and for the remainder of August, Mercury moves direct, helping to smooth out all aspects with in these areas to move forward smoothly. Finally good news as your ruling planet Venus, enters you sign from the 6th allowing you to shine with what you put you mind to.


Dear Scorpio August starts with the planet of communication & travel, Mercury, along with the almighty Sun travelling through areas of your chart that govern career, ambitions and your reputation. Although this is usually a powerful positive combo, it’s hindered slightly as Mercury is in retrograde till the 19th therefore care needed with all forms of communication, writing and travel plans. However after the 19th Mercury in this area is a great asset to help further your ambitions. This, in tandem with the expansion energy of lucky Jupiter in your sign till September creating a driving force, providing you’re helping to push it forward.


Dear Sagittarius August has the almighty Sun along with Mercury planet of communication and travel, in the areas of studies, journeys (both physical & mental) and in encouraging you to look for some kind of change in surroundings. Although the Sun creates a spotlight upon these areas, Mercury in retrograde till the 19th will be hindering them. Therefore it’s advised to not initiate any major plans in any area of life but instead, to re-evaluate, re-examine, re-sit exams, re-study and/or re-train. After the 23rd the Suns enters the sector of your career, goals and ambitions, helping you to achieve in these areas.


Dear Capricorn August has Mercury retrograding in the areas of your shared resources, encouraging you to re-evaluate what you’re receiving from that relationship. This retrograde could create delays or problems with jointly held resources so it’s always advised to not engage in signing off on investments, loans or mortgages. On a general level it’s wise to hold back with any major plans till Mercury moves direct from the 19th. The Sun is also moving through this sector and as a result will be highlighting or bringing your attention to areas of privacy, intimacy and/or sexual matters.


Dear Aquarius August has Mercury retrograding in the areas of your commitments, marriage and contracts. This may call for re-negotiation of some kind with in one or more of these areas. In relationships for example, what remains unspoken could be forced out into the open, so it’s advised to calmly air all that’s on your mind. By the time Mercury goes direct on the 19th it feels like you both understand one another better. In work or material matters, I would advise you to read the small print, making sure you check & re-check the finer details. You also have the almighty Sun travelling through these areas, which opposed to the above, the Sun can help to restore harmony, positivity and success.


Dear Pisces August has Mercury retrograding till the 19th throwing a curveball into your routines, daily work, health and well-being. The retrograde energy can also manifest stagnancy in many ways, so it’s advised to hold-off on major plans and decisions. Be mindful of communication issues, making sure that you heard it correctly and/or communicate carefully so as to avoid misunderstandings. It would pay-off to re-think, re-evaluate and re-check ideas and plans in readiness for Mercury moving direct, as often a different but better picture presents itself. The Full Moon is in your sign on the 26th of August and may well highlight areas that need your attention, whilst sharpening your psychic intuition.

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