August 2017 Horoscopes

//August 2017 Horoscopes

Welcome August 2017 and here come eclipses galore! The month of Leo, The Lion, ruled by the almighty Sun.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  in Aquarius on the 7th. Then the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st in Leo. Both eclipses will be firing up changes in our external and internal world some months before & some months after the eclipses. Eclipse energy can support you to attract opportunities & open doors if you’re putting efforts behind your goals. If there’s something that you’re not eliminating, that which is redundant, or not for your highest good, eclipses sometimes can clear it away. But catch me live on screen for more on how to utilise this energy and get ahead.

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In the meantime please enjoy your monthly horoscopes below for a taster of what August holds for you.

Have a wonderful  August 2017 everyone!

Sky x

The onset of April has both the almighty Sun and its complementary planet Mars, in your fellow fire sign of Leo. Airies this could unleash a feeling of urgency, passion, go-get energy or a reactive energy from with in you, towards something or someone. Both these planets bring elevated responses especially with Mars, known as the God of War in mythology. Mars, can at worst, bring anger or arguments, though you could use it your great advantage by positively focusing on goals & ambitions. You could find that what you thought impossible may now be more reachable now.

Dear Taurus your ruler Venus the Goddess of Love & Abundance enters your house of communication, your immediate environment, relations with siblings & neighbours. Venus brings mutual appreciation, love and understanding with in this area. Although be mindful that Mars and the Sun are elevating your responses towards inner emotions, family, the home & the roots of your life. If we blend all the above, a positive use of this energy can be towards enjoying  food and drink with loved ones at home or making positive changes in decoration to your home environment.

Dear Gems your house of money is energised to attract security, money and wealth if you’re supporting it through your efforts. Venus governing money and love is placed here and encourages you to work towards attracting incomes or doing something you love to do. The Sun and Mars is shining a light to enhance all forms of communications. Be mindful to formulate your words carefully and with forethought as you could make positive impressions on the world and people around you. If used well you can gain favour and respect above competitors from whomever you desire.

Dear Cancerians, Venus brings beauty, love, flirtation and ability to attract money as she floats through your sign till the 26th. This enhances your confidence, your looks & positively feeds the impression you’re making on people and your world. This placement supports gaining favour from those who can help you, also to gain romantic bonds with in partnerships. A month where you may be fired up to enhance money and security through personal efforts as your house of money & security has the Sun & Mars shining a huge light on your ability to attract wealth.

Dear Leos it’s your month! As the almighty Sun & fiery Mars travels through your sign. This planetary combo adds power to your existing fire-sign energy. It could make many Leos more alert, energized and fired-up about something. This planetary union encourages you to face life & people head on, if channeled positively it pays dividends, if not, it can feed disagreements. Mercury, planet of communication is fuelling you to be ‘talking the talk ‘ enhanced greatly by  the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 21st putting some heat under your goals and ambitions.

Dear Virgo the light is shining on you this month as your ruler Mercury elevates your existence as he travels through your sign. This makes you alert, communicative and making impressions on the world around you. However from the 13th Mercury retrogrades, going backwards in your sign till 5th September. This retrograde period is about collecting your energies, thoughts and planning, not a time to make commitments towards anything or anyone. Your responses and focus may well be dampened slightly, however it’s short lived and all returns to harmony in a few weeks

Dear Librans the almighty Sun and fiery Mars is energizing and supporting areas of your friendships, associations and your hopes for future success. This is a wonderful energy that favours working in tandem with others or collaborating energies as a group effort to make more progress than going it alone. This time also supports networking, schmoozing or mingling with like-minded & influential people. Positive communications with others could feed or transform your ideas and efforts at this time.

Dear Scorpios many of you will be looking for some meaning, clarity or understanding to something or someone in your life. Others of your sign may translate this in to wanting to further knowledge, education, research or getting your ‘investigative hat’ on. Travel and interests away from mundane everyday life may inspire your mind here. This is a time that could fuel thoughts and ideas of time away from every-day life, holidays or a even a short break in some form. Some of you maybe drawn towards people or romantic-interests abroad or people of a more exotic nature.

Dear Sagittarius, the planet of love and money Venus is energizing and supporting your house of intimacy, shared money or joint-resources. This includes taxes, alimony and the joint held assets. Many of you may be feeling a deeper bond to your private life or wanting some level of intimacy to come into play. some of you might desire to get away from the mundane or away from every day life by taking a break or plan a holiday. Other Saggies become hungry for deeper meaning, knowledge or clarity regarding something or someone in their lives.

Dear Capricorns an auspicious time as the planet of love and money graces the area of your committed partnerships, marriage, competitors and joint associations. There may a chance to form deeper bonds by attached Caps, whilst singletons could find either the need for finding a commitment, or indeed attract relationships that could offer longevity. This is fueled further with the intimacy and sharing sector being uplifted with the Sun and fiery Mars. This makes it a great month for focusing on your closest one-to-one connections and forming deeper bonds.

Dear Aquarians you have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse early in August on the 7th and this could put some heat under your personal goals and ambitions. The energy of eclipses supports outcomes of efforts made towards enhancing your existence and success. Eclipse energy escalates for up to 3 months into the future. Your efforts are supported as Venus travels through areas of daily work, routines, health and well-being. Relationships in these areas favour you and your efforts, in addition to incomes from these areas being well starred.

Dear Pisces August could magnify or boost love, romance, flirtations, your image and confidence. You’re well starred to look ‘hot-to-trot’ with the Goddess of love & money supporting all these areas. Singletons could have flirtations, passion or romance on offer, whilst attached fishes could form deeper bonds with partners. Others may have a chance to indulge in more leisure, pleasure, fun with your children or even get away from it all through a break. The almighty Sun and fiery Mars energises your daily life, bringing your attention to daily work, routines & health regimes.


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