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Happy Easter to you all!
Well April has a few planetary retrogrades but what’s a ‘Retrograde?’ Simply put, it’s where the planet ‘appear’s’ to be going in reverse, so the characteristics & effects of that planet are reduced, reversed or stationary.

We are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde till the 15th, possibly affecting areas that Mercury governs which are roads, rail, air travel, commerce, healing, the media, mathematics, science, industry, intelligence, eloquence, prophesy, business, buying and selling, cleverness, communication in all its forms, contracts, creativity, information, memory, perception, science, wisdom and writing. Mercury has rulership over Gemini and Virgo, affecting natives of these signs but ofcourse, it may affect any or all of us in some way.

Saturn is the ruler of, and is also travelling through Capricorn. It starts its retrograde on 18th April. Saturn affects & governs, restrictions & limitation, obstacles,  karmic debt, business, politics, property deals, agriculture, mining, archaeology, building, morality, responsibility, astral plane, banks, binding, death, debts, discipline, history, institutions,  knowledge, longevity, magical knowledge, property & land, sacred wisdom, structures and time.

Then Pluto which governs Scorpio, retrogrades in Capricorn on the 22nd. Pluto oversees regeneration, transformation, coercion, death/rebirth, desire, obsession, elimination and ancient knowledge, the unconscious, inner journeys, radical change in consciousness, endings and beginnings

New Moon is in Airies on 16th April and the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 30th.

Sorry everyone no Astro -Highlights Video on You Tube this month, as its been so mad-busy, I’ve not had any time to record this 🙁
Back next month though! 

Have a great April everyone!

Sky x


Dear Airies this is your starring month as the almighty Sun shines its light on your world as it travels through your sign. April, has your ruler Mars travelling through earthy Capricorn watering down the ‘pow-wow’ that Mars usually creates. You have power at your heels as the communication & swiftness of Mercury amplifies in your sign, whilst playing harmoniously with the Sun in the aspect of a conjunction. Keeping in mind that Mercury retrograding dampens and ‘puts the brakes’ on your desire to charge ahead. 



Dear Taurus great news as your ruler the Goddess of Love Venus, travels through your sign till the 24th allowing you to shine in your best light. This will uplift the impact you have on your world, with possibilities of enhancing your image, appeal and adds a ‘va-va-voom’ to your charisma. After the 24th Venus enhances your house of money, wealth and personal worth bringing you magnetism for greater security. It’s to your interest to use this energy to enhance your incomes or finances in some way.



Dear Gems, April brings some ‘people-power’ to you, as the emphasis is on working with others rather than alone, to gain successful outcomes. Bare in mind that your ruler Mercury is retrograding till the 15th although the effects are mild, this may dampen your enthusiasm, drive, communication skills and logical thought. It’s a time to put a hold on any major plans till its all go from the 15th. Then from the 24th, the planet of love and abundance enters your sign infusing your persona & image with her energy. This could bring you a time where you’re liked & favored by people. 



Dear Cancerians April starts off with the almighty Sun amplifying the energies of your 10th house governing your career, ambitions, longterm goals, reputation, and/or bring respect & recognition from superiors or employers. If you want to fly high at work or achieve a goal, then up to the 20th and especially between the 15th and 20th is a time to charge ahead and shine in your best light. The month also has the Goddess of Love & Abundance bring you favour from friends, associates, working with a group or as a collective, brings success rather than ‘going-it-alone.’



Dear Leos there’s a triple pow-wow going on in the areas of daily work, day-to-day activities, health & fitness and general duties. This is due to fiery Mars, teacher Saturn and deep-dark Pluto being in this area, a combo that pushes you with drive and determination, but also to look beneath the surface at whether or not these areas are fulfilling you. Venus is firing up your magnetism in attracting friendships, also amplifying a need to work well with others, or as a collective, as this is showing to make you happier and generally bring better outcomes to the month.



Dear Virgoans April could enhance romance, affairs of the heart, fun in enjoying life, dealing with children and recreational activities or these are presented in in some way. Mars, Pluto and Saturn are transiting these areas, the effect of this trio could possibly ignite some of your darkest desires from deep within you. Also there could be a determination or patience rising up from with in you to complete something challenging or to overcome the hardest of tasks.



Dear Librans the power of the almighty Sun lights up the areas of partnerships, marriage, committed relationships and/or contracts to bring changes or highlight something. Be mindful that the travel & communication planet, Mercury, is walking hand in hand (conjunction) with the Sun for about the first week enhancing each others positive qualities. However care is needed with communication as Mercury is retrograding till the 15th pushing you to unintentionally miscommunicate or create misunderstandings or others bring this you. All is restored from the 15th.



Dear Scorpio April has an accent on areas of your daily work, day-to-day activities, duties, health & fitness as a trio of the, powerful Sun, swift & communicative Mercury, with deep-delving Pluto, transit this area intensifying some of these aspects. However, be mindful to avoid misunderstandings through how & what you communicate as Mercury is retrograding till the 15thBut harmony is restored after this date. There’s a Full Moon in your sign on the 30th, intensifying emotions, feelings & possibly your dreams too.



Dear Sagittarius April brings activity in the areas of romance, lovers, affairs of the heart, fun times or children as the Sun, Mercury and Pluto create a powerful trio of energy travelling through these areas. The Sun could highlight an area, whilst Pluto stirs up the deeper or hidden aspects, as the communication planet Mercury is retrograding till the 15th and may enhance misunderstandings and miscommunication. However all is harmonised after the 15th when a powerful energy is amplified by these three planets.



Dear Caps you are one of the signs that has the most planetary activity occurring this April. Serious Saturn, action-creating Mars and deep transformational Pluto travels through your sign. This trio’s energy has the capacity to bring out some hidden or underlying passions, desires or ambitions, or it may be a powerful driving force putting some ‘va-va-voom’ into a personal goal. If used well, it could bring achievement or at least some headway in your life in some way.



Dear Aquarians April has the planet of swiftness, travel & communication Mercury, along with the Sun and Pluto transiting your personal area of your 3rd house, highlighting relationships with people & surroundings close to you, short-trips, light hearted communications both in person & in correspondence, studies and intellectual activities. However all the above may be slightly out of balance because Mercury is retrograding and sticking a ‘spanner in the works’ of communication & travel. However this is all minor, with harmony restored from the 15th.



Dear Pisces April has a flurry of planetary activity in your house of money, security and personal worth with Mercury, the Sun and Pluto creating change or transformation in these areas in some way. However you may find that the financial-past resurfaces in some way or you re-visit something to do with your personal security that you didn’t take into consideration before. However it’s never anything major, as Mercury goes direct on the 15th and harmony is restored.






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